Rapsody - Godzilla Lyrics

Godzilla crushin' y'all villas
Godzilla only God's iller
(Amen, Amen, Amen)
Godzilla crushin' y'all villas
Jamla the squad killa
(Amen, Amen, yes, Lord)

Michael Jackson, I'm the new thriller
Super cold, get a chinchilla
You don't want it with a coppers hitter
You couldn't get an ab even with a sit-up
These days, only God is iller
You couldn't shine with glitter
Even if Shyne was with ya
Thought you was a Bad Boy until you met Godzilla
I'm God gifted, I'm darin' G's to pitch it
Only the gods get it, nigga, that's how high I hit it

Godzilla crushin' y'all villas
Godzilla only God's iller
(Amen, Amen, Amen)
Godzilla crushin' y'all villas
Jamla the squad killa
(Amen, Amen, yes, Lord)

Godzilla, Godzilla, so above the rest and only God fly with ya
Lead em to water but can't teach em to fly fish it
I'm a fly sister, I'm so fly, mister
That's higher intelligence, y'all so irrelevant
I ain't preachin' to em reverend
I'm just bustin' like old Lakers, Jerry West and them
I see the stress in em
Godzilla, only God's realer, I'm a blessin', eh?
I master the P, huh? Na-nah na, naw
You more like "eh, that ain't it hot", I'm more like Jay and Nas
You more Rashad McCants, your class so beneath me dog
It's non-existent for you to go this distance so hard
Hahahahaha, check out this bizzare
I'm the new thriller and this here is off the wall
Moonwalk, baby, party like it's Mardi Gras
Ladi dadi put me in the Maserati, I'm so raw
I got drive, baby, that's what you call heart
Buckin' on the beat, I'm Jabari, I'm the star
Polo, you couldn't see me in this flow, tho
A sin that be this nice and took a bite out of Apple's logo
Bars - I got bars on bars
If a criminal flashback he'd play me in his car, lord
Uh, only God is nicer than me
Watch me take the harder way and make a million off a penny

Godzilla crushin' y'all villas
Godzilla only God's iller
(Amen, Amen, Amen)
Godzilla crushin' y'all villas
Jamla the squad killa
(Amen, Amen, yes, Lord)

I'm burnin' yo city, they fear me
Black and I'm witty, while y'all still argue about Nicki
Iggy, I'm killing these Mickeys, Biggie
I'm talkin' 'bout Mice and Men, I'm talkin' 'bout God again
I could flip it like Rodman, you a rebound, a vitamin
Boy I'm lethal as lidocaine, up the wall I been spatterin'
That's the skill you admirin', hard to wait on me, higher than God
Not quite but damnit I'm on his right and
Nobody else here in sight unless we talkin' about planes and kites
Jay Hova and Christ, only ones iller than me, alright
I'm nice, and mean at the same time
God would have to rain dimes to change minds, I ain't lyin'
Godzilla been the illest, I ain't lyin'
Dilla and God cryin', laughin' at you talkin' bout you tryin'
Haha, hahaha - check out this bizarre
I'm the new thriller and this here so off the wall, God-

Godzilla crushin' y'all villas
Godzilla only God's iller
(Amen, Amen, Amen)
Godzilla crushin' y'all villas
Jamla the squad killa
(Amen, Amen, yes, Lord)

I woke up feeling like a million dollars
Woke up yesterday, damn, had a million problems
She say life still going on and on, baby, keep smiling
Address nothing today like you ain't got a thousand Island
Call my friends now we wildin', having fun, nonviolent
Find a little balance, got me feeling like I'm Alice
In wonderland, yeah, beautiful view
Riding through the street listening to my favorite
Didn't ya know I was gon' bring it? I never disappointed before
Like D Rose with new knees I'm back on point, no joke
You missed me the most, some others felt the need to divorce
Hip hop it go pop, but I love this blackness
And for record me and Jean already got a record
Random, yeah, yeah, better rapping I do
Riding through the street listening to old Badu
Yeah, out my mind just in time
Geniuses are borderline crazy says my mind
Hell, I gave 'em plenty signs, yeah, all throughout my rhymes
Now they calling me Future, I'm so ahead of my time
When I came out the womb my mind was mentally 9
Out of order till I'm back at one, I'm tryna reach Brian
Your favorite, kiss me on my neck and my spine
Late nights listening my favorite

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Rapsody Godzilla Comments
  1. S H

    Genius woman! LOVE queen <3



  3. Patrick McMillian

    Are we on the same,timeline?Do yall homework,and text back.Remember,there are a lot of Patrick McMillian's,in this world.

  4. bklyn blue

    Dope... Damn she 🔥

  5. bklyn blue

    This shit is crazy.... 💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. David othwon

    Godzilla only God's illa

  7. Sfundo Mabaso

    South Africa loves her

  8. Sentongo Daniel

    After Eating up EVE, came back here just to see you in my Motherland ❤️🔥

  9. Kouame K. Samson

    The best Raper out there right now.

  10. DuckAlert Beats

    Ha ha ha ha haaa check out this bizarre.... Rappin' style made by me the B. I. Z

  11. Desmond Nzuza

    can recognise parts of Soweto and Johannesburg in the video. Dope. Sad I'm only discovering this in 2019

    zandisile nongciki


  12. BuildingCenter

    I'm sick of 9th Wonder making the best damn music in the world. What's worse, he links up with RAPSODY, to make e'erybody else seem *silly.* I used to could listen to other shit, mayne. Now, I'm all elitist and pedantic. This is next-level collab. Rapsody out here encouraging growth and love. 9th out here just lubricating grooves.

    I'm sick.

  13. Mr. Way

    This don't make no since how hard and raw she is...Bars on Bars, got me bobbing my head like in a slow motion video.

  14. Brian Coppage

    This video should have millions of views!!!

  15. Hasan Phelps

    Styles P freestyle brought me here via shazam I'm feeling it

  16. Asha Olujimi

    She never disappoints me I fucking love her!!!!!

  17. Darrian Dandridge

    Rapsody cold af🎤🔥

  18. Carrie Bacy

    Since 2012 I been here!!! Lovee some rap,from rapsody
    ,Of course she's it. Rap is in the name. Queen**

    Darrion Reed

    She's the new MC Lyte

  19. mel mlh

    Rapsody and 9th Wonder are the perfect combo she''s a beast and his beats are off the hook as always

  20. bigbro Yearseen

    Clicking the like button before even watching. She is🔥🔥🔥

  21. brian maina

    2019 still jammin this classic

  22. Muema Muema

    Anyone from npr

  23. Ayo Blake

    She is super ILL but.. what i dont understand is how she keeps getting budget for all these releases, videos, production and not a single one has even 1m views.. She definitely got the right people rooting for her..

  24. Steven Ellis Jr

    Pure Talent.

  25. Kendle McGill

    I want that shirt!

  26. Kakanjila Zah'Manjah

    aiiii men!!! GODZILA

  27. Andy Williams

    Right now Besides Lauryn Hill Rapsody is the Next Lyrical Female MC

  28. Cleverson Ferreira

    The Real Hip Hop I Love Rapsody Bless your life and your career.

  29. Zéguinho Music

    absurdamente fóda , rapsody rainha


    Wow, just finding this now. I like her flow a lot and her lyrics are pretty dope on this one. Felt like it would've been amazing as a slightly shorter song, the beat got stale for me towards the end since it didn't change much. Love this type of hip hop, gonna check out her discography rn.

  31. talk n lyricz

    and 9th just makes her even betterthe beat and the flow is sick

  32. Raices Records TV


  33. A.D Davis

    Best female rap artist 2018 goes to Rapsody. Let's keep it 100! She's sonin male rap artist tooooooo! !!!!

  34. Patrick McMillian

    Yes Lord.Amen.

  35. demohcracy

    My favorite female mc done a music video in Johannesburg damn and I’m South African 🇿🇦

  36. Gody X

    I want ine of those shirts...If rock that shit here in So Cal....!

  37. Gody X

    This IS MY JOINT! On my playlist...one of my all time 50 tracks....love you Love...keep up the good work...keep the class and SKILLS..NO CARDI B SHIT OVA HERE NOW!

  38. Charles De castro


  39. Keith Hanley

    Most slept on

  40. Ayo Blake

    Damn yo!!!

  41. soly mo

    Rapsody I luv all your tracks, there all very sophisticated music with good lyrics and flows good work!!!!!! sincerly from Belgium

  42. More Baklava pls شكرا

    Since 2015 I been listening to this song...it's flow is dope

  43. thesavannalady

    Watching Rapsody live in Berlin was the best Hip Hop concert of all time. and when 9th and Rapsody dropped this cause the crown was calling for it..... too good....

  44. sherwinfitz

    Certified legit

  45. bruinleader7

    She a beast !

  46. Justinus Morudi

    I still remember when she shot this in SOUTH AFRICA.!!!!

  47. Prablum Child

    dray davis "how 2 act black" on netflixs

  48. Prablum Child

    chris rock new stand up..its called tamborine..funny as hell on netflixs

  49. brwntra 1

    Why is not being played on my radio.

  50. Ronald Donald



    9th Wonder is a genius that beat fire 🔥🔥💥🚒🌋 and Rap Diddy snapped as usual

  52. mr24on

    1st this shit is FIRE🔥2ND please find a way to do a remix with Jay. 🙏🏿 I'm about to run this track back.

  53. Otto Green, Jr.

    Sis got me loving my culture!!!!

  54. Israel Jones


  55. Antwon Taylor

    I'm mad I'm late bae ruff...NC

  56. Kacey Edwards

    This girl is amazeballs.

  57. James Beni

    So proud to be a south African

  58. Thato Pitso

    Rapdiddy I like that you shot this in Soweto! Jamla! ...

  59. Beep TV

    That's how you know the world is full of evil and dumb use it because they don't want music like this to be heard as much 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘

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    South Africa

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    THIS beat is RIDICKKKKKKKKKULOUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!  Her Flow is .........I'm speechless!!!!

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    godzilla top rapsody

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    rapsody should come back here in S.A and do another video ill make sure ill be there and ill be dancing and groovin my brainz off


    BooM!!! Good look boog

  68. Mya Sando

    Africa 😍

  69. X Burner

    why am I only hear this now ......where the hell have you been hiding ......this is lyrically heavy

    SAYVON of Treehouse Arcade

    X Burner Do you mind checking out my music?

  70. Catherine Holm

    She is quality in all ways...she easily stands with the best of them, past or present

  71. Mrs. Free

    🎉🎤Congrats..you go girl..#Rapsody Signs With Jay Z's Roc Nation#

  72. MizPDynamite!

    Shot in Cape Town and Soweto so happy to have been there at the show in Soweto...was beautiful.. Rapsody is good she has revived my love for RAP real FEMALE MC... :-)

  73. Thandeka Maphumulo

    God Gifted baby!!! Hey Maaaaan!! ...and there was Damani Nkosi... hhhmm

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    Ok daaamn girl... I knew you were hot but this is fiiiiireeeee! yeah you reall a fly sister, too beautiful too. thanks 9th

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    For those who haven't realised. This was shot in South Africa

  76. Hevon Gordon

    damn she's dope. immediate fan. i'm late af tho

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    a chicken noodle

    klegend0 me

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    damn. that ab soul reference though

    Lafrance Jean Max Junior

    Hellll yeahh

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    Why would anyone give this video a thumbs down. This is poetically cleaver and flawless ....Amen!



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    SAYVON of Treehouse Arcade

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  89. TenroTv10x

    You the coldest female rapper Kendrick should marry you

  90. S.L. Cow

    The second part of Godzilla is my favorite part of Beauty and the Beast. Too bad the the whole thing didn't make the video.

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