Raitt, Bonnie - Wounded Heart Lyrics

Wounded heart I cannot save you from yourself
Though I wanted to be brave, it never helped.
'Cause your trouble's like a flood raging through your veins
No amount of love's enough to end the pain

Tenderness and time can heal a right gone wrong,
But the anger that you feel goes on and on.
And it's not enough to know that I love you still
So I'll take my heart and go for I've had my fill

[Instrumental break]

If you listen you can hear the angel's wings
Up above our heads so near they are hovering
Waiting to reach out for love when it falls apart
When it cannot rise above a wounded heart.

When it cannot rise above a wounded heart.

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Raitt, Bonnie Wounded Heart Comments
  1. Martin Cohen

    A truly wonderful piece of musical Americana whose poignancy reduces me to tears every time. Bonnie has a unique talent for drawing you into the emotion of a song no other vocalist I can think of achieves in quite the same irresistible way. I Can't Make You Love Me and Michael Macdonald's song Matters Of The Heart are two more outstanding examples. She is truly one of the greats.

  2. Marvellous Mason

    this is so beautiful make me cry for my wife passed on 2002 god I still miss her so much was only young

  3. Candy Parton

    Jude Johnstone wrote this gorgeous song. She also wrote “Hearts In Armor” for Trisha Yearwood.

  4. reba r

    For my husband who's been gone almost two years now but feels like yesterday. the pain is just as bad now as it was then. He never got past the pain or the addiction.  I love you Steven forever. Please wait for me. I can't wait to see you again. God keep you safe. I wait for the day I can see you again. I MISS YOU SO BAD...……..

  5. Brian Carruthers

    Again, Bonnie Raitt tells her story with such panache.
    The words flow from her mouth with so much ease that you see the images of what she's talking about in your mind so quickly, almost instantaneously.
    That takes great skill.
    Brian Carruthers.
    Thank you so much for this video.
    A very appreciative Englishman.

  6. Dan McAninch

    Had this song played at my son's funeral last November. He died of a heroin overdose. He was 24. He seemed to have been doing pretty good after his Mom passed in March after a two year battle with cancer. He had such a wounded heart.

  7. Dan McAninch

    My son died a few days ago of an overdose. This song holds deep meaning to me as I struggle with his passing. It reminds me of the pain he must have been holding on to.

    Candy Parton

    I’m so sorry Dan McAninch.❤️

    derek lawless

    my genuine feelins of sadness are with you,dan hope u dont mind my few words ,,my own family are dealin with such sorrow 5 years tomorrow ,,sept 4th regards from ireland

  8. Verna D'Alto

    Thank you for singing Jude Johnstone's song so beautifully. Love

  9. Tiny Koenraads

    thank You Bonny Raitt…………….

  10. Shirley Nash

    Words of my heart...

  11. Shobana Iyer

    You to learn to live in grace with the pain. Beautiful song, touched my heart

  12. C B Kincaid

    written by Jude Johnstone

  13. Beverly Cooper

    Thanks for the beautiful pix; they do Bonnie's song true justice...

  14. Beverly Cooper

    You got that right...how about "When the spell is broken" that's also Richard Thompson's, who in my opnion, is another guitarist / composer genius...right up there with Bonnie...

  15. Vanessa Raymond

    It is sung by Bonnie Raitt - Guilty

  16. Theodore Angelos

    "As the eagle was killed by the arrow winged with his own feather, so the hand of the world is wounded by its own skill." (Helen Keller) ಠ‿ಠ♥ Thank you for the beautiful upload!

  17. Denise Philpott

    Just search youtube for Bonnie Raitt Guilty. The song was written by Randy Newman.

  18. Martta2006

    Hi, A quick googling gave lyrics to the song
    Guilty, by Nazareth.

  19. Teddyb1939

    Bonnie Raitt is in my opinion is one of the best lady singers ever, so much feeling in her voice.Her version of Richard Thompsons song,Dimming of the day is a masterpiece.

  20. MrTerrificII


    Please take this crap elsewhere! Religious doctrine has no place here. Take your brainwashing elsewhere!

    Odette Manlove

    You have a wounded heart

  21. Patrick Convoy

    @Forlifeandeternity ///this is true..yes

  22. Marlie Morton

    this song is amazing

  23. babebleu57

    I will miss you Scott..you have left me with a wounded heart...

  24. David Prince

    Thank you for the beautiful words.I agree with you 100%

  25. Patte Smith

    @pattieanne625 You are right. The Bible explains the reason for our woundedness is sin. Our own sin & the sin of others. We have broken God's comandments. If we will humble ourselves, repent (confess & forsake all of our sin) & put our faith in Christ, we will be forgiven for our sins & be given the power to forgive others for the ways in which they have sinned against us. Romans 5:11 " ... we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation."

  26. Denise Petner



  27. Martta2006

    @TheSteveclark . I tried to look for music sheet for piano - which would be natural in this case - but i only found guitar tabs in a 'Silver lining' book, sold at least by Stretta Music (dotcom)

  28. TheBitterWeed

    Isn't it great when that happens ?

  29. almaciga66

    I got this music on an old cassette, recording from the radio, i know finally the tittle and the singer of this great song

  30. Davidmcfarlaneblues.

    Bonnie can bring a man to tears!

  31. TadpoleAngel345

    Bonnie is a divine window that excellence shines through. She warms my heart.

  32. Chris Raines

    Beautiful. Awesome piano. What a masterful touch. And of course, Bonnie has come into her own on this one. Thanks for posting!

  33. David Windsands

    This woman is amazing I have no shame in saying I look up to her in many ways.

  34. Cherri B

    Ok now I need tons of tissues!

  35. Dayniac4324

    Thank you - this song says it all.

  36. Susi Lawson

    I have a good friend who died from alcoholism recently and this song hits it right in the heart

  37. Geneva Tucker

    i love this sing

  38. eelisabethh

    love this song:)
    first heard it on the show: army wives

  39. missinglowell

    one of Bonnie's best and poignant ballands in two decades - gives me goose bumps every time i hear it. how many of us wounded hearts wander the minefields of love ... thank you bonnie.

  40. mariana2062

    Beautiful video :)