R Kelly - Just Like That Lyrics

Oh baby
If I could explain the joy I feel

Ooh, if I could explain the joy I feel, and a
Ooh, this love making, baby, it's so real, and a
Ooh, like winter time by the fireplace, and a
Ooh, like trapped in walls and there's no escape, and a
Ooh, like a precious jewel with no price tag, and a
Ooh, like waterfalls coming down on me, and a
Ooh, like a tidal wave coming from the sea, and a
Ooh, like a favorite scene in a big movie

You wanna know how I feel just like that, just like that, baby (Ooh)
You wanna know how I feel just like that, just like that, baby
(If you wanna know)
You wanna know how I feel just like that, just like that, baby
(Ooh, just like)
You wanna know how I feel just like that, just like that

Ooh, like you and me making history, baby
Ooh, like a 99th anniversary, and a
Ooh, like a baby when it speaks its first words, and a
Ooh, like an uplifting song the first time heard, and a
Ooh, like a shelter when the storm gets rough, and a
Ooh, like a mountain top from the bottom up, and a
Ooh, like an expensive suite at the best hotel, and a
Ooh, like a work of art when its unveiled

(Ooh, ooh)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(Like that)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(Oh oh oh oh oh, if you wanna know)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(Just like that, yeah)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that (ooooh)

Ooh, like a great blue skies on a summer day, and a
Ooh, like sitting close in a small cafe, and a
Ooh, like making love to someone you love, and a
Ooh, like breaking up then making up, and a
Ooh, like a warm embrace when you come around, and a
Ooh, like the sweetest words when you're feeling down, and a
Ooh, like lost inside of a masquerade, and a
Ooh, like a celebration in a big parade, and a
Ooh, like a secret told to the one you trust, and a
Ooh, like kissing you in an all white tux

You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(If you wanna know)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(Just like that, if you wanna, wanna know)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(Just like that)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that
(Like the moon, yeah when it glows at night)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(And like the sun, oh yeah, when it shines real bright)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(And just like the ocean when the whale jumps high, so high)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby
(Like the eagle when it soars the sky, you wanna know)
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that
You wanna know how I feel, just like that, just like that, baby

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R Kelly Just Like That Comments
  1. Faye Lee


  2. JoeJoeRunya

    I'm sorry, but I'm still gonna bang this album lol. it's a classic

  3. Quesha Hayes

    2020 baby! Another timeless record.

  4. Kasual Katie

    2020, anyone?

  5. L.A. Gone

    Just like that!!!! Still love his song's🙌🙌

  6. jerry malose

    Like Making Love To The One You Love

    Damn Lyrical Genius

  7. Keonna Ned

    If you want to know I will always be ur #1Fan If you want know just like that just like that🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕💯💯💯

  8. neecbutta

    this was & is still one of my favorite songs off this album . say what you want about the man , but you could play this album front to back without skipping a track .

  9. Michael Brewster

    People ask me how can I sing his songs after all the evil he did? I say it's easy I do it the same way when I get up and sing the national anthem.

    #BLACKBOOKT.V Channel


  10. Christopher Martin

    Just Like The Ocean When Whale Jump High ; Just Like An Eagle When Its Soars The Sky ! #ThatsInspirational

  11. macknice1981

    Probably the best album that came out in the beginning of the 2000s. I remember when I was in college 2001,taking the subway in NYC in the cold winter I had my CD player and I was listening to this album none stop.

  12. Sniper

    This is art!

  13. Levi Msimuko

    Unmute???? Nice try. 💪🏾

  14. Queen Peach

    I can't decide if this or Maxwell woman's work is my favorite song 😭😍💋💯

  15. MOTHER mom


  16. Samuel Allen

    🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 They trying to take Another Black Legend Away .. But imma play your shit till I'm DEAD

    black black

    Me too his music is to dam great

  17. Deleshia Davis

    I just really wish that he wasn’t a child predator! One of the greatest musical geniuses that ever lived. 😒🤦🏽‍♀️

  18. Jayquesta Williams

    When I have first heard this song I fall in love with it and that was 16 yrs ago and that how I feel about my wife just like that love that woman

  19. Aleshia Haynes

    Still here 2019 fuck with ur music 🎶 R Kelly u soo good at what u do when it come to music 🎶 the man💯they want ur money 💰 R kelly they wasn’t saying that when u was giving them money 💰 and them parents to cause they was in on it to 💯

  20. Jacquel Adams

    The King Of R&b. This will forever Be on my playlist! 😍😘

  21. nancy stevens

    Beautiful song love the lyrics R Kelly is very talented I will always love his music just sad that he’s not going to be recording new ones ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. yuNGDeLaPhoNtE

    Free R. Kelly them hoes lying....ooooohh🎵🎶

  23. Ricky Water

    Nigha took the clothes off before me.dame


    I play this when I'm on my hog🏍
    I play this when I'm cleaning up🏡
    I play this when I'm with my girl💏
    I play this when I'm relaxing in the tub🛀
    I play this when I'm waxing my car🚘......
    Just one of the best songs😎🎙😎🎧😎🎙😎🎧😎🎙😎🎧😎

  25. hisway1995

    " 2020 "..WHO'S WITH ME.!!!

  26. Freddricka Stump

    All bullshhh aside, we can not explain how amazing he is! RKELLY GET YOUR LIFE RIGHT! Because I need music JUST LIKE THAT! ❤️

  27. fBarbarita Garza

    Had it dedicated to me once - honored

  28. Dwane Price

    Everybody make mistakes be on his side til thee end of time💯🎧

  29. nadia johnson

    My favorite R. Kelly album TP-2

  30. Ms. T. V. Hayes

    Lol! I always thought he said kissing you in an all white tub! 💀💀😂😂😂😂

  31. Dwayne Johnson

    Damnnn ..Dumb slapping

  32. Dwayne Johnson

    This is the shit nothing. I mean nothing compared

  33. Robin Gardner


  34. Jacquel Adams


  35. Antonio Sheftall

    Still the g.o.a.t of r&b

  36. Lakeisha Smith

    2019 still here fuck what anybody gotta say....

  37. Dee Stevens

    Yeah he talented.... BUT he still f'kd up!! What if it was your daughter telling her horror story about what happened with him???

  38. Fe Latt

    "Like the sweetest words, when you feeling down"

  39. Pherron Herronp

    Da GOAT 🐐🤞🏾💯💯 🎶 instrument 🎷 in human form

  40. Atlas Wedlowjr

    I wish i could get u out bro

  41. Kendria Norris


  42. Tracey Bean

    Rkelly is the Denzel Washington and Tupac of this r and b shit

  43. Bracefaccee. maya

    I just hope the blue-red-white🇺🇸won’t do this too this legen please come on we still looking for more hits hell damn 💜💜💜💜💜💜😢😩Kimberly

  44. MzTan C

    Oooooh like a celebration in a big parade!! Unmute R Kelly and stop playing with me!! Undoubtably a musical genius... I'll never stop playing his music or fighting for his freedom on some docu_ lies!

  45. jamiel hejwood

    Damn Robert!!!...Grown women are also....the shizzle!!!!✊🏾

  46. jamiel hejwood

    I feel guilty saying this...but slow jams were the shizzle!!!🤷🏾‍♂️


    They can never "mute" this...if we go into the lives of 95% of our historically great artists, entertainers, public figures etc...we will find things that are notoriously bad & disgusting. King David was an adulterous murderer & God STILL called him "a man after my own heart". MLK jr, JFK, & many many others were flawed personally but left an incredible legacy. Not condoning what Robert Kelly the man has done or been accused of, but R.Kelly the artist, has left an incredible musical legacy that can't be, nor should be erased. His art will outlive his deeds.

  48. Kevin Noel

    dont just like it...… love it this my joint

  49. Frances Parham

    I still rock with you Robert just like that I love you baby and I got you

  50. Jaja Allen


  51. Gavin Baird

    R.kelly...big boss...every man makes mistakes I will keep you and such people going thru the same in my prayers 1 day soon in time I will reach out to you personally bro. I put it on EVERYTHING ! This music is always a joy 2 my soul. You won't know how I feel just like that 2019

  52. Shawnie Franklin

    Still gonna bump his shit 💯

  53. cdubb

    Mute who? Not his music or this Dam album, hell nah... 2019 and forever

    Steven Castillo

    This album was a classic 💯

  54. Family 1st 2019

    Still jamming in 2019

  55. Buffy Stacks

    This my shit forever

  56. Corleone WYO

    Like the Moon yeaaaa when it glows at night 🌖

    & like the Summer yeaaaaa when it shines real bright ☀️

    & just like the ocean when the whale jumps high so high 🌊

    Like an eagle when soars the sky 🦅

  57. Valerie Frank

    R Kelly is always gonna be my number one singer you just have to give it to him he's the greatest when it comes to love making music ❤️😍

  58. jeffrey german

    I back him & his music is the best

  59. Zay Stripling

    Just like that

  60. Mogul Money

    Coldest mutherfucker r kelly

  61. Melz Gould

    I'm still here and still listening, Sorry but his music is Beautiful..

  62. Rhonda Mayweather

    Forever and Always 🎶💯🔥

    LAPD Headquarters


    Rhonda Mayweather

    Me and my Fiance favorite song and this is what we usually say..I guess I was deep in my thoughts listening to this.

  63. Crypt Joi

    #FREERSK #NevaMutinKellz #MusicLover #ProudSupporter4RSK

  64. Eric Dion

    My ex wife was a big fan of kelis.this was her song

    LAPD Headquarters

    You and her should be arrested.

    Eric Dion

    That's crazy u would say that

    Eric Dion

    @LAPD Headquarters what I do I said her

    LAPD Headquarters

    @Eric Dion Doesn't matter the FBI will remove your social media accounts and we will be hacking your electronic devices so we can track your location for defending the pedophile.

  65. Leon King

    F#%K R. Kelly! But I thank him for all the great music he made and that I will continue to listen to. Legend for good and bad reasons!

  66. mr720bandit

    710 not feeling it just like that

  67. Kasheena Watson

    I'm a fan, what he does in his personal time is between him and God


    And the police.

  68. nicole05ist


    LAPD Headquarters


  69. Vince Zwane

    The lyrics may well be the greatest ever on a song. Gives me goose bumps every time i listen to this song

  70. Rasheen Miller

    Who still listening to this in 2019!!

  71. Predarren Barnes

    One of his baddest albums straight up...

  72. Nia hogan

    This is one talented brother.

  73. Durod Wilson

    Will they let him make hits n jail. Jus saying.

  74. sheila wardlaw

    I'll always love you ❤

  75. Atriel Moore


    LAPD Headquarters

    🏛🏛🏛🏛🏛🏛🏛🏛🏛 prison.

  76. Kealeboga Modibane

    Noooooo no no... to me you're still that hero that helped me through the storm and now that it's over I wanna say thAnk you. We all know how special you're to the world and that's y his going through all this shit now, his a threat to the other world. Love is Rkelly and it's always gonna be

  77. Roderick Lewis

    Fuck that kells is .the king of this type of music other than Ron IselyHe did his thang an made the music game change some ppl . try to distrory u.. And I. Say what I say 4 a reason. ( DON'T JUDGE) until it unfold

  78. Change The Game Network

    You all better like my comment a million times “Just Like That” lol 😂

  79. Shawn shazell


  80. music ear brown

    A true talent

    LAPD Headquarters

    Well known prisoner.

  81. kaabbaaq 19

    Say what you wanna but this song's the shit!

  82. Reed Beans

    2019, I’m ready to love again, but can’t trust😕💯

  83. Chyna Dahl


  84. rock star

    Kellz the best.

  85. Rochelle Robinson

    I love R.Kelley's music is blessed in that way people should not judge him only God can judge

  86. Anele Gwele

    Let the law deal with R. Kelly, but I will listen to his music till I die

  87. Steven Fenton

    I had just came home from doing a 10 yr, bid & this was that thang. Like a work of art but God knows how you feel, just like that your music is beautiful.God has a plan for you!!!!!! 🙏🤗🌞💪🏼✌🏼

  88. Tay Hereford

    R.Kelly man Im praying you get some help.

  89. Jalissa Grayy


  90. Joseph Patillo

    That man ain't did nothing.

    LAPD Headquarters

    You need to be in prison too.

    Joseph Patillo

    @LAPD Headquarters why?

  91. Sebastian

    Never have THE Woman but kells hade like 1000

  92. Niki Reynolds

    Those girls turned 18 and R. Kelly was like: "FUCK YOU, I am not paying no money no more cuz I don't have too" and they got mad and greedy. It's all about money and if it wasn't R. Kelly nothing would have been done about it.

  93. Niki Reynolds

    I don't give a damn what R. Kelly has done, that's his business because I will always love him. He can chain me up, LMAO. Them little fast ass lying hoes. And the parents are the worse ones in this situation because they got paid for someone to fuck their underage daughter.

  94. Cotoria Gooch

    This is a good sou

  95. Seth Lepatient

    This song is beautiful, and it reminds me 33brinkster.com. if you knew this site you'll know what i'm talking about.

  96. Keith Witcher

    R Kelly's Just Like That song is a classic. I like TP2.Com album. I like the album pictures. [email protected] Kelly's white mink jacket on the album cover. I love R Kelly.