R Kelly - Radio Message Lyrics

This is a radio message to my baby,
And I'm begging her
Come back, come back,
Come back, come back, come back.

I'm sorry that I made you cry,
I'm sorry for the rest of my life,
And I'm sorry that I hurt you,
And I'm sorry for lying to you.

And I'm lost without you,
'Cause I'm all about you,
Want you to hear the state of mind I'm in?
I'm going crazy 'cause I lost my best friend

Can you hear me, girl? Can you forgive me?
I don't want no tickets, no limo ride.
I'm the next caller on the line!

This is a radio message to my baby,
And I'm begging her
Come back, come back,
Come back, please, come back, won't you come back?
This is a radio message to my baby,
And I'm begging her,
Come back, come back,
Come back, come back, come back.

And I'm sorry for treating you that way,
I'm sorry for all of those silly mistakes
Sorry I didn't do what I promised,
And I'm sorry you're sorry that we ever met.

And I'm lost without you,
'Cause I'm all about you,
Want you to hear the state of mind I'm in?
I'm going crazy 'cause I lost my best friend,

Can you hear me, girl? Can you forgive me?
'cause I don't want no tickets, no limo ride
I'm the next caller on the line!

And this is a radio message to my baby, oh,
And I'm begging her
Come back, come back,
Come back, come back.
Come back.
Somebody let this record just rotate, oh,
'Til my baby come back.
Let it rotate, oh,
'Cause I need, I need her right back with me,
So let it rotate
Whatever it takes to play this record
I need her to hear this record
So please, let it rotate
Because I'm the next caller on the line.

And this is a radio message to my baby.
And I'm begging her
Come back, come back,
Come back, come back, come back.

This is a radio message to my baby.
Begging her
Come back, come back, baby,
Come back,
I need you to (come back),
I need you to (come back),
I need you to (come back),
I need you to (come back),
Baby, come back home, oh, please

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R Kelly Radio Message Comments
  1. Kori C Bee

    Say what you want about R.Kelly a person who can write hit after hit and not know how to read let along write somethings and just hummm the melody is a genius.

  2. Eunica paidamoyo Enasio

    Im sorry for the rest of my life.......cuts deep

  3. Kisha Keesh

    Still listening in 2020.... Fan 4-life
    #KINGOFR&B 💙💙💙💙💙

  4. Denise Hawkins

    January 2020 Happy birthday Rob 💓💓💓💓💕💜

  5. Tamara Powell

    I love you Kelly and your music will always be the Best forever. God be with you

  6. KAY-GEE

    Somebody give all the accusers this Albums for a day, all the cases will be cancelled for sure.

  7. KAY-GEE

    R Kelly is RNB

  8. Braiden Mcdonald

    2020 still listening...

  9. ms evon

    All your music 🎶 are hits..
    how many can say that ??

  10. Latonia Hinton

    We love you R💞Kelly keep your head up my brother and know God has your back.it doesn't matter what it look like it doesn't matter what it seems like a star has the last say so of everything you a strong powerful black brother.who can stand against anything that comes your way and know that God is there to carry you through it. Bring you to it surely he going to bring you through it. And you will come out on top. Would make a lot of people laugh a lot of them. Everything that glitters ain't gold. God has the last say so of everything.. a lot of people probably wondering why you had thrown in the towel yet by now. you have a God that look down low and look down high. Trust and believe God is working behind the scenes. He's a he's a he's a lawyer in the courtroom. Ain't going to step on a lot of devil's Head.keep your head up are Kelly and stay focus and know that God is fighting on your behalf. Who has a rear true fans of standing behind you my brother. Love you. And ain't nothing in the world could do about it. You are still our number one legend. You are the king. There can't take what God gave you.God gave you the talent he gave you wisdom he give you knowledge and understanding of things. Everybody don't have that gift that you have. You have a beautiful beautiful beautiful voice. And the devil sure he'll can't take it away from you. Call when God give you something ain't nobody can take it away.just want to let you know your real true fans are praying for you praying until you get out of that dungeon my brother. Because you will have the last laugh on everything. It's okay if a lot of people Miss trade mistreated you it just made you stronger and your Christian walk. Because Jesus is on the mainline tell him what you want my brother. Going to sit back and watch how you make a miracle from before everybody eyes. I'm here to tell you my brother hold on a change is coming.

  11. Willie Tatum Jr


  12. teresahen

    I love you I can't hate 😢😢😭you 👑👑👑

  13. Thomas Siddle

    Artist and movie personalities have done similar acts and made the same promises 4 years.now this artist has to may 4 all.yes he done some wrong but no one force anything...feeds watching

  14. Victoria Smith

    Am still thinking about you r Kelly your music always give me joy thanks

  15. baronimages baronimages29

    2020 still hot

  16. lyn Diah

    2020 Jan 03rd whis still listening 😟😟🤔🇰🇪🇦🇪

  17. Filip Zaarour

    whos here 2020

  18. Tennille Handy

    I never left 1 fan forever

  19. Tennille Handy

    Omg yasss im coming back lawd i love you kell’s

  20. Joshua Lowe

    2020 anyone?

  21. Blàck B.I.G

    who still listening on 1st january 2020

  22. DeBoSki Gunn

    #FreeRKelly #FalseNarritives #DueProcess

  23. oldies music

    Are y'all ready for 2020 by listening r Kelly

  24. Barbara Ann

    R Kelly IS and ALWAYS will be the #1 R& B singer.

  25. Talaf Muasse

    Show ,i like you so much

  26. Mohamed Conteh

    Am very much happy about my men R Kelly may God guard him so much

  27. Alfred Burns

    I'm 18 and I got a old ass soul and in 2019 this is still who I listen to

  28. Naleo analeo

    I'm listening this from memes

    And i love it so much

  29. Noo Noo Tribe

    Hands up, down, whatever, he's the greatest of all time, next to Michael Jackson. I saw him in concert at 19 and best performer I've ever seen 🔥👑

  30. Rena Rena

    Favorite artist period

  31. PEE A

    12/17/2019... Still bopping to this

  32. Yassin Swai

    Good music here to stay

  33. Hope Burks

    R Kelly did outstanding job, singing smooth on a phone, God bless his heart

  34. Emmanuel Moshi

    True legend of all time


    R Kelly, always my hero.
    What an inspiration song, any one listening December 2019

  36. Nkanyezi Kubheka

    The king of R&B

  37. Antonio Jackson


  38. Reginald Hartman

    J'aime cette chanson R.Kelly est génial

  39. Denise Hawkins

    Go ahead Capricorn me too.🎀💖💕💋🤗💪💗

  40. Geoffrey Ogaro

    This guy should just be allowed to come out and give us some music

  41. Rebecca Powley

    Best rnb singer....gosh r Kelly....still love you

  42. Linda Wilson

    Charlie wilson "my name is charlie last name wilson" bow down he brought u bck. Mr Biggs RON ISLEY. He gave u a new identity before u went to jail. 2010 his 1st concert aftre being acquitted I was there. No cameras, he said fuck that put ur cameras up. What if ur personal life caused u too loose ur Mastery at what u do. True G. He aint snitched on no one. I love RKelly Period. No gets to decide who and what i listen too. Im 57 and i say fuck u for jumping on the band wagon. 40yrs now come out. Then lets air all this shit out but he wont true Nigga fr the CHI.... WILL LISTEN GO TO CONCERTS. I SAY TELL I T ALL KELLS. BUT U STILL HAVE ONE "ME" THEY DIDNT LISTEN TO ANITA HILL THNKS JOE BIDEN, CLINTON GETTING HIS DICK SUCKED. HOW CONVIENCE WE FOR FORGET. EVERY NIGGA ON WANTED A COLAB. SCARED ASS BIYCHES TO ACT LIKE THEY DIDNT KNOW. KELLS TELL IT ALL THOSE BITCHES MADE HITS CAUSE OF U. IF WE BOYCOTT HIS MUSIC THERE WOULD NO MORE R&B

  43. dani ntung

    The king is romansin music like woman wow haters pls left this man alone

  44. Alex Nas

    December 2019?

  45. Imercia Naruses

    2019!!! Regardless...I'm here Rob. You are the R in Rnb...forever. Omaruru, Namibia

  46. Windyfleur Gospel love song

    This music still alive on my mind in 2019.

  47. Carollynn Joice Porter

    David Jones was playing R Kelly inside his office at Woods Mullen Shelter to get R Kelly arrested R Kelly Facebook have been stolen by the Boston Police Department at Woods Mullen Shelter

  48. Titilayo Adekunbi

    The particular girl knows her self.

  49. Nweze Ikenna David

    No one turns a conversation into a music more than R Kelly... November 2019

  50. Charlotte V

    Kells the King Of R&B. Love u!😥💖👌👍

  51. Sarah e Ellis

    Girl I agree I pray for him but his music

  52. Ella Kapche

    Je suis fan de ta voix, de ta musique, de tes paroles qui me remplissent toujours d'émotions... Merci #RK#

  53. DilanPR0gamer

    i love u this song to colombia medellin

  54. Mduduzi Hadebe

    No matter whatttttt

  55. Paul Ngethe

    Still listening

  56. Guadalupe Lucio

    Wat a singing voice.

  57. Lady One

    Looks like she came back...i will forever love the artist RKelly....now I dont love what those women said he did..but thats for the law to decide..

  58. Debbie Williams

    Radio message come back , to come back home

  59. Toyary King

    I know the man going through tribe and tribulations. But Damm the radio station havent been the same. R Kelly we need you

  60. David Josephat

    I love you R kell....listening from Tanzania who else....?

  61. Nikki Flagg Aly

    Love you R Kelly always the King of R& B

  62. Southside Syfa

    @nneamaka Amen to that 🤝

  63. Monique Langston

    Didn’t know this had a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😩♥️

  64. Cb Mv

    FREE R.kelly

  65. marvin ezekiel

    their fada

  66. Desreen Binns

    A Man Of Talent That Will For Ever Live On No Matter What

  67. Newton Kabutey

    still a legend Kells

  68. Johnny Kaos

    Please come back from prison 🙏😥

  69. SHAY 4KELLZ 4LYFE Wills


  70. Cozmoe 1000

    Hypothetically speaking; it would b a curse 2 us RnB fans 2 hear that R.Kelly put his voice in a box, and tuned it up with auto carlage.

  71. darryl wilson

    The G.O.A.T

  72. Cathy Faila


  73. Lydenia Pace

    I love this song

  74. deb manyeki


  75. Marc Caribbean

    2019 Fan for ever no matter what

  76. patience Kim

    Always a fan no matter the situation

  77. Foster Gomoney

    Listening to this song gives me a lot of memories#when someone left you but you don’t want her back 😭

  78. Sonny Benson

    this is real rnb, r kelly is an outstanding artist! its so hard to even lip sing his songs, he is so unique, just give it a try and see! much love from tz🇹🇿✌🏽

  79. Lumka Nompumelelo

    Besides wtever u going thru kells...ur music will forever b giving me life❤❤❤

  80. Milko Youbinguila

    Rnb king. Kelly

  81. Stacey Brownlee -SDAT-

    10/2019 i CAN'T LET THIS GO!!! I am just praying


    This song just reminded me how much i love your music....LEGEND

  83. Minenhle hactor

    forever a fan

  84. kennyjamez tchivinda

    2019...King Kelly... no matter what they say...U'RE FCK AMAZING...GENIUS.

  85. Donna Hill

    This is him pleading with Azriel to come back . The other one is allready gone because he is not coming back home. He's on lock down in the pen.

  86. Julien Neila

    C'est toujours un plaisir de t'entendre R-Kelly

  87. Hope Imoh

    Old music never disappoints. TeamKells!!!

  88. Sabri Yusuf

    Still Epic!

  89. Teresa Vanover

    Omg love this

  90. PEE A

    we here 2019 September

  91. Mary Nakajju

    Love you R.KELlY FOREVER 2019 for U.k London

  92. Ben Lugamba

    The people who played his musics the same people dislike him now and pushing him down.
    We people we're so baaaad.
    If you never make any mistake hit him a ston

  93. Will Hicks

    Don't blame the music blame the man

  94. Ben Lugamba

    Are we still around September 2019

  95. Emily Wambui

    His music speaks to my soul...i don't care how imperfect his life is!!!

  96. Evangeline Arroyo


  97. LaTrell Laster

    Chicago love right here 💉❤️

  98. Godfrey Makoha

    Its indisputable that R.kelly is the all time king of R&B. save for his personal life

  99. Simplice Degbass

    Les fans Ivoiriens de R Kelly...
    Enjaillez-vous ici!

  100. Lauren Bryant

    There will never be another R&B. I mean musical people before you comment about the other shit.