Rare Earth - Magic Key Lyrics

You, the people of this land
You've got to try to understand
Open up your mind and soul
Let your heart be your goal

You see, I do want to be
A part of you and a part of me
That's the means to equality
That's the real Magic Key

In this land, there has to be
Enough room for you and me
To laugh and talk, to understand
To give each other a helping hand

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Rare Earth Magic Key Comments
  1. Cherry Snow

    Awesome band. One of my top 10 favorites! So underrated.

  2. mike Marino

    Oh this one got off the ground after s rough start

  3. Rockero Genial

    Me gusta 👍😎🎸🎷🎹🎤

  4. Gastón Lazo de la Vega

    El Mejor Rock... el de corazónnnn...

  5. maryori ponce

    reliquia de canción me encanta

    Jimmy Lagos

    belleza de rock me llega