Randy Rogers Band - Actin' Crazy Lyrics

I barely found the time to write this letter
Both jobs have got me workin' all the time
Things are good here, they can always be better
Got another show tomorrow night

And all I know is the rent's as high as Willie
There's no snow and everybody's pretty
And the smoke makes everything seem hazy
And I ain't gettin' nowhere in this life actin' crazy

Just woke up on a park bench on Broadway
This Superman cape wrapped around my neck
Hey what I did last night was only krypyonite
Life is just one long, chaotic wreck

I've been told they serve liquor here for breakfast
And these folks make me proud to be from Texas
And I know this ain't how momma raised me
I ain't gettin' nowhere in this life actin' crazy

Everybody knows that you can't get high as Willie
And there is snow, that's why everybody's skinny
Gotta go, just been thinkin' about you lately
I ain't gettin' nowhere in this life actin' crazy

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Randy Rogers Band Actin' Crazy Comments
  1. Shawna B

    I can’t wait to see them here in Dallas #Feb82020

  2. themanwhoshot 1

    Terrible. Sounds like they out bid Kenny Chesney, on this song. Randy don’t forget where you came from

  3. mahlon dow

    Most underrated band in the business!!!!!!!

  4. Tanner Dow

    WOW, great new song!!

  5. Nathan Henfling

    Did it again!

  6. Ava Lynn Storbeck

    Playing April 7th, 2019 at Poteet Strawberry Festival 4pm.

  7. Crystal Marie

    💕Can’t wait for the album to be released

  8. Robert Edwards

    God I love home... Texas that is....

  9. Leasha Burks

    Can't wait to see you tonight at the Neon Moon!!!

  10. Aimee Stephens

    Bunch of Heartbreaking,
    Money Wasting, Hell Raising, Cr8zY PEOPLE!

    Dan D

    Aimee Stephens Na na naa naa naa naaaaa...

  11. The Texas Music Scene TV

    A staple of the Texas Music Scene and beyond. Great sound, all their own.

    okc thunder

    Exactly. When I first heard this song I knew exactly who it was. Great band that hasn't changed from the start

  12. El Man

    Randy fuckn Rogers..

  13. jdambrose

    anything dave cobb its instantly go time.

  14. Brent

    I hope the album doesn't sound like this one.....Kinda Nashville sounding like that Trouble album. Not their best. I love all their other CD's.

  15. Todd Rheinberger

    Good to hear the sound of new RRB. Love it!!! Thanks for doing it your way fellas.

  16. William Griffin

    I love that it’s fast and it’s one that takes you back to something you remember doing!

  17. dsimondublin

    Making country music great again!! Randy Roger's Band!!

  18. Jorge Galvan

    I’ve been waiting for new music! Can’t wait for the album and I can’t wait for y’all to come to Dallas again.

  19. ron wilson

    Whiskey Riff brought me. Love red dirt!

    Brandon Butcher

    ron wilson love whiskey riff

  20. Lyza 31del

    Omg!! Bout time! Love me some Randy Rogers!!

  21. harryballswing

    Just saw this live in Norman ok words can’t explain how great it is I’ll never forget it, if you get the chance go see them it’s worth every dime

  22. illtryanythingonce7

    I LOVE YOU!!! Wreck em!!!!

  23. KimboRae

    Love it!!❤️❤️

  24. mrsresoslide


  25. Cruz Nieto

    Damn. Bout to pull out the six pack in my back seat and put it on some Ice. !

  26. R Brown

    You guys are fantastic. Please come to Pennsylvania

    Tamara Wolf

    @R Brown For real!


    Penn's Peak!

  27. Tactical Ultimatum

    I feel honored to be one of the first

  28. Ashley Nicole

    New music! Yes finally!😍😌👌🏻

  29. Peter Ponce

    can’t wait for this album to come out!! More drinking music lol

  30. Kerry Waldrip


  31. David Cochran

    RRB! Welcome back! Great new song.