Radio Company - Sounds Of Someday Lyrics

All gone is here today
Finding room to breathe
Go on beyond your way
And see

And though the sounds of someday
May be home
And though the sounds of someday
May be home

Even the fires on the road
Trying to get away
And all the stars seem on a roll
Out of control today

Though the sounds of someday
May be home
And though the sounds of someday
May be home, yeah

Though the sounds of someday
May be home
Though the sounds of someday
May be home, yeah

And though the sounds of someday
May be home

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Radio Company Sounds Of Someday Comments
  1. natsana nata

    Как же он хорошо поёт. Я буду скучать по нему.

  2. Gary Leach

    How is Jensen Ackles so perfect

  3. Nico Bally

    What does the lyrics mean?
    I'm french, and I can translate the words, but it's too poetic to make sense by just translating it word by word haha.

  4. Miroslava Lindišová

    I love this song

  5. Tobias Buchholz

    He's very amazing!

  6. bredy Monstro

    Me segue ai galera

  7. thecw_ir

    awesome song , awesome voice ❤❤

  8. bad not

    Хто из 2020 ?

  9. Molly Fountain

    The first “may” kills me every time. Oh my gosh he sounds so good 🥺

  10. Phasma Strange

    Wow. This has to be my favorite so far. Damn

  11. Natasha Belik

    You the best👍👍👍

  12. Moamen Raheel

    Damn Jensen! you're amazing

  13. Eide M.

    Jensen is fuck perfect!

  14. Rumeysa Yıldız T


  15. Daisy Morningstar

    #whoscovetingnow #whooopsiedaisy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪 #forgiveness #theway #thetruth #thelife #gotwordsthelightdo 🤷‍♀️

  16. Alessandro Alessandro Pereira de araujo

    Love. You

  17. Belle Griffiths

    I swear he's one of those people who's so good at everything that it's just annoying

  18. Miss Horizon

    This song hits differently 🖤🖤

  19. HappyTopchik

    Песня огонь! Долго искал не смог найти, и вдруг это видео. Спасибо автору канала.♥️

  20. Carine Costa

    Amo muito❤

  21. Potternatural

    2020 alguém?

  22. Vicky Watkins

    I didn't know he sang! It's so pretty!!!

  23. Žaneta Žáková


  24. Linda Scratchley

    Hope to see Jensen on "The Masked Singer."

  25. Esther Ferreira

    Cadê os BR? 😭🇧🇷

  26. Isolina Delgado

    @jensenAckles: amazing


    JENSEN you sing well

  28. mefetmefe7


  29. Daniela Fühner

    I love this song so much. He's a great singer. When he's singing, it always brings me goosebumps.

  30. Ellany Fernandez

    Jensen doesn't have to show off like this. First he's freaking gorgeous, then an amazing actor and now he can sing?? This man has it all.

  31. Cerise Eleusis

    Yeah... Because being handsome and sexy like hell isn't enough. Jensen also has to be a great singer.
    "Perfection doesn't exist.
    Jensen: hold my beer."

  32. Rosemary Jesus

    Que sorriso gente...S2

  33. Emily Armstrong

    Gorgeous melody. Everything leading up to the last beautiful notes is so amazing. ❤️

  34. Maya


  35. jorge G

    so... is jensen actually singing this? like wtf


    Yeah, he has a band called "Radio Company". Their album just came out recently

  36. mohamed mohsen

    Finding room to breathe😍😍😍

  37. Mickael Lucher

    J'adore 😃

  38. Надежда Хмара


  39. Klaudia Leszczyna

    27 october... Thats day of my birth :D Thanks u!

  40. Mermaid

    It is so beautiful 😍 I really love his voice so much..

  41. Brooklyn Fields

    I cried a little

  42. Rumors Amv

    Karalho que homão da porra kssksksksk

  43. Настя Сушина

    Классная песня ,мне она очень нравиться,у Дженсена красивый голос ,мне нравиться как он поет.🎵🎤🎻🎧🎸📼💟💞💕💔💛💚💘💗💖😘😍

  44. Flavia Danielle

    Jensen Ackles beautiful Voice ♥️ 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  45. Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restoration

    Yup it’s going on repeat 🤘

  46. Norman Marshall

    Gonna tell my kids that was Dean Winchester

  47. Nick Woyurka

    This will play at my funeral

  48. Aniko Hando

    Found this cause of S15E04. Knew it immediately it's him! Super

  49. Moritz Stäbler

    love it

  50. janet bennett

    38 IDJITS gave this video a thumbs down...

  51. Caroline Prevost

    Thank you so much for sharing this song. I won't forget this melody. It has been a while since a song moved me so much.

  52. Alexandria Nicole Moses

    At The End Where He Held That High Note When He Said "Home", My Heart Stopped. Anyone Else Take A Notice To That? WE LOVE YOU

  53. Isabela Matt

    Homem sem defeitos

  54. Sandra Lucia De Oliveira

    Simply AMAZING!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  55. Vikings Studio Productions

    I just can't stop listening to this, it touches your heart so so much

  56. Rose Rogai


  57. Alisha Caudill

    Love this so g

  58. Penny Privitera

    His iş a great song keep it up jensen

  59. Osvaldo Aceves

    I hope someday I can hear them perform this album live!!!

  60. Isolina Delgado

    @jensenAckles: beautiful

  61. Daniela Conte

    Troppo troppo bella, innamorata di questa canzone.

  62. Athena Poe

    I was surprised to find that Jensen Ackles sings this. Such a smooth, melodic voice.

  63. Настя Сушина

    This is such a great song.👍🤞🤘✌️👌👄💤💟💟💔💯💤💋💘💝♥️❣️💌💕💞💓🤔😧😢😓😓😍🙂😂😅😆😁😄😃😀😗😙😘😋😉😣😒😛😌😝😜🙁🙄😟🤔

  64. Fabiola Gustavo

    🇧🇷very good the supernatural series

  65. paula hamacher

    Luv ya Jensen I luv when u sings and you can hear your Texas accent come thru on most of your songs bless you & JP 4 15 years of hard dedicated work that not only has me me a loyal hardcore fan of SPN watching the show live and buying the seasons box set as soon as they come out crying till the end of this 15 yr journey with all who hath made this possible please don't game of throne us finish strong the Winchester's Way blessings to all who have made this journey possible for me and the world Have a wonderful life because you are Dean Winchester as is Sammy Winchester I can see your true selves have truly shown thru like a light in the dark bless y'all With all my Love ShaunnaLynn Hamacher 🙈🙊🙉✌💖😹

  66. Jenna S

    All 33 dislikes are demons :/

  67. Cherry Frag

    What a beautiful song. I love this and Jensen.

  68. Ecem Yıldız

    this man is amazing bro

  69. Umut Ynpnr

    Sen de bitiyorsun be çocukluğumun dizisi

  70. Виктория Воробьёва

    Он великолепен!!))

  71. Beastly-bee Hernandez

    Jensen!!!!! Damn my Man U got it all the sexy ass looks a great fukn actor and musician!!!! Your wife is a lucky lady !!!!!!

  72. Passion Pictures

    Is it just me or does this not sound like Jensen? I know it is, but his singing voice is so different. Soulful song. Reminds me of Nickelback.

  73. JOHNNIE Boyyyz

    This is great

  74. Honeychild sharpe

    This is absolutely unbelievable. Huge fan of supernatural since a long time but wasn't even aware that this was Jensen signing.this is perfect

  75. Debbie Guccione

    His voice his acting his looks he is perfection ❤️ Wonderful husband father and friend. Perfection ❤️

  76. cafecourage

    Wow ist don't know that you can sing so wonderful. You have a beautiful voice

  77. Momma Nana

    Love that song! The man can sing! Wow Love it!

  78. Lisa Cardenas

  79. Kim Wheeler

    You have such an amazing voice Mr. Ackles!!!❤❤❤

  80. Alejandra Diaz


  81. qThaidie Paola C.Rodríguez


  82. Sahar

    WoOw beautiful voice I am impressed by your voice....👍👏👏👏👏👏💝❤️

  83. Ellie Maloney

    Please please put it on Smule karaoke app ASAP!

  84. fml lyn

    This actually brought tears to my eyes. Everything this man does is beautiful 😭💞

  85. Mariah Kindle

    So good! I am impressed

  86. - Algerino -

    This man is blessed by God

  87. Celtic Wolverine

    Jensen can do it all

  88. Ильюн

    Do you know the accords of this song? I want to play it.

  89. ian micholas

    i had no idea jensen sang this. now that i know he does it makes everything so much better?

  90. kardelen uzel

    This guy should sing more.

  91. bia3ribeiro Ribeiro

    I loved this video so much, I'm starting to learn English and listening to this song gives me a very good feelingI loved this video so much, I'm starting to learn English and listening to this song gives me a very good feeling


    Canta muito

  93. Desiree Thornton

    This is amazing♥️👍!

  94. BuckyBarnes WinterSoldier

    Would anyone care to give me an indepth analysis for this song? I want to know if it really suits my book.

    This would be greatly appreciated! :D

    P.S, if this shows up twice please tell me. I can't see my first comment so just to be safe :P

  95. Kathy Synesael

    I ordered and received quickly. I love all the songs . I can't resist listening when I come across these songs on u-tube.

  96. euphoriablue

    Oh 100 thousand views. Thank you❤❤❤❤

    TornadoAli 75

    200k now :) you deserve them

    Heather M

    Tugs at the heart. Amazing. Thank you.

    Joe Cornelius

    You are good brother

    Zilda Kalk

    [email protected]

    Veronika Rashimy

    ❤😍I am in love with your voice 😍❤