Rapsody - Hard To Choose Lyrics

It's when you walk out on faith
Choose to do what feel right, let everyone else trace
What we chase ain't the same
I'm still that rapper that your favorite rapper scared to rap after
Sometimes it's hard to chill, choose to kill, kill, kill, kill
I'm just that good though I ain't worth a lot of millions
When you rap this well a lot of rappers catch feelings
We all want the best, don't let a female kill 'em, yeah
Hard to choose culture over fame
You just want to be set and take care of all your fame
It don't make you, but it be cool to have money like Wayne
Take the shorter roads so the family ain't worrying
Chose to build it slow, ain't no need, no hurrying
It's hard to be political, can't say what's on your brain
Careers come quick, it's just as fast to bury 'em
But I chose to give a damn
And box for you like pictures on Instagram
Chose to respect what was built by both Kool and Bam
You know who I am, word to my homie Wyann
Shit, ain't hard to choose me there's only one me, man
(So hard to choose)
That's why I chose to be that
Because where I'm from it ain't cool to be wack
And I'm so pro-black
Though they don't choose me back and that's some choosy shit
Why it's so hard to choose y'all over these jewels and whips
Welcome to my side
When you look in the crowd the minority's never white
I appreciate y'all, but I'm lying if it don't bite
Cause I love all races but we gotta raise 'em
Cause I know the scale tipped ain't in no black girl's favor
Hey y'all, we all outcasts, these black girls favor
The blonde Barbie and scars, we all gotta save 'em
No love lost for whites, Latinos and the Asians
Loyal to all, but when I look at these black girls faces
I understand why I chose to be better, not basic
So it's not, not (hard to choose)
Yeah, so excuse if I don't care if hipsters relate
It weren't for you at all, at all why these songs were made
Like you were overlaid at the airport
And missed your sort of take off
Don't understand why we get naked or
Why it's hard to choose being real or being fake, huh?
Cause the world worship people that get their cake up
But I chose to De La Soul and raise the stake up
Now why is it (so hard to choose)?
Yeah, seldom support our own, I helped myself by advancement
Want to make sure our daughters have better chances
But y'all in that show and watching videos
Why it's hard to choose class or let them titties show
But it's better for my heart, honey, like Cheerios
And secondly more comfortable doing [?]
Trying to build you up like I went to Lowe's and bought a lot
MC Lyte, I ain't forgot what you told me
I ain't Hovy, but damn
It's hard to choose being humble or going HAM
Humility's a weakness, I was told different
Quietest in the room is the baddest one like Durant
It's hard to choose Carolina over Atlanta
Chicago, LA, especially in Johannesburg
Yeah, cause it's been love since beginnin'
Home away from home, versus homes we get no spins in
Why it's (so hard to choose)?
Being super lyrical or slowing it down
Will they understand the metaphors and how they compound
With the two lines before and the next three after?
And ask myself does this shit, if it even still matter?
The joints y'all tripping on are so easy and average
And the ones I respect all got that gift mastered
I don't want to compromise my sick self for a master
But it's (so, so hard to choose)
Cause if I don't I'm not cool and I'm boring
Should add a tsch tsch to my beats to be current
This the shit I think about along with image and earnings
But when Nas tell me "God you killin' it" then I'm burning
All thoughts chasing y'all, man, it's easy now
XXL ain't tripping, Time calmed me down
Thinking where we all started from and where we all sitting now
Shit I see it different now, why it's not, not (hard to choose)

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Rapsody Hard To Choose Comments
  1. Idiocracy WasRight

    Best female rapper who's better right now ?

  2. Bobby Em

    The radio failed us . Damn🔥

  3. White Sbujwa

    This is underrated, not exactly sure why...

  4. Michael Pollard


  5. Jessyca Addy

    Your music is everything.. educational, motivational, entertaining, truthful and just amazing.. i just found you

  6. Jul Muhammad

    I CHOOSE U RAP GODDESS😗👁️😑 The Specialist 😎

  7. Zhenlong Kizazu

    Don't forget to mention the Natives...
    Black and white die on a redmans land.. Or did we forget that. Black and Red love not Just BLACK.

  8. Bubba waye

    Had to play it back

  9. Kontour Kitt

    Love rapsody, I wish I could rap on this beat. I'm inspired

  10. Adam Coons

    I'd like to apologize to Rapsody for sleeping on her incredible skills for so long.

  11. praise-god Ngcobo

    I love you ♥️ Rapsody😭😭😭😭

  12. Eric

    She said so much in 4 mins it feels like a movie. One of the best tracks this decade.

  13. Aryel T

    Salute The Queen!

  14. Manuel McGriff

    Ok let's be real how many people would love to here her j.cole, Kendrick Lamar and Nas do a album together

  15. Joseph Longe

    Raphsody has no match. How come this glorified whores are more popular than her?
    I love you already!

  16. M A

    Thanks evil screech for putting me on.

  17. Ke'dar Of the family: Hall

    Man she is that real hiphop that i grew up on in the 70's and 80's. She has brought back what the art was meant to be.....REAL MESSAGES TO THE PEOPLE

  18. James Harper

    The Road Less Traveled 💯💯💯💯💯💯👑

  19. Modfather 3

    I’m mad I just heard this in 2019 smh

  20. lauryn Miya

    My favorite rapper next to Lauryn Hill, my God!!! She is out of this world. Straight from Johannesburg, our home town. I appreciate you gorgeous woman of soul and truth

  21. Domonique Monet

    She the TRUTH 🔥

  22. Chi-Chi Proud 2 Be Igbo

    DAMN! I don't like Rhapsody, I ❤🖤💚 her! Sorry Nas, you use to be my favorite rapper, but you still the king tho.

  23. Sean Katsukunyʌ

    TOP 20 SONGS OF ALL TIME DONT @ME!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 195 china

    Mannnnn I feel like a Fukn lame for not being hip to the queen thanks daylyte

  25. Bambino 350

    It ain't hard to chose & I thank you for ya pen game- need I say more- nah

  26. Bambino 350

    She's lyrically stomping every other female rapper & alot of these dudes as well- her bars are out of space ahead of the rest- no disrespect but shorty dumb nice- facts is facts

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    since 2015, she just deos it for me

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    9th wonder.......only produces rapsody

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    Being conscientious and black and a female. Has everything going against her.

  31. min loc

    9th wonder and rapsody .. not hard to choose

  32. CHIZZO P

    " Sometimes it's hard to chill, choose to kill, kill, kill, kill
    I'm just that good though I ain't worth a lot of millions
    When you rap this well a lot of rappers catch feelings
    We all want the best, don't let a female kill 'em "

  33. CHIZZO P

    I get CHILLZ when I hear this shyt mayne ---- WHOA!!

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    2019! 2019 and I'm just now hearing all of this. Every song is dope. And she just like me, she don't give the ass up for fortune and fame. I absolutely love her.

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    One day soon - the world WILL TAKE NOTE!! This is too dope. Love - all the way from Johanes'Burg (ZAR)!!

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    Hard to choose which of spits is my favorite....damn its hard to choose



  40. Kouame K. Samson

    The best M.C out right now.

  41. BuildingCenter

    She speaks slowly so folk can hear and understand. Just giving gifts. Gently.

    Just fire.

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    Wow u are good !!!!!!!🤩😘😍💜💗💗💜

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    Rap gave a shoutout to Johannes...Burg!!


    This is DOPE👍👍🤘💯

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    I guess the 3 suckas in this article saw this video and took it personal when they got bodied by another female MC.


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    5 year's later.

  48. JO 7Z

    Pure golden nugget, there is a little "gangstarr" sound in it, sooooo good! Thanks and Respect Lady!

  49. Adwoa

    Rapsody has a special kind of talent, one that does not fear speaking the truth and elevating the minds of the people.

  50. mthobisi mbutho

    Still my fav...she my fav female rapper

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    ive never heard this sister guess nothing has changed in the radio game.

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    Better than Nikki

    Tyrese Hemingway

    Nicki is a great mc antics aside

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    She is my favorite rapper

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    When you rap this well, a lot of rappers catch feelings 🎶🎶

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    She pretty good with Big talk. I like Power

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    Straight poetry 💯👏

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    Fellow North Carolina native. Your music is so introspective and authentic. New fan. ❤️💜

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    She's so good!

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    tierra whack and rapsody. PLEASE COOK THAT UP

  62. Shagayo K

    IVE BEEN SLEEPING ON YOU RAPSODY , FORGIVE ME!!!!! u are us, thank you for speaking for us Queens.

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    New fan here

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    You found your destination in life I love it all of it

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