Ramones - Ignorance Is Bliss Lyrics

Ignorance is bliss, ya know it's true
Ignorance is bliss, just look at you

Is it goin' anywhere?

Ignorance is bliss, ya know it's true
Ignorance is bliss, just look at you

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, yeah

What's happening to our society?
Disintegration of humanity
Destruction of the environment
(Cram that cop donation in your ass)

Is it goin' anywhere?

Politicians (to confuse you)
What's good for them, now it ain't good for you
But there ain't nothing that you can do

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, yeah

Ignorance is bliss, ya know it's true
Ignorance is bliss, just look at you

Ignorance is bliss, ya know it's true
Ignorance is bliss, just look at you

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, yeah

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Ramones Ignorance Is Bliss Comments
  1. Евгений Клинский

    Funny thing.
    I listened to this song and then went to the shower. In shower I saw a razor brand Venos. I remembered the song of the same name by Shocking Blue and presented the text of this song performed by Joey to this music.
    Really, imagine Joey screaming: “I am your Venus!
    I am your fire at your desire! » under Ignorance Is Bliss instrumental.
    It would be a great cover.

  2. alan de Castro

    Ignorância não é uma benção é uma desgraça na vida de qualquer ser humano .. ramones é foda

  3. ACAB 77


  4. globalXportal


  5. colemann76


  6. pleiadiansM45

    🤘⚡️Punks never dies they just go to hell to regroup🔥☠️

  7. 5oClockShadow

    Everyone remembers you, you will never die

  8. alan de Castro

    Som loco du carai...som massa da porra.que punk Rock pegado ...rapidao ..só qu sabe mesmo pra enxergar a pegada

  9. ixizabst pingüino

    Esto no se compara con el trap de mierda que se escucha ahora
    Alto tema aaaa!!!!! Ramones forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. alan de Castro

    Essa banda em termos de rapides no som é uma das melhores. ..quem não gosta. .foda se

  11. alan de Castro

    Ignorância é uma bênção...Porque? Porque querendo ou não todos nós temos um pouco de ignorância dentro de nós. .não tem jeito kkkk por isso que eu gosto de ramones

  12. alan de Castro

    Não é por nada não. ..mais pensa numa banda de punk rock foda !!!

  13. Surgar Kay

    Yes ignorance is bliss 48,035.51.48086 @ 96121

  14. Caravelle cuellar

    Yeah your alive but not really for long

  15. l' Espectador

    oh yeah!

  16. Gabriella Curti

    Fa caca'

  17. fabiana pessoa dos anjos

    Hardcore punk

  18. Abergaz

    najbolja mi njihova


    Moze se cuti da se povukli malo od ove pijesme

  19. sl1893sa

    I love their punk jams.

  20. Ana Gualdoni

    no se acerquen a mi las personas que me odian con una mascara para hacerse los buenos belu

  21. Xorge Eduardo GN' R



    Being a headbanger, but RAMONES really kick ass!!! Hell Yeah!!!

  23. DiaVerde PSP

    Anyone can tell me what says Joey at 1:05??


    DiaVerde PSP Waitress throwing attitude

  24. Rex Mundi

    Ahhhhh, i hit the lucky 666 !!! \\-_-//

  25. Diego LeyVa

    hardcore punk!!!!

  26. Baterista Drumer

    temaso !!!!!!

  27. agj7509

    "Crackin' up and it's through ignorance..."

  28. Jose Pedro Leon de Jesus

    la ignorancia es la pinche felicidad cuanta razón tenían !!!!

    ixizabst pingüino

    En esos tiempos la ignorancia sí era felicidad

  29. Joel Fowler

    Hilary Clinton

    Cloudy Day

    Joel Fowler don't punk with politics...

    Marcelo Silden

    Garbage like all the others politicians.

  30. Arthur Oliveira

    algum fã de ramones br aqui?

    Luiz Alvino

    Opa!! Nós!!

    Anderson Alves

    1989 ouvi numa fita cassete, paulada pura

  31. cristofaroful

    pure ignorance musikale ho yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!

  32. JudahWolf

    For some reason I mistook this for Rooney and was thoroughly confused.

  33. Brazi Ramone

    olvidate altos temas

  34. Ritxi Ramone

    Impresionante temazo!!!!
    Que buenos eran ostia!!!! Ramones per sempre!!

  35. Andy Helliwell

    Brilliant song this,,,I saw the Ramones during the Brain Drain tour, they absolutly rocked. Brain Drain is a great album...Love to my favorite band,Kiss.

  36. Daniel Téllez

    Punk Ramonero and nothing else!

  37. IlianDinkov

    just listen to The Ramones you guys and some other human out there... It's not how you wear you'r hair It's what It's inside your head! And I'm from Bulgaria and It's a difficult time for me to say that you can go home and take a cold bath, you know?!

  38. Jordan Salcido

    @A2Z83 okay. i know.

  39. A2Z83

    @PhatSno you're not metal.

  40. Jordan Salcido

    @A2Z83 definitely not metal dude

  41. edbizzarro

    @fructal100 you are right.

  42. Larz Gustafsson

    They finally got a bit tedious.

  43. YaWantTaters

    This is MENTAL!

  44. A2Z83

    This is metal

  45. Scott MacKeen

    Sounds like a Dead Kennedys song. Sick shit!


    Sounds Like Eat The Rat

  47. fructal100


  48. Javi O

    thumbs way up

  49. Michschnei

    Hey! Very nice Ramones' song! oi! oi! oi!

  50. Susielikesit

    I love this song, it's in my head the whole time I'm in line at the bank.

  51. DREDD2001AD