Ramones - I'm Not Jesus Lyrics

Don't wear a crown of thorns
Got no holes in my hand
Don't accuse me of that crime
Don't hang me up to dry

It's not me
It's not me
It's not me

Don't wanna die for your sins
Got no special powers
Sacrifice and sacrilege
Hey man, I wanna live

I'm not Jesus
I can't heal you

Taste my blood
It doesn't taste like wine
Can't you see
This cross isn't mine
Judas must die
For what he has done
Satan's watching
With his gun

It's not me
It's not me
It's not me

Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Say your prayers-it's your only hope
Twelve apostles can't help you now
I'll be back to stake my ground

[Chorus x2]

Don't wear a crown of thorns
Got no holes in my hand
Don't accuse me of that crime
Don't hang me up to dry

[Chorus x2]

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Ramones I'm Not Jesus Comments
  1. Cleiton Sabino

    não é do ramones

  2. På trikken spiller jeg bass

    nice cover of behemoth :)

  3. chaosjut

    If Ramones and Slayer had a baby

  4. TheRexmoon

    Sounds very trashy...great..!!!

  5. J.R. P.F

    Trash Metal Ramones.

  6. Gil Flores

    Bought that album (cassette) when I got to my ship after “A” school in ‘87.

    So many memories come flooding back in!

  7. kevin shafty

    One of their best jams!

  8. Gustavo Henrique S.Carmo

    Eu sou o único que não gosta dessa música dos Ramones ? Eu gosto de todas,mais essa... Sla

  9. Greg Fowler

    Ive been a ramones fan for ages but this doesn't suit them

  10. 2wleeg

    It's DRINK my blood, not Taste my blood.

  11. heyhey heyhey

    Crust punk

  12. Thierry Almeida

    wish they had released at least one album playing this kind of hardcore punk

    Vatican Vomit

    Agreed, i like a lot of their music but some of it sounds too much like Pop to me.

  13. Ivan Acosta


  14. Carmen Peralta

    Joy y jonny live fire ispiracion rare ves

  15. Kimmi K.

    Krasser Gruß an alle Fans from Germany!

  16. Socko Bee

    Behemoth did a pretty good job covering this song! Both are amazing bands!

  17. Jack Jones

    Best band

  18. Elëctric Elf




  19. Greg Fowler

    I never thought this song suited the Ramones

  20. Mario Cellura

    best punk rock band ever

  21. Disease Induustries

    Thrashmones. <3

    ツ H m m m m N i c e B i k e ツ

    I wish they took their music a bit more into this direction in their later years

  22. Christian Sture

    What would Joey do?

  23. Régis Blanc

    excellent brand of crossover thrashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

  24. Corey redding

    fastest ramones song! love it

  25. Zilda Peixoto

    Radio integracao...grupo serramar....avenida rio santos...pedagios...zonas azuis..,postes...orelhoes.,,,cartoes de credito...lotericas....dividas....praias...prefeituras...igrejas...govetnos,,.guaritas pm...pedagios...feliz 2018!ate os 618 anos de brasil!


    Best band punk


    Ramones descendo a lenha

  28. Puerto Riconnect

    I was curious what were the worst Ramones songs so I found a list on a google.
    Some guy listed this as the worst ramones song.

    Hadn't heard it before but it's not bad. Has kind of a misfits vibe. Fuck that guy.

  29. Emiliano Lara

    the best song of this band

    The Clansman

    Are you crazy?

  30. Nicu General


  31. Interstellar Overdrive

    The Ramones introduced grunge by the sounds of it.

  32. aivopark

    Their are in sanity now.

  33. Stez Mutiny

    fuvk off, I like this song.

  34. Cheetah Thunders.

    rare palm muting from johnny!

  35. Borororong

    I thought they're saying Istanbul.

  36. Pfennig Pfuchser

    Amazing Song. Probably one of their best!!!

  37. ignacio canteros

    What do your Says, dee dee in latin? What language is? sorry my english ist horrible.

  38. Angelmagnicidio Cabrera


    Leandro Campos

    Allin daba asco,su música la mejor!!

  39. In A Gadda Da Bleeda_

    This song... Is like when people cant take no for a fucking answer... lol Gabba gabba hey.

  40. danielscissorhands

    Hey man, i want to live!

  41. Brieler Paul


  42. Donovan Soto

    im not jesus
    i cant
    heal youuuuuuu

  43. kommie27

    Sad to think that all the Ramones are dead.

    Dan Pantzig!

    +kommie27 Marky, Richie, and CJ are all still alive.


    +Dan Pantzig! Original Ramones not the add ons.

    Dan Pantzig!

    The only one I wouldn't count as a "real" Ramone would be Richie. Marky and CJ count. Recognize.


    +Dan Pantzig! How would you not count Richie Ramone as a "Real" Ramone? when he's been with the Ramones for 5 years, Played on 3 albums and played 500 + shows with them , Including he was the only other Ramone to write songs for the band besides Joey and Dee.

    Juanrrito Guacamole

    It's funny because Richie was the best drummer of the Ramones

  44. Derek Waugh

    Fuck right off if ya don't like this one. Ramones HC. Not every song can be "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"...ya noodle-armed choir girls.


    +666waughtron666 My Lord, The Eternal Spaghetti Monster has noodly appendages and he is the most powerful being in the Universe. So, don't mock noodly appendages.
    Otherwise I agree with you. Great song.

    World of Confusion

    +666waughtron666 oh you're so scary with your 666 and u think this song is satanic because he's singing im not jesus i cant heal you? lol
    that just means he understand that jesus is much more powerful then himself.
    btw joey was a jew, johnny was a conservative republican

    Derek Waugh

    Silence, Lundvalnaden! I'm just a guy who likes the Ramones! Don't be a cone head!

    Derek Waugh

    Additionally, I enjoy noodles.


    When the song came out it was quite a departure and we thought it was cool.

  45. Nicolás García

    Uno de los mejores temas para mi

  46. jamaral81

    I love the Ramones, but this is truly a horrible song, maybe their worst, it's up there with I Believe In Miracles.

    lordofthegatos .i.

    @jamaral81 gay

    Dan Pantzig!

    @jamaral81 This song is not great, but "I Believe In Miracles" is excellent.


    +jamaral81 I Believe in Miracles is a great song, whatchoo talking about Willis?

    max Vicious

    Richie Ramone wrote it

    Luke Wastoid

    jamaral81 I Believe in Miracles and this are both great songs.

  47. Sylvain Binette

    Joey Rules ;)

  48. Douglas Gerhard

    First time that i listen to this song and wow, probably the heaviest song made by them. I knew that these guys were big fans of hardrock and metal, that Joey used to love Motorhead and similars but i would never figure that they made a song like this haha 

    Anyone know who composed?

    Victor Ribeiro

    @Douglas Gerhard Actually they did this at the "Thrashcore" Boom.


    @Victor Ribeiro What are you talking about? Link?

    Victor Ribeiro

    @danielscissorhands I'm not a "Internet Punk-rocker" dude, But the song was out when the Thrashcore[A fast version of Hardcore] boomed.

    Rabi c

    @Douglas Gerhard Jajajja it´s HARDCORE, not metal and else, they also invented.

    Victor Ribeiro

    @lino ya Thrashcore is just the Hardcore with faster tempo dude.

  49. Dinba

    this should be called NYHC!

    Victor Ribeiro

    Actually it's Thrashcore.


    Which is also hardcore.

    Long Shanks

    It could be a Cro Mags song

  50. GOFLuvr

    What would Jesus do?  He'd probably kick your ass, open up a cold one, and play this song really loud.

  51. greymajickjedi

    Even Jesus loves this song.  \m/

    Rabi c

    Of course

  52. turbandre

    This is so fucking bad.

    The Great Hawk

    Fuck you nerd go drink poison

  53. Felipe Espinola

    sounds like a crossover song. in that time bands were doing mixes of metal and hc.

  54. Organ Blender

    haha i feel sorry for you :D

  55. manguliver

    like looney tunes or what????

  56. Alvaro Borges

    I'm just here because Behemoth made a cover of this song. And after listen to it, I just thinked it sucked. So I comment what I thinked.

  57. Marcin Nowakowski

    You're not a master of the world. If you don't like them, why listening? You're just a litlle lost growler, Go home, and fap yourself.

  58. Alvaro Borges

    If you say I'm a 13 years old fag, I think you are worst than me. I don't care if Blink 182 copy Ramones, if they do, I just listened to them when I was ignorant in music.

  59. Alvaro Borges

    yea i know haha

  60. Alvaro Borges

    If the music is simple but give me the feelings of the artist, I think it's a good music. But Ramones is just empty with idiot lyrics.

  61. Alvaro Borges

    and that's no metter, Ramones still being one of the most overrated bands of all time, and still FUCKING SUCKS

  62. Alvaro Borges

    i'm a gay fifteen (15) years

  63. emanuilxxx

    the best ramones song

  64. KingTen91

    13 years of what?

  65. emanuilxxx

    Just waesome

  66. Soulless Engineer

    Well my apologies, your English isn't the best, and in your last response you seemed to be saying that you were in the 6th grade. In the 12th grade you're still a kid, and just barely pubescent, so still I wasn't far from the mark. I'm sorry kid but it's a fact that, at your age, you've experienced about 2% of life, come back here when you're a grown-up and tell me about how cool Blink-182 is...

  67. Marcin Nowakowski

    Tell me Alvaro, you don't like Ramones, because their music is too simple? I think it is in these beautiful.

  68. Marcin Nowakowski

    Hey, guys... Cool off, thank God or somthing else, that is the people are different, and respect this true. I don't like Blink 182 and bands in that style, but when I was 13-15 years old, I listen something like that what you say. Because it was on tv, and I don't know anything about r'n'r or punk rock. Internet is the dream of humanity, we live in different countries, with no chance to meet. But we chave chance to speak together, about music, this is fantastic.

  69. Marcin Nowakowski

    I understand, but all rock bands in USA etc. are inspired by Ramones music, even Green Day, RHCP and many other starts play and formed their bands, because Ramones show them, is that everybody can play and meet in life.

  70. Alvaro Borges

    How can you say I have a pre-pubescent mind if you don't even know me?
    Just because I said Ramones sucks and I liked Blink 182 when I had 13 years?
    How can you say I don't understand nothing about music and the world if you don't even know my real age?
    I am in the 2th grade of the highschool, and about my music knowledge, I suggest you to visit my channel and know my musical taste before you say shit about me.

  71. Alvaro Borges

    ok, but i really don't feel nothing with Ramones.
    I feel more listen to post rock or other things

  72. Soulless Engineer

    I never told you who I consider to be the best bands, I never even said that I like The Ramones, so calm the fuck down a little bit kiddo. So it turns out you're a pre-pubescent boy, but don't fret my dear, you have the mind of a pre-pubescent girl.

    Also, a word of advice: don't broadcast the fact the fact that you're a 6th grader as if it's a good thing. You're a baby, you don't know anything about the world yet, and you certainly don't know anything about music yet.

  73. Marcin Nowakowski

    It's no mattewr how old are you, only how you feel the music.

  74. Alvaro Borges

    I'm a boy, and I like blink 182 because I've had 13 years.
    Ramones is a fucking overrated band, just like others that you consider "THE BEST BANDS OF ROCK YEYE XD".
    That's a 6th grade attitude.

  75. Soulless Engineer

    No, you like Blink 182 because you are (if not in body, then certainly in mind) a pre -or just barely -pubescent girl. Unlike Ramones fans

  76. toomuchtroble

    ummm just..... ummmm... i can hear my eyebrows after hearing this..WHY would youo do this to me

  77. Alvaro Borges

    ok, my opinion don't mean anything here, and....?
    it's not a reason for I stop show my opinion on this video

  78. emanuilxxx

    Awesome.True metal punk.This style of song is like old school speed hardcore punk/first wave black metal

  79. MSTFreak

    Blink182 is horrible, and this song doesn't even sound ramone-ish.

  80. Alvaro Borges

    I liked this band a while ago, and I can say they are on the same level. But I like Blink182 because it isn't fucking boring, unlike Ramones

  81. Matias Viñalez

    To hell with you discuss who was better or that ..
    Rather as someone said ... music is not a sport where dispute who is better or not? But to get the best one.
    people the truth, is that the Ramones also see them, you say "puufff and these men will influence the fuck?", I can assure you that if research well and are not as ignorant may take a big surprise ...

  82. Matias Viñalez

    That's not to say that they were some gods .. but a little influence ..
    I was surprised when leei and listen to many bands that influenced grunge, guitarist Kirk Hammett of Metallica, very good friend of johhny ramone .. John Frusciante of RHCP, U2's Bono! , But the millions of punk rock bands who triumphed carrying sensillos alcabo chords that provided the Ramones ...

  83. Alvaro Borges

    Sorry, I'm not american and is really hard to discuss with the english I use. And for me Behemoth still stomping Ramones.

  84. Alvaro Borges

    Even so, most of the good things remain in underground. See for exemple, post-rock or shoegaze, a real excellent musical genre, and now suspect that you have never heard these words.

  85. Alvaro Borges

    haha, you really think that something is good and legendary just because it is very famous and it influenced some bands (in the case of Ramones, they influenced shitty bands like Green Day).By the time many people start to like Behemoth, is because their music began to look like crap. I'll even have a thought a little science in my opinion the most famous super bands are shit and always have been (I will not generalize, there Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath).

  86. Alvaro Borges

    "that shit is noise", you must have a porcelain ear...

  87. Alvaro Borges

    everything is better than ramones

    Long Shanks

    Alvaro Borges Go fuck yourself piece of shit

  88. Robb Hawley

    Wonder if the Ramones ever played this one live?

  89. Sunny Josan

    Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul ISTANBUL!!

  90. Filipe Leite - Fazendo Arte

    tenho a discografia do ramones e nunca tinha ouvido essa musica, ela é bem thrash

  91. Shadow Essence

    thrash* ..

  92. Andy Helliwell

    My favorite Ramones song this,,,Creepy,, fast, and punky.....Dee Dee resites the prayer too,what talent...Richie wrote this somg....Dark, dark album Sanity is,,,Love it.

  93. Larus Ferreira

    greg graffin is my favorite punk singer i just like joey because i think he has a great voice and looks like a calm person

  94. cj ramone

    johnny rotten
    joey ramone
    jello biafra
    mike ness
    kings of punk

    Bill Hay

    I would add Joe Strummer and Tim Armstrong

  95. borisbernalc

    The Ramones are the legendary band of punk rock. Behemoth is a satanic shit, Satan is shit.

  96. HaoKan

    Pater Noster, qui es in caelis,
    sanctificétur nomen Tuum,
    adveniat Regnum Tuum,
    fiat volúntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra.

    Panem nostrum cotidiánum da nobis hódie,
    et dimitte nobis débita nostra,
    sicut et nos dimittímus debitóribus nostris;
    et ne nos indúcas in tentationem,
    sed libera nos a malo.


  97. Shaky LeonCR

    suck my behemoth!