R5 - Heart Made Up On You Lyrics

Got my heart made up on you

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh.

You said what you said
When words are knives it's hard not to forget
But something in my head wouldn't reset
Can't give up on us yet
No whoa (No whoa)

Your love was so real
It pulled me in just like a magnetic field
I'd let you go but something's taking the wheel
Yeah, it's taking the wheel
Oh oh

My mind says no you're no good for me
You're no good
But my heart's made up on you
My body can't take what you give to me
What you give
Got my heart made up on you

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

Got my heart made up on you

I should be making a break
Up all night thinking I'm planning my escape
But this insomnia ain't goin' away
And now I'm back at your place
Oh no

My mind says no you're no good for me
You're no good
But my heart's made up on you
My body can't take what you give to me
What you give
Got my heart made up on you

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

Got my heart made up on you

Look what you did
What you did
What you're doing to me
You got me searching for the words like a silent movie
I can't breathe
I can't see
It's so out of control
But baby honestly my hands are up I'm letting go
(Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go)

Got my heart made up on you

My mind says no you're no good for me
You're no good
But my heart's made up on you
My body can't take what you give to me
What you give
Got my heart made up on you

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

(My mind, says no)

Got my heart made up on you

Up on you
Up on you

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh.

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  1. Angel Blue


  2. zyden 897

    2020 like this

  3. Jessica Morales

    2020 ? 🙌🏻

  4. Eric-Joseph Messina

    I love this song it reminds me of Orlando, Florida.

  5. The lizard king 28

    2020? 😂😎

  6. Rust Man

    Why did you change man :(

  7. Chae Young

    2020? Nadie? Ok..

  8. Lady Marcel

    2020 v:

  9. A J

    Last time I remember I was 12... that was 5 years ago... waIT WHAT?!

  10. daniel ballesteros huaman

    okay, bb if yuo see this, a love you so much

  11. Jasmin Zamorano


  12. Mark Ramirez

    If only I could find me a girl like this smh


    Mark Ramirez why would you want someone who isn’t good for you?

    Mark Ramirez

    @alina I'm stupid

  13. duda didier

    still here (2020?)

  14. Halle Mendez


  15. park seunie

    2O2O¿ :'3 #StanR5

  16. Noe Sánchez

    2020 :3 ?

  17. Forza !

    R5 this is For you


  18. Forza !

    It’s 2019 and This Song is Still Good

  19. Forza !

    Hearts made up on you!!!

  20. Enrique Ochoa


  21. Consuelo Ceballos

    Consu xoxo sixoxo 🇦🇷👏🎤👍🌴🌳🌴🌳🌴☀🎉🎁🎄😚😘📷🌇🌇🌇🌇👦🌞🌞👦👦👦mamá papa

  22. Lorenzo Ramirez

    I'm still waiting for R5 to make a comeback like the Jonas Brothers

  23. David / Delgado

    Old days 💔 2019 - 2020

  24. ThatGingerGuy

    Like when it’s 2020 and this song is still amazing!

  25. K.V dreams

    This song is soooo underrated. ...y!!!!!!

  26. Da kook


    Tu comentario en español :v

    Forza !

    Esta música solía ser mi favorita música del año del 2014!
    Y hoy en día otras músicas tienen este puesto...
    No intento decir que esta música es mala,lo que estoy diciendo es que muchas música en la actualidad expresan lo que yo siento en la actualidad.

    Forza !

    Por ejemplo la última Canción de esta Banda.
    Me and mi broken heart, también es una de esas!


    2020 anyone no? Ok (if u get it i love you)

  28. Skyppe 21

    marico, estamos a 29/11/2019 y todavia lo considero un temazo

  29. Xiomara Trinidad

    ¿Quién sigue aquí?

    Forza !

    “Sigo aquí!!”

  30. Blanca57 yepitsme

    This is still LIT

  31. Aracelly esmeralda


  32. Madison Cosgrove

    i loved when this song would play randomly on disney channel it always made me cry i love it so much

  33. Ania6

    2019 and I love it

  34. Sarahyyeee

    Still here

  35. Caleb Hanna

    Spooktober 2019?🧟‍♂️

  36. kavita chadha

    Omgggg I can listen to this song anyytimmmeeeeee❤❤❤❤

  37. Billy Woo

    Good lyric video R5. Alyssa from Toronto.

  38. Isabella Danetti

    Who’s here after Riker got married

    Sleepingwith_my_pierced_disco _

    rIkEr iS maRRiEd?!?!?

    Sleepingwith_my_pierced_disco _

    Sorry I feel like I should know this, but I had basically forgot about these guys for quite a while then about an hour ago I was listening to another song and thought of them so I was like hmmm...imma go listen to them lol

  39. luca zubelza

    Que buenaaaaaaa cancioonnnnn aaaaaaaaaah

  40. Selina-Malizia L.

    Holy shit I sure miss 2014 and R5. I remember seeing them live almost exactly 4 years ago. Even met and talked to them for a minute. They were so kind, it was amazing.

  41. Viktória Tok


  42. Hannah Vertiz

    Me gustaría que se volvieran a juntar para hacer musica

  43. Dasha Nicole

    Still listening to this in 2019 and I will be forever. I love this song ❤️

  44. Anthony Hockey

    r5 anthony

  45. julie !

    2019 and I'm still here.

  46. nancy kay

    Que hermosa edición, te quedó muy linda, y la canción es de mis favoritas 😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  47. monkey King

    Gotta admit this song was ill in my high school time ❤❤❤❤

  48. cookieur cookieur

    2019? : )

  49. Justsumkid

    I hate the fact that most of the time this band gets shitted on at school just cause Ross is from Disney

  50. Malen Goye

    Es imposible no escucharlo ... apesar del tiempo. 2019

  51. Zora 12345

    2019 where u attt

  52. idriippy


  53. Electra DDRR

    2019 from Violetta😂😂😂😂

  54. Simple Channel

    This song came out in 2014 ?!?!?!
    Man I feel old

  55. Sara Santiago

    Que nostalgia 🥺♥️
    #2014 🤣🤣

  56. Aguus Martinez

    aaaaa mierda, me pongo a llorar fácil ;(

  57. Royal

    Use to listen to this on Disney Channel when I was young

  58. Royal

    5th year anniversary 2014-2019

  59. Mila Kostadinova

    1 like = 1 day workout
    (Please i need motivation)❤️🙏

  60. Let'sTacoBoutIt

    5 years ago...

  61. Takejk_K

    I Got My Heart Made Up on this Song

  62. MALARE andIoop

    July 2019???

  63. Byleth Eisner

    This song is me and food

  64. Bitter_Sweet_Me

    This song is still good after all these years

  65. Irlanda Garcia


  66. Irlanda Garcia

    I miss R5

  67. Saydee Hagelstein

    Bro I only listen to r5, austin and ally soundtrack, and 80s - 90s music so I have friends but when I listen to meh music they hate me so idc though bc it's worth it

    Sieglinde Sullivan uwu

    Saydee Hagelstein wow you’re so special.

  68. mariiana b

    My favorite song 😍😍😭

  69. Edward Sanchez

    2019? someone?

  70. Superhero Alliancezzz

    2019 summer?

  71. bad badgirl

    2019?? ❤

  72. Az cardinalds23

    I like rap but tbh I like this song ahh💫😂


    2019 here love r5

  74. Maria del Carmen Correa

    2019? Nobody? Ok:(

  75. Krystal Peake

    why has this been stuck in my head all morning im—

  76. Magali karolista

    Alguien 2019 ?❤

  77. asthma

    lmao i used to love this when i was 9 xD

  78. Blanca Shared Flores

    Love R5 Rocky Lych 😍

  79. alexander Dunn

    Realmente estos eran temas buenos , que pasaban en Disney , ahora pasan pura basura !

  80. Bae Nice