Rafferty, Gerry - Don't Speak Of My Heart Lyrics

Don't speak of my heart, it hurts too much -- hurts to touch
I'm writing the book each and every day
Take a look at my face, I still need -- I still bleed
I've been running on empty since you went away.

The spirit world looks down on us
Sad that we're apart
So please don't speak of my heart.

Whenever we talk she says hang on -- just hang on
Meanwhile I'm drowning in the pouring rain
And each time we meet there's a sad farewell -- sad farewell
She tells me someday I'm gonna love again.

The way that she walked out on me
Still tears me apart
So please don't speak of my heart.

Every day's an endless maze of dreams that fade and die
No one believed we were saying ‘Goodbye'
And every night I think of you I'm still left wondering why
I can't believe that we're saying goodbye.

And when I wake up in the morning
And wonder where I'm going to
It all came without a warning
What's a man supposed to do?

Don't let your heart break down
Don't let your heart break down.

Don't speak of my heart, it hurts too much -- it hurts to touch
I'm writing the book each and every day
Take a look at my face, I still need -- I still bleed
I've been running on empty since you went away.

The spirit world looks down on us,
Sad that we're apart
Don't wanna talk about it -- don't make me think about it
So please don't speak of my heart.

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Rafferty, Gerry Don't Speak Of My Heart Comments
  1. Leddy Intal

    I just melt.... RIP, Gerry Rafferty!  Your music will live on undoubtedly!  Love them all!

  2. William Wellington

    Wonderful. ....

  3. Alex Abel

    Stunning anyone that has lost someone will identify with this, all the beautiful songs that Gerry recorded and all you get on radio is Baker street , a shame.

  4. Darryl Blau

    I love this man's music

  5. Death Valley


  6. 09kittykatz09

    One of my three all time favorites!!!! Roy O from the United States, Gerry with his unmistakable voice, from the Isles! Elvis from the south! Sadly none of them are with us now!

  7. ludo281160

    What an amazing clip on this wonderful song...Never have forgotten his special voice and outstanding musical talent.

  8. Alex Abel

    I lost some one forty six
    Years ago and it still hurts this song sums it up for me.

  9. Som Absoluto

    Otimo .excelente.

  10. beyond horizon

    when I listen to this song I get to think that's it's 3 songs in one o don't know if some one gonna agree or I'm just over thinking

  11. awfelia

    Discovered this mighty song today..mon june 17th 2019..God spoke to this man's mind n heart for sure!! ☆♥☆

  12. Stephane Nestel

    This song is purely love
    And probably one of the most beautiful songs ever written...
    happy love people

  13. Rhena Vollnhofer

    Am taken away.......such a gorgeous sensation

  14. David Grief

    Another Gem, I hadn't heard before. Thanks.

  15. Frank Watson

    "The Flying Keo"
    This great song was a favourite of the late Sir Terry Wogan, who played it years ago and and listened to by me ever since.

  16. Joe Ann


  17. Alwan Tamalus

    Un chef d'œuvre.

  18. Tony Koziol

    Produced as any good Opera! Magnificent!

  19. Roger Black

    Got the CD On The Wing Of A Prayer .Gerry was a great talent

  20. J MS


  21. Ron Wylie

    This is new to me, it is amazing , as IF he needed to do anything else to impress me , just wonderful, We lost a lot but he left us with so much

  22. Steve Pauwels

    Seriously, how can one rank any single GR songs as his "best" or "most beautiful"? I suspect he has at least twenty (?) pieces which I'd consider among my fave songs of all time -- this treasure among them. Guy was a genius musically. Deeply missed.

  23. Clive Pritchard

    Simply Brilliant and what a Talent

  24. alberto rodriguez puerta

    simplemente bonita ke en gloria estes gerry raferty

  25. Gary Sullivan

    John Lennon Quality Artist

  26. Vyvyon Styles


  27. MrWalbudri

    Lost for words.. the ever wonderful Gerry

  28. Livio Capretti

    Non dimenticare mai le tue canzoni mi hanno accompagnato

  29. Edward Teach

    a rare Gentleman

    Edward Teach

    Thank you Edward,

  30. Try Gaelic

    Gerry you'll never be forgotten. Sheer brilliance, is it me or is this one of the best songs

    Ian Mirfin

    Your not wrong brilliant song

    Jim Wolstencroft

    Tes one of the best songs EVER

  31. Paul Byrne

    Such a beautiful, bittersweet song, Gerry wrote so many personal songs which can mean so much for many people, one of the great and still underrated musicians.

  32. Jan

    Superb and moving song about a love lost. Songs like this makes Gerry live on and on.

  33. steelheader7

    WOW ,  just beautiful...

  34. Paul Town

    RIP Gerry you were one of the best without doubt, taken too young, wish you could have beaten your demons, phenomenal.

  35. Johnny Chunders

    Sometimes when I get tired of heavy metal, jazz and punk I look to Jerry Rafferty for emotive, beautiful song writing. He never fails to enrapture my soul.

  36. Jerry Basham

    So beautiful...
    I am so happy to have found his music I had not heard before now.
    Miss him so...

  37. David Barker

    U r always in my heart to Ann Barker xxx

  38. David Barker

    Always in my heart D. Barker

  39. MrPeba77

    One of top ten in heaven, tanks for sharing.

  40. butterflygal D

    beautiful.amd sad song .what amazing talent

  41. Rick Johnson

    He had the PERFECT VOICE! He was gifted with a great talent also! A Multi-faceted Artist with whom nobody will ever compare to!

  42. Martin Smith

    If only they played this as much as Baker Street

  43. mairim Forniel


  44. son08ya

    the good die young cos there are not enough good people for them to exist among

  45. David Odell

    One of the loveliest, heart-rending songs ever.  Beautifully realized.



  47. Cliff Lewis

    I first heard this wonderful track on the Terry Wogan show a few years ago. It burst out of my car speakers and I instantly adored it. Gerry was a genius and can never be replaced. As for the great Terry Wogan and his brilliant Radio 2 show, the BBC chose to replace him with an idiot who thinks that inane rubbish is entertaining......

    Jim Wolstencroft

    Same thing happened to me. Wogan and his crew were singing along at the end. so was I. Wonderful happy days, especially Janet and John.

    William Wellington

    Cliff......it's got worse since the departure of the Ginger Whinger.

  48. Jeremy Whittaker

    Another class composition and performance from a true great in every respect. There is no confusing genius with anything else.How he is missed and yes Family Tree sung by the Rafferty family and Barbara Dickson should be recorded and released.

  49. Arthur J Dale

    I remember an interview Gerry once did with John Dunn on the radio 2 drive time show. Gerry said he used a special powered microphone to bring out his voice, something like that anyway...


    He double-tracked his voice with the aid of a computer so he didn't have to overdub a separate layer...several artists do this...The artists backing harmonies are sometimes sung by themselves on separate tracks...That's why so many bands struggle with the live shows...In Gerry's case...he was never satisfied with his live sound...so he rarely left his studio...The final product is these magnificent LP's...

  50. Pycargue

    RIP Gerry, Few knew that's you was a génius

  51. Alexander Angelov

    I first heard this song when I was 29, since then it is the most loved song by me ever!

  52. scootuga


  53. Dave Larson

    Incredible that this song isn't better known... Almost unbearably sad and beautiful.

  54. Jason Burns

    This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written...

    butterflygal D

    Jason Burns so very true

    Raymond Saliba

    So true...

    Jim Wolstencroft

    Yes it is

  55. Ivailo Stankov

    ТАКОВА БОГАТСТВО ОТ ЗВУЦИ, РОМАНТИКА И НЕЖНОСТ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! С ДВЕ ДУМИ - ТАЛАНТ - ГЕНИАЛЕН - ДЖЕРИ РАФЪРТИ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ЗАЩО ТЕ НЯМА???????????????? ЛИПСВАТ НИ ТВОИТЕ ПРЕКРАСНИ НОВИ ПЕСНИ, КОИТО ЗНАМ, ЧЕ ЩЕШЕ ДА СЪТВОРИШ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Bob Frakes

    Beautiful. The man was beautiful.

  57. Steven Kegg

    am I alone in thinking this beauty is his best work?

  58. les collins

    what a perfect song only a genies cauld write a song like this gerry you were that guy x

  59. les collins

    dont think putting gerry in hall of fame wont bother him as long as people heard his music wauld bother him more

  60. caitlin walsh

    Heard it for the first time today - where have I been.... what a beautiful song. Lots of this man's beautiful music to catch up on. Thank you

  61. Lochdochart

    I remember him from the Humblebum days. He was so genuine and poetic compared with that  jerk Billy Connolly, a modern version of Harry Lauder fawning up to English caricatures of Scotsmen.

  62. Service Ward's Marine

    This guy should be in the R'n'R Hall of Fame, not a lot of the no-talents they put in there.


    It amazes me, yearly that he hasn't been inducted. Someone is not paying attention! A pure travesty!

  63. Martin Smith

    There are a few songs that Terry Wogan used to play on his breakfast show that no one else ever played - this is one of them, this is a fantastic record and another reason why Wogan is so sorely missed on the Radio 2 breakfast show

    Martin Smith

    Clifford T Ward is my favourite singer songwriter, funny you should recall Terry playing his songs too.

    Val Murphy

    Yeah, I bought a Clifford T Ward cd having heard his songs on Terry's show


    He is probably mine too as my name suggests, and having so many of his songs on here is great stuff. Wogan was a big supporter as is Ken Bruce still.

    Chris Bingham

    I totally agree. Terry made the drive to work each day almost bearable...as others have said here, he also played Clifford T Ward, especially Home Thoughts from Abroad. Another wonderful song. Thank goodness Ken Bruce knows a good tune too & plays the odd lesser known classic now & again.

    Jim Wolstencroft

    Couldnt agree more

  64. brummiejojo

    What a legend

  65. Abe Hainja

    To produce something as beautifull as this, you must be touched by the gods.. Gratefull to have discovered this perfect song

  66. TheScunneredMan

    This man wrote some great stuff.  So now  we have his musical memories.

  67. Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

    Gerry, you will get over her. Believe me. The next bus load of girls is upon us. BTW, how are the girls in Heaven?

  68. les collins

    the words and music to this song are so so true to write a song like this takes a genius and gerry you were a genius x

  69. Northenstar13

    This is Perfection.

  70. Alan Rafferty

    Which fanny didn't like this?

    Rick Brooks

    Some twat with their head up their rear loader, I should think.
    G.R. was an amazing talent, and his like we'll probably not see again sadly. What an incredible loss.

    Philip Croft

    @Alan Rafferty his wife?

    Alan Rafferty

    Well done. I was wondering how long it would take someone to figure it out.

    Bob Frakes

    +Alan Rafferty I knew it was about Carla for sure. I really enjoyed you and the fam singing Family Tree together. One of my favorites.

  71. Dale Birch

    why oh why do the good die young

  72. Dale Birch


  73. les collins

    when you have been with someone for a long time and you part your heart do break down thanks to this song mine did not die gerry thank you love and miss you x x x

  74. les collins

    madeleine keep  playing his music i have for the last 40 odd years and will never of get tired of playing it have seen a lot of groups in my time some very big now but always come back to this genius the man was so so good

  75. les collins

    love love love love love this song gerry you were a genius miss you a lot rip x 

  76. madeleine masterson

    this is always going to be a sound I want to hear - all my life I want to hear this.  sad loss Gerry.

  77. les collins

    when i split up from my wife after 25 years use to play this song over and over love it 

    Philip Croft

    @les collins poor sod

  78. les collins

    i am 66 all the music i have played i allways come back to gerry rafferty he is my hero love his voice and music will never never stop playing it the music today comes nowhere near gerrys miss you rip x 

    mike yancik

    @les collins damn Les...exactly how i feel...im 56 and grew up with stuck in the middle...and all from then on...and will always be a couple GR songs on this guy's playlist!!

    mike yancik

    @mike yancik and maybe 1 or 2 at my funeral!!!

    les collins

    +mike yancik keep playing his music pal i will never stop if you have not played a song of his for a couple of weeks and you play one of his you feel so better for it

  79. joseph smith

    What a gifted man (lyrics)

  80. herebysayi

    Glad I got old listening to gerry's music!....
    Wrenches the heart out of anyone that lived in his time!

    Dale Birch

    i agree glad there some of us left


    @Dale Birch Amen mate!

  81. Teddyb1939

    I can't believe we said goodbye!!!

  82. Jason Carpp

    I've never heard this before. One of the more under-appreciated gems by the late Gerry Rafferty.

  83. Rod Sanford

    So sad,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wonderful musician/songwriter/singer... everything .    I still miss him him so much

  84. jane reddel

    So Sorry. Mi dispiace tanto!

  85. dunx1964

    A song right from a painful heart, what a wonderful talent to put so much meaning in one song.

  86. mike kelolboy

    this song just makes me want her i know how he feels

  87. Tammy Sweetkiss

    Just remember man created god ,,not the other way round

  88. TheBettyboo62

    Gerry Raffery was just quite simply a musical genius! I miss his wonderful talent so much, it hurts too much! God love you Gerry Rafferty, an amazing tho complex genius xxxxx

  89. Jan Fleming

    Beautiful, Paul x

  90. pete davis

    one of the most wonderful songs of all time .. all thanks to Terry Wogan for playing this song over the years well up until his then producer Paul Walters died

  91. lynette polewka

    Paul Walker-Smith, you said what I feel. Thank you to Gerry for all that he said in so many ways.

  92. Abe Hainja

    so touchy, so in tune and so true to the heart. Gerry I love you.

  93. ClubViking63

    Hey stop this about jesus, it is all about us in the end!
    We have this in common that we love Gerry Rafferty.

  94. Philip Croft

    Thanks for sharing that.

  95. Philip Croft

    No i don't know, but they did have a hell of a bust up, very accrimonious.

  96. Philip Croft

    I can't hold my laughter much longer

  97. Philip Croft

    I'm part amused and part intrigued by what you say. I also agree with your generalisation of men's values, even though I'm a man( ignore YT's choice of handle for me). Gerry was a musical genious, but also had a large self destruct button built in. I too discovered this wonderful song on his ' On a Wing and a Prayer 'CD. The whole tone of the CD is of a man on the brink of a breakdown, and it must be said, with a large dose of self pity. BUT-none the less, brilliantly done. His best I'd say.

  98. ClubViking63

    Why is a scottisch bf ok for you? Where is r soul? I like the whisky of r country.
    Your mountains I wanna climb.

  99. Al Campbell

    thanksfor sharing... love this track... soooo much