Rains - Trust Me Lyrics

We wait for it
We wait for it
We wait for it
To come into
Our lives
And see the sunshine in every bodies eyes
From nervous and fear to excitement my dear
I want you to know
Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright

Soon you'll wonder is he still in love with me
Please just trust me just trust me

We wait for you
We wait for you
We wait for you to
Come in to our lives
And look the first time
In every bodies eyes
From nervous and fear to excitement my dear
I want you to know
Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright

We wait for it
We wait for it
We wait for you
To come into
Our lives

We wait for you

Soon you'll wonder
Are they really listening
Please just trust me
Just trust me
Soon you'll wonder
Are they really there for me

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Rains Trust Me Comments
  1. Radim Šilar

    Why they dont have this song on spotify?

  2. Eury Sohn

    5 years later still love this song

  3. Sandraa a

    Ktoś z Huberta liva?🤔😂

    Dzuanna XD

    Sandra Fituch ja!!!!

  4. hsejws xxx

    hubert z top model polecił więc jestem

  5. TheWinterEagle


  6. Mónica Villafaña

    Porque esta canción no esta en Spotify?

  7. Joe Lando

    The Ospreay Film Trailer brought me here!

  8. André Mendonça


    Favio Gonzalez

    dude,, as soon as I heard the very beginning I was like WTF this is a something from nothing rip off hahaha

  9. Diego Soriano

    At first I thought Jack White was the singer

  10. maisey sprake

    Filmed on our street😋

  11. Jason Selph

    Awesome song, awesome video.

  12. modern lover

    2 and a half minutes of hipsters running

  13. Smith S


  14. AnonInTheMatrix

    A massive rip off of 'We used to Vacation' by Cold War Kids but this band AND this song is still incredible :P

    British Rock

    @AnonInTheMatrix right, they must be much more original or take inspiration of british bands

    Skeeter Sorenson

    Just because there's an instrument descending the musical scale by half steps doesn't mean it's ripping off the song.

  15. James Foxley

    Jack White.... is that you?

  16. SomeNerdyDragon

    Only 55 thousand views? What!?

  17. Stanley Halim


  18. Sian Frances

    'for gods sake'

  19. BathBoysAdventureTime

    It was filmed on my street! When they ran into the guy with the leaves the double garage in the right is ours! I was watching them do it

    Iga Bialek

    BathBoysAdventureTime wow, where it is? England?

  20. Thierry Berthou

    Good stuff ;)

  21. Martin Voller

    Holy hell this is great.

  22. jerome penkala

    THE GENIUS of THE FAMILY RAIN is now featured here-

  23. Ralphe-co-nz

    funny and awesome!

  24. originofnoise

    Such a good tune!

  25. Kirk Nicholson

    Love it! Sounds more like something Jack White would write than Black Keys... to me...

  26. Tony Bowen

    Very cool. Love the ending.

  27. Nic Lawton

    heard this song a few days ago and now i'm obsessed, thanks guys :D


    Same here. I made it my ringtone. This video is better than the other one and needs more views!

    Nic Lawton

    I made it my morning alarm and it always sounds new, every time. but yeah, it does need more views :D

  28. Rizwan Hassan


  29. Sean Faulkner

    Brilliant video, is that the same 3 series BMW from the original video too? Can't wait for Under the volcano and for your tour!

  30. Eartha Mk

    Heavy track!

  31. robin

    gorgeous video!

  32. Nascent

    Great aesthetics


    You mirin'?

  33. sanjay khaleed

    ♦ *The truth of life is here* ♦

    _Mankind needs to get itself together or we will PERISH AS FOOLS_
    Search for "Truth Contest" in Google and read what it says.

  34. jo232409

    I got a chuckle at the end. The music was too generic though.

  35. A Kenner

    Awesome track.

  36. Pamela PV

    I liked the song but i loved the picture so well handled

  37. thezoexperience1

    Fockin heavy m8

  38. Tom Stone

    Reminds me of the first Cold War Kids album. Not bad at all.

  39. bghfjkloimpoeksdk

    YEAH !!

  40. caoimhe ryan

    Ahh so amazing 3

  41. exzisd

    Editing reminds me of dredd 3d effects. Does sound a bit like the black keys.

  42. Reda Boudemala

    nice song & cool video i like it

  43. Gabriel Canto

    nice, really sounds like the black keys


    Hopefully without their personality tho.

  44. Anna Kelemen

    I thought they already had a video for this song?

  45. André Ricardo

    Acredite em mim, eu sou um gênio (só que não).

  46. Hilton Andrade

    Quality stuff