Rains - So Easily Lyrics

If I should die tomorrow
Would you be there in agony or ecstasy?
Would you leave it up to me?
Remember all the dreams we shared together?
Are we throwing it all away?
Hoping for something better?
We used to try.
We tried so hard together to open up ourselves
And make a better life for each other.

I'm not the man I thought I'd be
I am the one who was supposed to
Pick you up and let you down so easily.
I'm sorry if you're disappointed in me
I failed at all the things I ever tried
I thought they'd come so easily.

When the rain comes down and hits my face
I try and remember a day when they weren't
Tears of pain when will it all go away?
When the thought of you and someone new
Comes across my mind the only thing I know to do
Is hope you remember.
We used to try.

We tried so hard together to open up ourselves
And make a better life for each other

I'm not the man I thought I'd be
I am the one who was supposed to
Pick you up and let you down so easily.
I'm sorry if you're disappointed in me
I failed at all the things I ever tried
I thought they'd come so easily.

Why did you leave me so alone?
Lets give this another try.
Cause I swear I want to get it right this time.

I'm not the man I thought I'd be
I am the one who was supposed to
Pick you up and let you down so easily.
I'm sorry if you're disappointed in me
I failed at all the things I ever tried
I thought they'd come so easily.

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Rains So Easily Comments
  1. Maria Jimenez

    I'm puerto Rican an my daughter is ecuatorian an we love RAINS band...

  2. Soham Ghosh Dastidar

    Chords please!

  3. Gökçe Eken

    Where is lyrics

  4. Darryl Santisteban

    Very underated. Hope i can see them in concert some day

  5. jamie bartle

    hearing these guys just now, not bad.

  6. Project Omega

    Rains is so underrated it's just sad

  7. Dallas Phelps

    I want to see them live it's a fucking good band

  8. Garri Genzelev

    cooles lied

  9. Rookstar Rookstar

    the fuk

  10. Brandi Nicole

    Awesome music <3 I just found you.

  11. Ne May

    It literally breaks my heart, the fact that such a band is so underrated !!! how could people listen to shitty pop songs with millions of views and leave this amazing music behind !!! I hate this world .....

    CS X

    @Ne May i've been preaching this band everywhere for years since i was 13 i'm 17 now it just gets under my skin how this amazing band is so unknown!!!


    I guess our taste do not match with the majority. I feel some pop stars n bands such as one direction get ultra views bcos of their looks or actions outside the media. We judge music through quality.

    john niles

    Ikr thank you!

    Mew Pew

    Rap is even worse


    Pop is brain washing same goes for the mumble rappers.

  12. Melissa van Coppenhagen

    Makes me miss Adam from Three Days Grace

    Jamie MacMullin

    @Melissa van Coppenhagen He left the band because they were writing super generic, repetitive and predictable music. Any band he ends up with or starts now will immediately turn into gold, though, and for that I am excited :)

    Melissa van Coppenhagen

    Have you heard Saint Asonia though!? That's his new band - KNOCKOUT

  13. Drexl Sherminator

    Country sound singing metal?


    +Drexl Sherminator Country sound? Where is the country sound in this song?

    Adam Ward

    I kinda cam inclined to agree. Generic postgrunge is often influenced by country chord progressions. This does seem to have an influence of country in there - at the very least southern rock/music

  14. Makiah Latta

    I ate at buffalo wild wings with jeff the lead singer lol he's an awesome person :)

  15. Makiah Latta

    I ate at buffalo wild wings with jeff the lead singer lol he's an awesome person :)

  16. edson vasquez arce

    buena rola ;D

  17. LongLiveRome

    before this video started (I listen to this song every day i love it <3) I watched the "Chicken BIG King" commercial! OMG Love it! XD If you haven't seen it watch it now!

  18. Light dz

    how about a three days grace ft. Rains?


    how about Rains ft three days grace

  19. Mike D

    Looking just at this song. It's every bit as good as 3 Days grace

  20. YTMsg

    JESUS CHRIST said: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Seek JESUS CHRIST, seek Salvation, turn to Him !


    I like this song, and I Am A Christian Too, Good To Read u're Comments On youtube!!

    Levi Pfendler

    he kicked my ass out the door when I was 18


    @Levi Pfendler ????????????????????/

  21. Dominic DiGeronimo

    I like the text bubbles for the lyrics. ^_^

  22. MrJimmykeys1

    To Shelby umm no he don't sound nothing like Crossfade at all just in amazement to that comment you have there anyways I love this band and can't wait for their new album to drop

  23. Chaoticincarnation42

    It's good to see that people are starting to discover Rains. Jeff the singer gave me the album "Stories" about 8 years ago when he did a tattoo for me. Loved them since.

  24. Brandon Clark

    They are certainly better than 3 days grace. Their lyrics have so much more meaning, and also he doesn't use the same monotone through the whole song as 3 days grace does.

  25. Daniel Lachut

    Better? Certainly not. In the same league? Yes. I would also like to point out that time spent debating this great music is a waste of time that could've been spent LISTENING TO IT!

  26. Dan Taylor

    how bout we all just agree rock music is the best.

  27. Ya Ro

    The first time I listen to a song of this band. I'm impressed, love the voice and also the songwriting of this song.
    Dunno why people are comparing it to TDG, but this song is without any questions better than what TDG created the last years^^

  28. Charlotte Black

    Rains and Three Days Grace are both good.
    Now stop arguing on who is better or not.

  29. xXDaBurnerXx

    the guy on the picture looks like adam gontier^^

  30. Damian

    Okay, so let me sort this once and for all. Yes they sound like other bands we love so much but that's why were here right!?

  31. สุทธิลักษณ์ กองธรรม

    สุดยอดครับเป็นนักร้องที่มีคุณภาพจริง the good song

  32. Spack1801

    I play League of Legends to this. Helps the rage so much. ;D Haha. Wish I discovered this band 3 years ago...

  33. Sox Box

    I wasn't aware music was a competition. I'm just here for audio tingles :3

  34. fred cedano

    fuck 3days grace

  35. Tim Mason

    This band is aight, but Three Days Grace are just straight up better. Adam wrote most songs based on the experiences of his life and tries his very best to help relate those songs to other peoples hardships in order to help them through. Plus, Adams voice is so much more powerful and just amazing, while this guys voice tends to stay on a flat note the entire time. The music just isn't on par with Three Days Grace

  36. Ivica Mecanovic

    So flat.. Was waiting for a big chorus. Boring

  37. Jon Allister

    I like this band... But I can't help but notice the auto-tune on his voice

  38. shelby mccain

    they don't sound like Three days grace..but he does sorta sound like Chris from crossfade....

  39. HockeyFANatic09

    I like Three Days Grace, but these guys are WAY better studio wise... As far as live, ive seen 3DG twice and they were amazing both times.

  40. HockeyFANatic09

    Three Days Grace is no better than Rains.

  41. PlaylistMakerSG

    why are they getting compared to Three Days Grace?

  42. Mr. Murphy

    This song is beyond amazing, a lot of men can relate.

  43. hox1329

    I can so relate to this song. Love this band!

  44. rushcrowe

    What the fuck ever, dude... You wouldn't say that if you actually knew the band. I'm friends with the lead guitar.

  45. chain8647

    this band rocks!!

  46. kevinerickson84

    Fuck u guys three days grace is awesome ..... Give me a break

  47. XxSerionAllorxX

    yes they are, they are releasing an album 10/2/12

  48. Lance

    They actually have an album in production, coming out in October. They take 3 year gaps in between every album apparently.

  49. Lance

    Are you kidding me? They're much better.

    Three Days Grace, don't get me wrong, is an excellent band. Their music writing doesn't compare to that of this band. This is how music is supposed to be.

  50. Juli Davis

    Most underrated band ever.

  51. darknesskittie

    found they today <3

  52. Phoenix Tomljenovic

    Just discovered this song i think i know love it and there a great band!!

  53. mymothersmeatloaf

    Seeing as they are 2 completely different bands and since one is mainstream faggotry(3 Days Grace) and the other is an indie band(rains). I would say they are in a completely different league. Everyone's got different tastes, no band is better then another band. So, enjoy, listen up to the good music and stop comparing :).

  54. Blue Aoi

    Heck yeah!!! definitely with you there. three days grace is epic!

  55. TheWishmastergm

    Baita bosta '-'

  56. Fick Dich

    *____* awesome

  57. Li Yuri

    @youreconfused They each have their pros and cons like any other band.

  58. Uncle Guts

    @Iamtheweirdestguy94 IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Iamtheweirdestguy94


  60. Uncle Guts

    I saw these guys live when they opened for Five Finger Death Punch

  61. bayernsteve

    @MrKronos00 Don't know if this matches your taste, but you could try the following bands: Underwhelmed, 12 Stones, Hinder... It's pretty difficult to name bands, which you might like, so i can just offer you the ones, that i like :)
    You should even try One Less Reason, it's one of my favorites ;)

  62. shady240

    drop the tuning on guitar, add adam and its basically TDG. theyre both great bands. why waste time saying whos better, everyone has their own taste.

  63. Long Dick

    i saw these guys on the "share the welt tour" an ........... i was bored of them, then Hatebreed came out an fuckin owned them an then All That Remains came out an fuckin tore it up, THEN the moment we all waited for!!!!!!!! 5FDP!!!!!!!!! fuck massacred the place! these guys shouldnt of been in a heavy metal tour, in my opinion, but their good if you wunna sit an chill.

  64. TokioHotelDroid

    @MrKronos00 Broken Iris is an emotional/poetic/amazing band. idk if you'll like em or not but thought i'd suggest. ;)

  65. Vault Dweller

    @1thegoodlife They're good, but no way in hell is this band better than Three days grace

  66. Sico

    i love this type of rock music. Its smooth and relaxing. Can anyone give me names of bands like these guys?

  67. CorregidorGama

    IS A Christian band?????

  68. youreconfused

    stop smoking the pipe. this band is ok but not even in the same league as three days grace.

  69. fallensphoenix

    i am a very thought felt kinda person but music jest has such a powerful way of saying the words you jest cant say or find how to say it.. beautiful song.. the guy is all like i didnt want to fall fro you but when i did i thought it would be easy to watch you walk away and then he found out it wasnt so easy...

  70. tereasaw

    @1thegoodlife HEY watch your mouth! Lets not get crazy! lol

  71. turdferguson82

    @JillianKrueger That's how I heard of them. Love XM

  72. relaxin4chase


  73. Sneakv

    @VnillaTwilight let him type how he wants, lets just all agree this songs awesome?

  74. Muzikrazy213

    @VnillaTwilight i see ur name alredy ur not worth ma tyme

  75. Eastlife21

    I used to listen to three days grace but now .. RAINS owns =)

  76. Muzikrazy213

    tha persiin dat uploaded tha song an...fuhkt uhp tha lyriikx. iihz not a natiive speaker uhv engliish so stop diisiin on dem! look at da descriiptiion. SPANiiSH!!! stop clowniin on da foo an appreciiate dat evn doe he prolly duhzn kno wat theyr sayiing, he stiil took tha tiiem to upload tha song.

  77. Marcus Strindlund

    0:54 i think he sings "...life for each other" it goes better together with "and make a better..."

  78. AwkwardAF

    Amused by the fucked lyrics.

  79. jpkirk83

    @masterlink030107 sounds nothing like flaw....... nowhere even close

  80. ned2one

    @lavisboy amount of fans makes no difference to how good someones band is... you can be the best band in the world and if no one knows about you well you won't have many fans, it just comes down to promotion, 3 days grace have been out longer thus resulting in more time to beat their name into peoples brains

  81. Ewelina Malke

    Beautiful song <3

  82. Joey B

    I don't think they sound that much like 3 days grace. I much prefer this guys voice. I don't really like 3 days grace. But they are okay i guess.

  83. Tory Goodman

    @1thegoodlife As much as I like this band, I have to disagree. Three Days Grace is much more famous, and they've been around a lot longer. Though I do love both bands a lot. Three Days Grace (though they are very different from this band, I don't know why people keep comparing the two) has way more fans as well, world-wide. Rains...well, check their Myspace page to get a good indication.

  84. Superfatboy

    so far i like every song these guys made, keep it up! :D

  85. Superfatboy

    @1thegoodlife i like both bands, but three days grace is kinda old now so... yea have to agree with you :D

  86. Siddharth Sharma

    rily awesum song!

  87. Stephen Wood

    don't get me wrong....Rains is most definitely badass. much respect to them and their craft.....but Three Days Grace smokes them all damn day. not hands down by any means, but Grace is beyond their level

  88. ArifySW

    why arent the views in the millions? these songs are awesome.

  89. SirWhiteword

    @JillianKrueger Liar is an amazing song i vote for it whenever i can

  90. Jeff Rains

    Just wanted to let you know LIAR is in the Octane Air Force this month. Lets help Rains get in the Top 15 Count Down!

  91. magnuspoiss2

    rock on three days grace !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. BUMBUMpattycake

    rains and three days grace are my favorite bands!!!

  93. metaldudebuff92

    yeah all his songs are amazing

    I just wish his album was in stores and not just itunes

  94. Heather Ts

    love Rains...just found out abt em this week but i'm addicted alrdy...Look In My Eyes is my fave

  95. metaldudebuff92

    lyrics anyone?

    anyone know where I can find them?