Raconteurs, The - Level Lyrics

My baby's on the level
And I try to read her mind
She's on the straight and narrow
I'm guessin' all the time

And I can see the road
If I'm lookin' at the signs
I'm carryin' the load
And steppin' outta line

My baby's on the level (my baby's on the level)
I try to read her mind (I try to read her mind)
She's on the straight and narrow (she's on the straight and narrow)
I'm guessin' all the time (and I'm guessin' all the time)

Well, how can I see the road (how can I see the road)
If I'm lookin' at the signs (if I'm lookin' at the signs)
I'm carryin' the load (I'm carryin' a load)
And steppin' outta line (and steppin outta line)

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Raconteurs, The Level Comments
  1. ROY GUN

    Bands aren't underrated ..

    ... ears are.

  2. eternalsunshine

    Somebody take me back to 7/18/2019... That's the day I saw these lads live in Seattle, was an awesome night.

  3. Zeta Song

    this is one of the finest rock and roll songs ever recorded

  4. rickmonzo

    My favorite tools the level I use it all the time

  5. FumUnda Cheese

    I wish i could download this somewhere its fucking amazing

  6. TsengRaiden

    Is it wrong I just came a bit?

  7. Atio Stefony

    Some of Jacks phrasing reminds me of old Yardbirds songs when Jeff beck was on the band .

  8. Woolly Boolly

    1:54 is one of the bjillion reasons this band rocks.

  9. James Dowling

    Bad a$$ band

  10. cristhian m. Almendras

    Muy pero muy bueno

  11. Gute Schreibe

    korrekter Sound

  12. Rob

    IT really does kick the shit out of the album version.

  13. Jay Weeks


  14. Chino Parlante

    Barney Stinson is a good guitar player too

  15. MusiCinemAddict

    I wish there was a DVD! I would buy like 10 copies to protect this treasure! Come on raconteurs give us the full show from the basement!

  16. Dave Shelles

    3:09 Uncontrollable bouncing up and down and off cubicle walls and slamming into passing coworkers. See you in HR!

  17. James Lane

    Isn't dying your hair black as a rebellious gesture kind of racist :/

  18. C'mon in Bro

    this makes me very happy. What a band

  19. LittleBoots980

    Are the audience members' paid to look like they aren't having fun? How the hell could you sit still through that...even after 20 takes?

  20. Scott Russell

    Definitely a band at the top of the short list of absolute best live acts I've ever seen. If you've never seen them live, do yourself a huge favor and see them if you ever get a chance. I can promise you'll be BLOWN AWAY!

  21. KevinPFH

    Who else saw them live at mempho fest 2019?!?!!?!

  22. UrBrainOnSports

    This is no shade it the original but I actually like this better, this is in fact the greatest live performance I have ever phuken seen.

  23. Francois Burger

    Still my favourite band of all time

  24. SnidersWeb

    One of them using a DigiTech effects peddle? Are these guys on a budget or something? What the heck ...lol

    Mike Eversfield

    There so good is irony.

  25. missmaroon44


  26. Dean McGee

    Stay Cool 😎, Keep Bond ☝️🔥

  27. frostedhebrew33

    To the 777 people who gave this a thumb down: put an egg in your shoes and go fuck yourselves xD

  28. Sergio Su González

    I need this version on my Spotify playlist. PLEASE!

  29. Lacey Anderson

    Still coming back to this version...hAsHtAg GREATNESS

  30. Paul

    I hope the audience was told to act like they were at church.

  31. Jacob is a Pleb

    A little messier than the studio version

    The tempo shifts

    But it's certainly more raw and powerful sounding than the studio version

    I rate them very high equally

  32. Richie Partout

    La batterie est ouf.

  33. Kirsten N

    still listening 2019! Anyone?!?!?!

  34. lovin every minute of it

    Exactly like I say...you never know what to expect from this true artist......the LEVELS he goes to , to make each song to be extremely the best of the best....and this he does well....

  35. Suhplikeyt

    This is true level, say the SKORe....

  36. Charles williams

    Detroit here

  37. Othman Benhamamouch


  38. William J. Lees

    2019 still dope as f...

  39. James Dowling

    This band is too awesome what happened to them

  40. Remedy Plus

    After years later, I understand the lyrics to this song. LOL....damn.

  41. James Stamps

    I can't tell if the crowd is terrible and just sitting there like bumps on a log or they are stunned by how amazing this is...

  42. indo with bad english

    Jack white and julian casablancas is a great busy musician

  43. Mich Den


  44. PopsJackets

    Fuck Yeah!!!

  45. Leon Rector

    I don’t always listen to music Jack White was involved in...but when I do, my neighbors do too.

  46. James Dowling

    This is a supergroup(and yes I’m from SE DC i don’t discriminate good music is good music)

  47. Simona Holmes

    Jack white ❤

  48. Eric Garcia

    Who’s still watching this in 2019?? ✋🏾

    yuval wind hasson

    old and smart people and we dont watch we listen. you can try if you want..............

    Critstix Darkspear

    People that don’t give a fuck what year it is you desperate irrelevant piece of shit.

    Cliff Yankovich

    Me con mucho gusto.

    Charles Pomerleau

    You should buy Hi-Fi monitor to listen all those amazing Chords ! Yeaaaaa I am listening this song in loop just to recal this band....Awesome rock musician

  49. Theresa Beierle

    This is a fucking jam band for sure!

  50. INF1NI73

    I wanna rock!

  51. Adam Domingz

    Pure magic

  52. Josh Ward

    Good song,but that part in intro is annoying AF,not sure what they thought was cool about that

  53. Katherine Skopik

    I was having a shitty day.....until now.

  54. oldschool65

    Great jam!!!!❤ Love the riff!!!!❤

  55. southern hot mess

    This is why I love jack White.... His unique style of lyrics and music is a extremely different but freaking awesome breath of fresh air that is so special to me I just love the way to bring his own personal style to life... In ways that are the most amazing things in my life

  56. はなげコノ太郎


  57. dimitri jlantiashvili

    My baby's on the level
    I try to read her mind
    She's on the straight and narrow
    I'm guessing all the time
    But I can't see the road
    If I'm looking at the signs
    I'm carrying a load
    And stepping out of line
    My baby's on the level
    I try to read her mind
    She's on the straight and narrow
    I'm guessing all the time
    Oh well, how can I see the road
    If I'm looking at the signs?
    I'm carrying a load
    And stepping out of line

  58. hüseyin sönmez

    Bay ha bay ha bay haaa...

  59. The Satanic Falcon

    And..they are back!

  60. Jonathan Sheeran Motorsports

    How the F does this song only have 6.4 million views! Shit... I watched this video that least that many at least 👍🏻

  61. Nisha Victoria

    Bom bom bom bom bom
    Bom bom bom bom bom

  62. vedderisbetter29

    guitars singing together. this is one of the most underrated and overlooked songs of all time.

  63. Magda U

    My baby's on the level
    I try to read her mind
    She's on the straight and narrow
    I'm guessing all the time
    But I can't see the road
    If I'm looking at the signs
    I'm carrying a load
    And stepping out of line
    My baby's on the level
    I try to read her mind
    She's on the straight and narrow
    I'm guessing all the time
    Oh well, how can I see the road
    If I'm looking at the signs?
    I'm carrying a load
    And stepping out of line

  64. Lisa Austin

    Jack White is a stone cold fox 😋

  65. Son Goku


  66. hüseyin sönmez

    Bilabila bila bila bilaaaaa 🤩🤪🤩🤪🤩🤪🤩🤪

  67. Rachelle Medina

    Love love this song. Recently found out about this babe along with White Stripes. I love all kinds of music, but how I missed this is beyond me. Love it

  68. southern hot mess

    How much I love jack .... such a kick ass entertainer....who ever he is playing with....

  69. charles pease


  70. K. K

    my band does this song and we elaborate ut it is still an awesome song. jack is awesome!!

  71. Anne Diffily

    Beyond excited: Finally going to see them (for the third time) in September '19 at HOB Boston! One of the best live bands ever.

  72. Jynx Coke


  73. Steve Boucher

    Just jammin

  74. Damn Skippy

    Awesome sound!

  75. Anthony Sclafani

    Sounds like the Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka

  76. Zeta Song

    maximum volume applies

  77. Mark8395217

    I didn’t know Sheldons girlfriend Amy played base.

  78. Jim Fix

    It’s a stone groove man.

  79. Adán Velázquez


  80. Gerard

    i would agree with the mother bit

    he plays it like my mum usedto

    i love my mum
    but i love Jack
    i love my mum
    i love Jack
    mum Jack
    better love Jack
    more music.

  81. Wreckof theHesperas

    Woodstock 50, Aug 16th.

  82. Justin Hall

    Chicken salad chick smells like ass.

  83. Glen Munro

    tturn it up.

  84. Ahmed Mostafa

    This type of Rock will bring it back to the mainstream and it will become the biggest genre again

  85. Mateja Rezonja

    Your music is awesome .. mateja

  86. Warren Doudle

    People in the back ground don’t look happy.

  87. Commonwealth Bear

    Woah, how did I miss this for 12 years

  88. David Waldhart

    Jack White has one of the most unique and recognizable guitar style/ tone

  89. Pancho Howie

    Raw. Simple. Every pure art form of love that transcends pure Rock N Roll. This band is way ahead of its time!!!

  90. Charles Baca Jr.

    After the solo at 2:45 jack white had to calm himself down a bit. Too sick. Haha

  91. Justin Hall

    Level babies

  92. roninreturns

    Good evening everyone, my name is Jack, and I wrote this masterpiece about 30 minutes before I went onstage, or at least I'll make it sound like I did by the time I'm done playing it...studied casualness in action.

  93. Justin Hall

    Load of level.

  94. Warren Doudle

    Great song boys

  95. Veronica Trinidad

    Para cuando un subtitulo de esta cancion .. 😍

  96. DJ Harrison

    DJ420 Des Moines IOWA … NICE !

  97. David Truong

    This Jack White fellow has talent....I think he'll go far if he sticks with playing music and can find a way to get more confidence.