Ramones - Go Lil' Camaro Lyrics

Go lil' Camaro go
Go lil' Camaro go
Come on baby shake
Come on baby move
Come on baby let's shake
Come on baby move

Go lil' Camaro go
Go lil' Camaro go
Come on baby shake
Come on baby move
Come on baby let's shake
come on baby move

Girls cars sun fun
Girls cars sun fun
Girls cars sun fun
Good times for everyone

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Ramones Go Lil' Camaro Comments
  1. Stephan Susholtz

    It’s about a bitchin Camaro!

  2. Ethereal Catholic

    Best Ramones song no one knows.

  3. Otto Greenleaf

    Great song. Is it about Debbie Harry's Camaro? Cheers!

  4. Fito Blas de gamarra

    Ramones and blonde

  5. Manuel Ramírez

    the mummies

  6. Lana Chan

    Sexy socks

  7. Maxi González

    Siempre me llamo la atención la coordinación perfecta entre guitarra y bata en the Ramones...lo comun es que bajo y bata sean asi de perfecto...es otro de los ingredientes que su música sea tan fácil a simple escucha pero muy difícil de ejecutar,la forma de tocar de jhonny fue es y sera única..es mi umilde opinión como músico .

  8. Francisco Balado

    Año 1988. En my lil seat panda con esta cancion a tope a la playa. Everyday

  9. heyhey heyhey

    One of their best tracks

  10. Jose angel Villegas

    2019 July 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Buzz Houle

    Unequivocally the best Summer Song Ever Made !

  12. David The Youtuber 2012

    Today is my HUGE Consert
    Edit : My Consert was Super EPIC



    David Byrne

    DavidMark AaronYesKevinNo I Had A Consert 9 Days Ago At 9:00 PM In Mexico

    David The Youtuber 2012

    David Byrne Go On To My Channel i Have 15 Subscribers

    David The Youtuber 2012

    @David Byrne You can call me DavidMark AaronYesKevinNo Or DMJKOYKN

  13. Motors on Bile

    I always sing the words 'Go David Cameron, go' to this song, imagining I am urging the ex-British Prime Minister of that name to resign office. [Which he did anyway ages ago.]

  14. Nick Dimitrakopoulos

    If your head is not shaking left and right with this, you are probably dead :)

  15. Go Camaro


    Del Stevenson

    I wish I could read this! It looks so cool and you're obviously a big RAMONES song. You're really cute you're a heart ❤ breaker!

  16. Greg Lopez

    28 retrogrades didn't like it....go die!

  17. Vicho Pelotas

    2018 the best song !! In chevy 1998 from México city 😁😁😎😎

  18. ludurigan

    they shoulda have squeezed some more repeats of the "ohh-mah-mah-papah-ooh-mah-mah" part into the song, its great!

  19. thepolarswedish

    Weird. But awesome

  20. Mario Cellura

    ramones for life

  21. Buddcar Cook

    Had a Camaro in the 80’s, loved it when this song came up on the tapedeck.

  22. Zilda Peixoto

    Prenderam paulo maluf...e a feira da liberdade continua, desde o ano 1980.

  23. Jeff Williams

    Girls cars sun fun!!!!!

  24. Jon Hoover

    Another instant hit. I love these guys.

  25. Laque Tepario

    great song


    Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!R.A.M.O.NE.S. NEVER DIE!!!!!

  27. Peter Lorenz

    This is good song. I like Debbie Harry´s voice, it´s cool

  28. TRIPLE W

    Why this album aren't on spotify?

    Leandro packer


    Lautaro Ciancio Damsky

    good cuestion and animal boy too.


    Richie want you to buy em

  29. HS Trejo Luna

    this song it's so sweet

  30. Augmuse

    Love those cars. Have a 1991 Teal Green Camaro.

    Buddcar Cook

    Augmuse and I a light blue metallic 78 T Type.

  31. Szymon Starowicz

    Ok, East Coast Beach Boys. Not my type of music, but fair enough..

  32. pedro civera martin

    canción optimista y cachonda mola mucho

  33. juveale29

    Good song and very underrated album


    I think their whole Richie_Era is undderated and that's not fair.!! Cause their most Heavier_Era..With a lOTS of ultra/speed rock n roll songs..!!!

  34. Daniel Ramone

    ☺😍😍😍☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ R.A.M.O.N.E.S for ever

  35. PepperWhite62

    Beats the hell out of Prince's " Little Red Corvette".

    Empire Of Steel

    PepperWhite62 Truth there as that song didn't have much balls to it

    damageinc 1985

    That shit sucks!

  36. MrWitchman1967

    Another song I only heard on WLIR...

  37. Alejandro Anibal

    Beautiful tune and sound, Ramones 100% in its maximum expression. Fuck bad critics!

  38. francesco presciutti

    bad line up and bad album...its alive line up are the really Ramones

    Alejandro Lino

    +francesco presciutti dude, this is pretty much the pinnacle of the ramones' history, very underrated album



  40. ÁcidoMal94

    Uhhh mau mau papa uh mau mau!!!!!!!!!! :V

    Un usuario más

    AcidoMal94 ste we jajajaja

    Go Camaro

    Thank you so much♪

    David Partridge

    The Rivingtons!

  41. Brieler Paul



    +Brieler Paul Probably Halfway to sanity is rated so poorly (for e.g. it has one star by punknews.org and one star and a half by AllMusic) and people say it's a bad album because it's not the classic Ramones type (very fast short catchy songs). About Animal Boy, I don't really know. Maybe because it's not really outstanding ?

  42. I.M Love

    This isn't their worst song at all.This is a fun high energy tune.Love it as much as anything else.

  43. Nathan Lima

    Girls cars, sun fun
    Good times for everyone (y

  44. Brian Carter

    debbie harry is on this one as joey brings back the "pappa oo mow mow" from "surfin' bird". this is a great ramones lp. great sound. who produced this one daniel rey ?

    Otto Greenleaf

    Brian: Yes.

  45. David Alencar Alencar

    Esse som é muito bom adoro ramones

  46. PabloCruise91

    I love the Ramones, but I gotta say, this is their worst song. I can still listen to it though.

    Dan S.

    +Jesse Rothbeind No need to insult the guy, or are you so low class that you feel the need to personally attack with infantile vitriol everyone whose opinions are the opposite of yours.

    Jesse Rothbeind

    Not everyone Alex, just this guy. And you also might be interested to know that your "no class" comment also applies to people that insult other people about their comments that they don't like. Take your own advice ya dumb ass hypocrite :)

    Mobi Dobi

    this song is cool assfuck. my fav ramone years were 83-89. The junk inspired this different sound.

    Mike Mears

    +PabloCruise91 I'm sorry the lyrics don't go "HEY HO, LET'S GO!"

    Dan S.

    @Jesse Rothbeind
    Well, you do have a point, scumbag.

  47. yonkitonm1


  48. Ted Cantu

    So simple its genius

    Brian Carter

    +Ted Cantu exactly !

  49. Ramones Fan

    oooo mow mow mow moww ooo mowww mowwww <333 

  50. Matias Wins

    "Go Lil' Camaro"

    Go lil' Camaro go
     Go lil' Camaro go
     Come on baby shake
     Come on baby move
     Come on baby let's shake
     Come on baby move
     Go lil' Camaro go
     Go lil' Camaro go
     Come on baby shake
     Come on baby move
     Come on baby let's shake
     come on baby move
     Girls cars sun fun
     Girls cars sun fun
     Girls cars sun fun
     Good times for everyone 

  51. d0dFLyEr

    Richie Ramone best era of The group

  52. Jose Montijo

    Richie Ramone Rules!!!

  53. Dale Ducktail

    yep, that good ole buddy holly chord change always signals fun in the sun :-)

  54. Gerold Martens

    good times

  55. Brandon Friday

    The intro sort of sounded like Havana Affair.

  56. Malin Dansk

    Punk is timeless! :) Rock on dude!

  57. xDIStructorx

    what's so funny about the guitar?

  58. xDIStructorx

    mustangs rule just as much as camaros

  59. paul m

    I'm freakin' 70 yrs. old and I dig this punk stuff dudes!
    I bought the world's 1st punk record in 1960 "Tallahassie Lassie"
    by Freddy Cannon !!

  60. Larz Gustafsson

    It doesn't ,matter, dude. Age is just a number. And a cool tune by X-Ray Spex.

  61. Larz Gustafsson

    I' m 51 and I will always love them.

  62. ahhhitsrob

    new best friend right here.

  63. marcos viana

    @psychkoala Gabba Gabba Hey, psychko

  64. osp80

    one guy drives a mustang

  65. marcos viana


  66. Mathew Lane

    @weimer495 Just because they dson't listen to the Ramones doesn't mean they're not good. I just like a lot more music that doesn't go with eachother like relient k and bethlahem.

  67. Mathew Lane

    @weimer495 Look at the crap my generation listens to and say it's common for kids my age to listen to the Ramones.

  68. Mathew Lane

    I'm 16 and I gotta say bitchen song!

  69. seahag831

    Reminds me of skating in the 80's.


    my favourite ramones album

  71. slimjim38321

    @Toolshed48 me too

  72. Lemmy Cash

    The true kings of punk rock.

  73. xXfrownyguyXx

    Ohhh bby.

  74. SneakyShark

    come one baby shake... :-) Fucking love the Ramones...

  75. Kaozjay

    Got my 1992 RS the other day.....first song I played on it..:P

  76. hihellohey20

    I like blasting this in my 2010 Camaro! :)

    robert abrams

    hihellohey20 My wife has yellow 2010 Camaro. Cool ride.

  77. Lemmy Cash

    These guys knew how to rock n roll

  78. superfreak1164

    @supermoto804 actually the 1st gen camaros were considered compact-size. they were tiny compared to the boats like the impala of the day. cars have gotten smaller, and there arent many of the big ones left, so the camaros seem bigger. the new camaros are giant beasts, but the old ones, not so much.

  79. Horaciow14

    I love the ramones, but every great band has their bad songs....

  80. FreedomPath

    with this song all u want to do with ur ss camaro is slam the gas petal in the highway watch how fast u can go without killing ur self while listening to this

  81. John O'Shea

    That's Debbie Harry of Blondie doing the back-up vocals!

  82. DangerousWillie

    The only band that mattered

  83. Damian Djibilian

    fuck yeah!

  84. zincbooster

    Ritchie can play drums...

  85. Led Junior

    Go lil' Camaro go
    Go lil' Camaro go
    Come on baby shake
    Come on baby move
    Come on baby let's shake
    come on baby move

    Girls cars sun fun
    Girls cars sun fun
    Girls cars sun fun
    Good times for everyone