R Kelly - Once Upon A Time Lyrics

There was a family filled with cheer and lots of glee
And that special night they couldn't wait to light the Christmas tree
And throughout the town, they'd gather 'round to hear the choir sing
Once upon a time

I reminisce all the things we'd wish Santa would bring
Stockings on the fireplace and bells ringing
Outside we'd go play in the snow make angel wings
Once upon a time

Fireplaces, noels, cozy nights, and fairy tales
Peace amongst family
Yes, we'd laugh a lot, have photo ops, candy canes, and lemon drops
Seasons greetings
We'd throw snowballs, we'd laugh, we'd fall, we'd build snowman
Once upon a time
They who didn't have much we'd share some love throughout the year
Once upon a time
Once upon a time
Once upon a time

So remember this, grown-up or kids, never forget
Your once upon a time

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R Kelly Once Upon A Time Comments
  1. Brooklyn1530

    Not for nothing i heard the a capella version before it was taken down....the a capella hit my soul so much harder

  2. douglas d Bird

    once upon a time

  3. Jeremiah Ogunmola

    Raw Talent

    douglas d Bird

    everything Kelly touches turns to gold
    I love this man,, way back