Ramones - Weasel Face Lyrics

Twenty four hours ago
No one could help me
I'm alone in life
No where to go

So I picked up the phone
Called out for help
Some one please help me
I'm afraid and alone


Weasel face
Weasel face
Weasel face
Weasel face
Weasel face
Weasel face

It's way past midnight
TV set is on
It's my only friend
One crisis after another

Ain't no loser or quitter
It's all or nothin' baby
'Cause we fought so hard
For our piece of this world

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Ramones Weasel Face Comments
  1. Last Bohemian

    Real Punk Rock
    Cheers for the Ramones

  2. Sandra Bosso

    Joey con la voce da cattivo..che dire bellissima.!

  3. What I Left

    This song cracks me up. I find it hilarious. It's great.

  4. Exiria

    Wow shitty. Only good drunk on drugs live probs

  5. Thomas Norton

    I love it the Ramones could write a song about putting dogshit in a mailbox and I would blast it through my car window

    slayer- ye

    Thomas Norton me too

  6. Ian Figueredo

    iloveyouuuuuu RAMONES❤❤❤❤

  7. Alex BLURG!

    heard they wrote this song about a fan they met and his face resembled a weasel

    Dank mans alley

    Alex BLURG! No cause the van they toured in hit a weasel

  8. brew2415

    this is how i rock

  9. Matias Mosovich


    Fernando Fernandez

    Cara de comadreja

  10. charmcitybass

    Should be the Ted Cruz campaign theme song.


    LOL, so true. Except, Ted Cruz using the Ramones would make me very ill.

    John DoeE

    Rand Paul is much more suited to use a Ramones song. But now Gary Johnson.

    Too many munsters

    charmcitybass I swear PEOPLE always diss on Cruz, he's no even that bad 🐸

    Hercules LeDonger

    nobody likes Ted Cruz! :)

  11. Brieler Paul



    Esse YouTube é demais

  13. greymajickjedi

    1: *Awesome* profile pic!* :D
    2: The Master will be very pleased.
    3: People *don't* like Johnny???! D: *Seriously???* This is fucking news to me.
    4: Anyone not liking Johhny's awesomeness and aweomitude clearly has never heard any post-Ramones music, as he has forever changed the sound of 90% of it.
    5: Anyone not loving Johhny must not have been involved in the committee to *build a fucking statue of him in New York*

    5.5: Is there a statue of Kurt Cobrains somewhere? Well, knowing how he's been deified as the Slacker Messiah by a generation of nihilistic, lollygagged hollow people, it wouldn't surprise me.

    Johhny made music more exciting, fun and original. Kurt Cocaines just made music (and pop culture itself) more bland, vapid, derivative, uninspired and talentless. But I digress from my tangent.

    6: If some people don't like Johhny, it's likely because he was the Conservative of the group. And we all know Progressive Liberal elitist oligarchs *hate* anyone that thinks outside of the sheeple herd groupthink mandate.

    And anyone that would dislike Johhny for such an irrelevant personal reason, *was never really a Ramones fan anyway*
    Or a music fan for that matter.
    Just a conformist lackey following a script they had been issued on how to ape cool.

    Personally, i love John Cummings for his berzerker guitar assaults and "Up yours, Springfield!" attitude. i could care less if he had a meaningless D or R on his voter card, as both parties are *blatantly* in the pocket of and controlled by *the SAME global corporations anyway.*

    7: Also; some may still hold a grudge against Johnny because he "stole" Joey's girlfriend Linda.

    Sorry for my pedantic essays, it's just how my mind works. And when my indignation gets sparked, there's no putting out that inferno.

  14. Dan Thompson

    Otto from The Simpsons must have been based on Joey Ramone, look and sound.

    Laque Tepario

    no, i hearded it was been based on GNR's Slash

  15. zimshowfan

    Easy to see where Screeching Weasel got their influence.

    Too many munsters

    zimshowfan buttered TOAST

  16. Moogaar1

    If you read the lyrics it's a cry for help. I should know as I've called people when I was drunk very late at night/early morning to "call out for help" but I was all alone like Joey in this song. At least this great song gives me comfort that there are other "Weasel Faces" out there.

  17. stinkydo0d

    Oh, I got Commando for Christmas. It was a good book.

  18. rjplamf61

    from all the stuff i have read about The Ramones it was Joey who was a pain in the ass. Tommy was pretty cool, Dee Dee was a nut but a harmless one at that, Marky was a drunk but eventually got his shit together. Johnny kept it all together. Shit, read the book about Joey written by his brother Mickey Leigh. He rips the shit out of Joey through out the book. whatever the case may be it's very sad that Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny are not with us any longer.

  19. stinkydo0d

    Nothing. Read Commando.

  20. greymajickjedi

    RAMONES fans are USUALLY the MOST AWESOME PEOPLE ON EARTH! It shocks me to read such haterism. Wanna see if Johnny was an asshole? Watch "Being: Rob Zombie". Don't know if the two Cummings' were actually brothers, but their blood-brotherly relationshiop moved me years before he passed. Linda is in it too. They're like playful, goofy teenagers all. It makes me smile, chuckle, and wish i had awesome friends like that. <3 JOHNNY FOREVER


    greymajickjedi II

  21. greymajickjedi

    COOPER! <3

  22. greymajickjedi

    WWWWWWTTTTTTFFFFFFF is wrong with you people???!?!?!?!!??

  23. stinkydo0d

    Okay. When he was a teenager, he was horrible, and dabbled in Nazi stuff. Then when he was cleaning up his act, and joined the Ramones, he started getting nicer. Around '82 he was finally nice. Joey's girlfriend Linda fell in love with Johnny. He didn't really steal her. Nature just took his course, and Linda and Johnny fell in love with each other, and she was no longer interested in Joey.

  24. -Viperplayer187 -

    People hate johnny because years of scientific study, research, a plethora of experiments all point to johnny being an asshole. A God nonetheless!!

  25. Cheetah Thunders.

    yeah you're right. Most of his haters don't know it are hypocrites. Its like in Austin Powers when his father goes "2 things I can't stand, ppl who are intolerant of others, and the Dutch". Punks are like "punk is about nonconformity. we hate johnny b/c he doesn't conform to what punk is". Meanwhile, Johnny helped invent the genre, but latecomers think they know better.They might point to JRs crankiness or "meanness",but its really his views that get to them. "Mean" lefties get a pass, trust me.

  26. stinkydo0d

    Oh. Thanks. I'll look for it. Johnny's my favorite Ramone. I can't believe so many people hate him. He's awesome!

  27. Cheetah Thunders.

    well i got it for father's day, but i imagine u can get it @ barnes & nobles, amazon, or "wherever fine books are sold". good read, good pix, johnny's my favorite ramone (well, maybe my favorite icon altogether). it's short though, and JR does NOT go into a lot of detail about anything. badass motherfucker tho. R.I.P. Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee.

  28. stinkydo0d

    Wait. Commando's out now? Where do I get it??

  29. Cheetah Thunders.

    oh, the bass was played by Rey on this, and, I dunno, Johnny? on the next one.

  30. Cheetah Thunders.

    you know, i just read Commando (by Johnny) and Lobotomy (by Dee Dee). It seems Dee Dee did NOT play bass on this or Brain Drain. Guess he was too fucked up? But agreed, his vocals on "I lost my mind" rips! (everyone likes 'wart hog' but forgets that classic!) Seems most like Too Tough to Die the best of the Ramones hard 80's albums, and this one is not liked much overall, but I don't get it... its my favorite after the first 4. It fuckin' kicks ass!

  31. stinkydo0d

    And Johnny for his deep powerful Mosrite sound, and Dee Dee's vocals and bass work.

  32. Cheetah Thunders.


    great vocals by joey, drumming by richie, and production by the great danny rey!

  33. greymajickjedi

    These lyrics are so autobiographical for me ssssooooooooooo many times. Kinda like .... NOW. When i'm eating half spoiled slop for food and using catalog pages for toilet paper. (i know. TMI)


    yes.. this is my favourite ramones album.

  35. John O'Shea

    Could this song be about Major Frank Burns of the TV series, "M*A*S*H"? They did call him 'ferrit face', which is another word for 'weasel'.

  36. pingsdk

    when listen to the lyrics you got the feeling that this is really a sad song - proberly wrote in a "i dont fit in and everyone is against me" dee dee mood!

  37. Tom Donahue

    Damn this was SUCH a good Party Album! I wore out 2 cassettes of it, Those were the days.

  38. Led Junior


    Twenty four hours ago
    No one could help me
    I'm alone in life
    No where to go

  39. Led Junior

    So I picked up the phone
    Called out for help
    Some one please help me
    I'm afraid and alone

    Weasel face
    Weasel face
    Weasel face
    Weasel face
    Weasel face
    Weasel face

  40. Led Junior

    It's way past midnight
    TV set is on
    It's my only friend
    One crisis after another

    Ain't no loser or quitter
    It's all or nothin' baby
    'Cause we fought so hard
    For our piece of this world