Raekwon - Chinese Marines Lyrics

Chinese marines
Jet black Beemers
That Aston blue screen
I was part of the Teamsters
Money hungry, yo meet the blingers
Avenue gun holders
Blow a nigga open, no demons
All my nigga slinging
Yeah, perpetual lifestyle, knife style
Welcome to the cleaners
Heavyweights, you gotta come see us
You right, one knee us
Welcome to the forest of the leaders
All I do is take money, come beat us
Invisible lead start flying
Lick the head, drop the ninas
Left feind lucky like a genius
Play both sides like Serena
Found dead in the steamers
Real niggas won't talk, real as a roach
When the lights out, killa be Ghost
In the new shit, light blue Pilwig
Come through, you know we ain't do it
Rocket launcher out the window, you shoot

Got killers in the Benzes
Canine senses
Everything covered from the exit to the entrance
Dedicated goons understand it's high stakes
Life out a nigga 'til his eyes dilate
It's a cold world
Surely weather with the V bombs and leathers
With the fur on the collar
We 'bout major dollars
See the hoes, they holla
When they eat us and swallow
Cause we them dime dadas
Get them top shoppers
Eyes on us, death to those that lied on us
And love for ever for all my soldiers that cried for us
I put my mind on it, relax, get high on it
Y'all niggas ain't built, I was designed for it
Lame niggas fall back in our presence
Bow down to the king, when you see me, nah mean
I ain't playing with you
Yeah, you gonna take one for the team
Fucking dog crying, ever seen a grown man scream

You tacky like head rest TVs
Your value drop, you not worth these
Bacon strips we gets, you stay broke
We stay leaning in new red Rolls
Smoke stack lightening, coming out the crack black window
That's us getting high, letting things go
We getting it, the money don't stop
Beef don't cease, the drama gonna pop
Soon as we step in the spot, shots on me
Line 'em up, kill every single bottle they got
The drama gonna pop like the pipe bomb
Hyper, the son don't chill, Allah
You get burned, try and dap me
These hands are made for clapping
A round of applause for that dumb ass rap beat, that
Fuck that, take a bath
Stay ass damp
Lift your head back up
And blow brains out

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