Rae Sremmurd - Lit Like Bic Lyrics

Drinking on something
Why you gotta be drinking on something
If you chillin with me what the hell you doing sober
Oh girl you gotta be drinking on something or smoking on something,
Shorty gonna pop on something I ain’t trippin’ man
And I don’t give a fuck if she’s your girl that means
She’s drinking on something have you smoking on something

Lit, lit, lit
Lit like Bic
Sremm life shit
Been in by 6, 2 by 2, 4 by 4
Sremm life shit, don't answer that door
Neighbors keep knockin', hey
Bitches keep watchin',
Hoes keep jockin', uh huh
But the money keep flocking
They wishin' we was floppin’
I can see it on their faces, see it on they faces
I can point at different bitches,
And I bet they all from different places
Look at all this money,
Lit, lit, lit
Sremm life shit, Sremm life
Pop a chair and sit
Papa bear shit
I'm so grown, brand new car, I'm so on
Yea nigga what, all my niggas rich
All my bitches rich too, so you need a key to come visit
New life shit, test this cup
Test this cup, do it for us
Four-eyed damn, I'm twisted
Bad, I can feel it
Aquafina water, go ahead and pill it
Go ahead and pill it, do it if you dare
I just wanna lay it down and run my fingers right through her hair
Remove her underwear, lit, lit, lit
Lit sex yes, she show chest
Breathe in deep, geeked all week
Sunday night, Sunday fight
Argue, don't wanna argue
How could you, think that I would ever leave you
I see right through you, get money with the same crew
I fuck the same hoes like you
Switch them out once a week, I'm cool, oh
That's mint, I'm cool
Damn, midnight crew
Paint the Maserati midnight blue
Money pool, I'm 'bout to swim right through
Who are you?

Who say they got that stanky loud, I wanna smell it
You say you run your funky town, I'll let you tell it
Who really run the underground, I wanna lead ya
I really tryna bite the style, you know we see ya
Before I let my whole hood down, I’ll bring my team up
You say you run your funky town, we need to link up
I came from that dirty town, look how I clean up
I came from that dirty town, look how I clean up

Lit, lit like jeepers creepers,
Wild boy in a wife beater
Hoppin' out of that two-seater,
Toot, toot that's a new beamer
Bad bitches come see Jimmy,
Just might leave a tip with you
Lit, lit might spend a ticket,
See if these red bottoms fit you
I'm doin' numbers,
Sremm goin' bonkers
Better run for cover
I might run for governor
I need bottles, here on the double
I need bitches, here on the double
I need condoms, here on the double
Rae Sremmurd, that's double trouble

Lit, lit, lit
Lit like Bic
Sremm life shit
Been in by 6, 2 by 2, 4 by 4
Sremm life shit, don't answer that door

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Rae Sremmurd Lit Like Bic Comments
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    Classic 🔥🔥🔥 diff vibe

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    Slim Jimmy’s part was way ahead of its time

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    I was in 8th grade listening to this now I’m a senior in high school crazy

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    Kinney Kkinjj


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    My favorite Rae Sremmurd track, beside No flex zone.

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    In a couple hours we’re gonna say this is a decade ago

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    Srm4 coming soon 2020 let's go

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    28-12-2019 and Im still listening this song!!!

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    2k15 yktv🤟🏽🔥🔥

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    2019 peeps were u at
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    2019 and i still cant find my bic....

  29. Grant Erasmus

    Favorite trap song till today

  30. Ysn Carri

    Crazy asl I remember when they first came out I thought they were only going to be relevant for like a year they been dropping bangers since 2014 use to be my fav rappers brings back memories 🔥💯

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    He look like swae lee

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    This might still be they best song which is crazy

  42. Poppyjr09plays

    I am only ten right now but this was my fav song when I younger

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  44. Fernando zapata

    RAE Sremmurd forever 2020

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    I just realized the guy @2:31 is La Flame

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    Who else is fucking their ex's mom for revenge ? Like


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    Esp the part slim jxmmi says "Who say who run they f*ckin town we need to link up.....i came from the dirty town look how I clean up" I used to lose my shyt

    Joshua Adams

    Me love them

    Joshua Adams

    Me love them

    Jason Todd

    Brooooooo, I still lose my shit lol. Whole song is hype

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    Good old days...

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