R Kelly - Sex Me (Part 1) / Sex Me (Part 2) Lyrics

Yea 1993 Check this freaky style i was born with

I feel so freaky tonight
And i need someone to make me feel alright
So bring your body here baby
Lady have no fear
Im gonna fulfill your fantasies
Just as long as you

Sex me
Come on come on come on come on

Sex me, baby baby sex me (sex me baby) sex me sex me baby sex me.

Come over here and let me take off your clothes
Cause things I wanna do to you, nobody has to know(know baby).
Just lay your body right here,
Lady have no fear cause ecstacy is near (ooh baby)
Any unexpected positions, bring it on.
Any secret fantasies you see I'll fulfill as long as you sex me.

Sex me, baby baby sex me (sex me baby) sex me sex me baby sex me.

Now let me feel your body next to mine.
Cause girl I wanna feel you sweat, girl
You're so very wet.
Now put me inside of you do what you wanna do.
Cause you got a need for me and I got a need for you,(baby any)
Any unexpected positions (bring it on)
Any secret fantasies, you see I'll fulfill, as long as you sex me.


Umm..let me kiss you in the right place,
So I can see sex me baby
Written on your face,
Slow baby slow baby steady as we go.
Up and down to a sixty-nine tempo.
Yeah turn your body parts around
And let me hear you make a
Ooh-ah sound.
Cause I'm your lover man.
So call your other man and say you
Found another man.

[Chorus 3x]

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R Kelly Sex Me (Part 1) / Sex Me (Part 2) Comments
  1. Michael Maragh

    They said jaquees the king of r&b

  2. Luis Sarinana

    Jimmy Marsh Nancy Jenifer Luis Eric

  3. Adrian Campbell

    👑👑still the king of r n b 👑👑
    always will be

  4. Shaniyla Griffin

    Part 2 is wayyyyy better

  5. Mrs. Eva Miller Johnson

    Taking into 2020 #FREERKELLY

  6. Jason716 Smith

    I’m telling y’all right now when Rkelly goes away I don’t want to her any of y’all saying I miss him

  7. Davey J Wheels !

    Looks like somebody told them secrets

  8. no one

    Stop hanging around high schools when u graduated 100 years ago 😂

  9. The Self-Lovening

    He's a bad guy but by God the man can make a sex song like no other 😩🤷🏻

  10. Gerald Williams

    Fuck r kelly!! ....I'm just playin this my nigga. And still the king locked up or not!!!!

  11. Aynna Nycole740

    Sex me baby🎤🤞 #Kellyfan

  12. oona early

    r. kelly is still the man
    baby making music

  13. Cleo Day

    For you is the best

  14. Carlton Harris

    December 18 2019!! No my kids and investigate the parents!!

  15. Janeta Anderson

    This my shit i was ten years old when this Jam came out 💯💯😘😘😍😍💗💗💕💕❤️❤️💞💞💓💓👄👄😁😁

  16. India Whatley

    Stilllll Hereeeee 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾😜😜

  17. Sonya Washington

    Still love this song!!!!!

  18. jgriffin 6272

    From Religious Love to Sex Me.... part of the puzzle to marriage? Whatcha think?

  19. Shebreka Reed

    Free kells‼️

  20. LuLu Pryce

    Lots of virginity’s lost over the years to this one

  21. Shane' Harris

    Thanks for getting me wet🌊😼 Love Mr.Kelly 😽

  22. FelineFokus

    Mfks be fake kicking it. In public they be quiet but in secret they be at home playing *#Kels* (in my smoky voice) 💯🔥🔥

  23. Ryan Coman

    Child Support song

  24. IDK YOU

    Baby take off ya clothes and c’mon

  25. IDK YOU

    You can’t erase legendary, just can’t.

  26. Craig Mabry

    damn i think i might've knocked somebody up on this song

  27. Marian Byrd

    Kells is a beast😍😍😍😍

  28. Roshonda Cary

    Damn Kells. I'm still a fan!

  29. dfrank10001

    Daddy kelly

  30. shameeka samuels

    This song was when the triplets was making sex me r Kelly hell yes girl I miss your body girl let make a son girl come sex up daddy .

  31. Annette Davis

    I am still listening

  32. shameeka samuels

    Hell girl you want some sex daddy will give it to you some sex girl come to bed 🛌 I will give some sex girl .

  33. thecedc1

    Still listening...🤷🏾‍♂️

  34. ATLtru

    Whatever he has going on with the law/court system. As far as his music he still is the KING of R&B. # Cant Deny his music genius talent unless u are a hater. Facts

  35. JuJu Love

    The real King of R&B PERIOD! 2019👀2020👀 daddy be making panties soak😂💕💕💕👐

  36. beckcity16

    Nov 2019

  37. Kenah Wallace

    Baby won’t you sexxx meeeeee

  38. Zaire Dravis

    House party in 90s good on times

  39. DTerry Carter

    🗣️💨💨 King of R&B

  40. Tangelia Anderson

    Love it

  41. jgriffin 6272

    Classic. Needs to be framed in Gold (Platinum)

  42. DJ SupremeSlowdowns

    I don’t focus on the accusations placed against him, this mans music is hard I will forever respect the craft this man put out I grew up on this 💯💪🏾

  43. Justina Hamilton

    Here comes the panty dropper !😂😂😂😂

  44. Brenda Mcginnis

    Rkelly still the man

  45. Jacob Lamping

    Baby making music

  46. Cedrica Daniels

    It was at this moment that I realized why any guy that I've dealt with who's 37 or older had my nose wide open 😂 Ladies, listen to me... If that ninja was between the ages of 15-21 in 1993: RUN! Your life is about to be "twist, turned upside down" 😂😂😂

  47. Timmy Thomas

    is it only me...... or do your pours raise for this song too......

  48. sheila wardlaw

    2019” 💋

  49. Mackone

    Put on his greatest hits..You should be hitting!😎😎😳😳😁

  50. Tiana Streeter

    4 months pregnant because of this song 🔥🔥🔥🤰🏾

  51. April Williams

    True Definition of a HIT MAKER... 80's baby but he gave me life in the 90's

  52. emoji sqaud brown

    Still Banging. How bout dat!!

  53. Chelsey Washington

    He was serious!!!! Af!

  54. K Cole

    This Man is a dam Genius... 🖕🏾 your feelings

  55. KinG

    I was fucking young off this track

  56. David Gallegos

    Listening till infinity. This song goes so hard.

  57. Taracia Roddy

    I love this man!!!!!

  58. Lashae Lacy

    Love this song ❤️

  59. Naquia Thomas

    My love for life R.Kelly 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  60. Leo_queen Shay

    “Now put me inside of you, do what u wanna do” 🔥 this shit right here!! Make u wanna do thangs💯 I remember my mom use to skip this song😂😂 never paid attention to what that part meant back then,.i know now tho 😂😂🔥💯😍

  61. Keyasha Talford

    I love this 🥰🥰

  62. Angela S

    Still listening Oct 2019😜

  63. Richard Smith

    Sex ME babe

  64. Michael Hargrove

    Am I wrong for still listening to this bad ass classic🤔🤔 🤔

  65. Tonisha Smith

    Don't care WTF nobody says about this man, kellz got good music and I will not stop listening to him nope not at all just keepn it 💯🤦can't help it.

  66. sonialee coleman-callinder

    I am listening in 2019 he is the king of R&B

  67. Stephanie Mathis

    I feel weird listening to R Kelly now that I know he was thinking about little girls when he made his music smh.

  68. Jocelyn Redmond

    Don’t listen to this in the car ladies !😂😂Twerking and driving don’t mix😭😭😭😅😅

  69. wahnano

    Big up to the Queen City crowd 1993.

  70. Segawa Peterkenyon

    The real Robert kelly so brilliant slow jam thnks for uploading

  71. Jack Hancho

    The king!!

  72. Shana Houston

    Still jamming

  73. Fannie Wiggins

    The King of R B still listening to him in October and continue to Can't nobody that that away from him

    Fannie Wiggins

    Of 2019

  74. Wode Dagawd

    Listen to this shit nigga
    Just the production and the fucking whole packages is just whoa man
    Still kellz to why you got this heat
    Smh I wanna be a fan

  75. Wode Dagawd

    I don't care I don't care ,
    It still slaps
    I feel horrible but come on

  76. Nathalee552

    Damn Chester...I am glad you didn't sex me🤨🤨🤨

  77. Cendy Mcpeak

    Secret fantasy ....

  78. Pierre Christoff

    The INTRO though!!! Sheeesh. Get em KELLS.

  79. Lakendra Jones

    Kendra that's not funny that's the devil in wool clothes God I know I'm good

  80. mike yohanna

    The greatest

  81. Segawa Peterkenyon

    Reminds me of high school nice cut by R kelly great production thnks for uploading

  82. Amanda Garcia

    Who is listen 2019?

  83. K Smith

    Is it Possible to enjoy his Music and Be Disgusted at the Same Time

  84. K Smith

    Sorry this Shit sounds soooo

  85. grann christina

    Still 2019

  86. Jalea Alexander

    R Kelly is responsible for pregnancies in the 90s and today!!!

  87. rani zingo

    Call your other man you found an other man

  88. Terrell Jones

    free R.Kelly still listening my boy 2019

  89. Charles Paul

    Call 3103001111

  90. Do Rémi

    Damn R.kelly is a legend. Idc about what people say, even at 90 years old, I will still listen to him remembering the past

  91. osostl

    KAPPA house Kaligula parties#MEMORIES

  92. A Higgz

    "Sex a child, pervert, pervert" 🎶🎵

  93. Rodriquez Graves

    Only for the Real

  94. Shawn James


  95. Aaron Sprouts

    We should just call 90s babies Kelly Babies 😂🤣😂

  96. Candice Jones

    Sex me is my jam yes 😂

  97. PANCHO VILLA 103

    😂😂😂folks just gone have to be mad at me I grew up on this shit I can't stop bumping OLE KEILS" I was 14 when this drop,1994 was a good year the streets were good back then

  98. the baddest chick

    Hell no 👌

  99. Diane Owsley

    R.kelly only can seduce a female with this song its so intense.