R Kelly - Just Can’t Get Enough Lyrics

Oh babe I know you gotta go
But you know i want to keep your love
Right beside me
All night and
When the morning comes I'm ready to go
Again through the night babe

I just can't get enough of you you you you you you baby
I just can't get enough
I just can't get enough of you you you you you you baby
I just can't get enough

The way you give it to me
Baby I keep runing back
For seconds
Oh baby
And the more you give to me my baby is the more
I gotta have it

I just can't get enough of you you you you you you baby
I just can't get enough
I just can't get enough of you you you you you you baby
I just can't get enough

And I call you my Ms. Fix-It-Lady
The way you fix me baby
You are my Ms. Fix-It-Lady
And when I'm fiendin for your love
You are right there
To give me my fix Ms. Fix-It-Lady
And ever since the first hit of your love
I've been hooked
And I I keep coming back and I I keep coming back
I keep I keep coming back coming back I keep coming back
For more

I just can't get enough of you you you you you you baby
I just can't get enough
I just can't get enough of you you you you you you baby
I just can't get enough

[Ad Libs out]

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R Kelly Just Can’t Get Enough Comments
  1. Gee Garner

    🎶You ain't gotta be frustrated🎶❣️

  2. Sibongile Malindi

    2019 who's here, just love his music not matter what!

    kool jj


  3. Lakendra Jones

    God u so good no Kendra it was u

  4. Meryl Thompson

    My husband says this how feels about me 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘and he has our babyboy that’s 4 years old singing this song 😮 wow

  5. Seriously ???

    No matter what, still can't get enough....


  6. Vince Zwane

    'And now, i keep coming back. I keep coming back'...Great song

  7. Wilson Darryl


  8. wanda cunningham

    I never listen that much to RKELLY but now I am hooked.i really can’t get enough of his music morning, noon, and night its so many beautiful songs .

  9. KC 2660

    Your love is so good that I call you my Ms Fix it Lady

  10. Ruthie Taylor

    Nobody gonna stop me his music touches my soul mute what I think not !!! 🔥🔥🔥😘😘

  11. Lavedar Lee

    Can't get enough of this song🎵🎶

  12. Steven Strong


  13. Kris

    2019 💕

  14. Joseph Covington

    Cmon man!!!! Im completely torn!!

    Zaxia Queen

    😂 😂 😂 stop believing everything in the media

  15. Yvette Johnson

    My joint me and my youngest love this here.😘😘❤

  16. Andre James

    One of my fav on the album !💯

  17. Jeffrey Keith Horne II

    I just cant get enough of this song. Probably his best of the decade and Genius Kelly made tons of hits. God Bless.

  18. jeremy moviefan

    I'll never get tired of real music I cant stand today's generation of awful music and entertainment old school for life

  19. Art b


  20. Invincible Speaker

    Damn I love this album.

  21. mooky

    Damn, what a great song.


    2:14 More More

  23. Ruthie Taylor

    keep them coming baby !!!!! ❤❤

  24. Yvette Johnson

    He is gifted 😘😘😘

  25. Cherise Wiggins


  26. shoutrite91

    2:32 that BUILD!


    shoutrite91 yea that was nice

    Tamika Cobbs

    Right went to church

  27. J Drummer

    I remember Robert i was younger we went to Tilton grammer school. Talented, Tanlented man, now in the devil's hand . you mama wouldnt like that . Please Get Right Robert . i told you will be somebody.

  28. sexy scorpio dean

    that's my shit

  29. Star Stella

    So dope!

  30. darunee sittikan

    I spent a weeken with good weather and beautiful songs

  31. Maine Milla

    This is my whoosaw

  32. Earl W. Jones

    He also is the totalk parkage...(songs of all kinds..)

  33. Earl W. Jones

    Mr. "Music man", that's his name..

  34. Serena Johnson


  35. Christiane Ebang

    King of rnb

  36. Jhamel Wade

    This is the song...!

  37. Marvee Sirleaf

    I keep coming back..!cuz ya giving me life kell's

  38. Marvee Sirleaf

    Love😍😍😍😍😍😍 this man..

  39. Monie Jackson

    love this song

  40. Annie Belton

    I just can't get enough of this man's songs. He's one of the all-time greatest. I love this song

  41. Dr J

    Marvin Gaye flow🔥sounds like 70s, Besides the bullshit KELLS would be the best touching the 🎤

    joseph ryan

    Dr J #facts!!!!!

  42. Jonathan Petty

    The Key change made me love this song even more. One of the best key changes I've heard

    joseph ryan

    lol..bro  you going in over their heads....with key change statement.... but you are so right!!!!1

    Jonathan Petty

    joseph ryan lol I figured I would but I can't help it. I play an instrument so I call it what it is lol

    joseph ryan

    Jonathan Petty yeh man I don't think people really appreciate or understand how much he puts in when he is arranging his music...

  43. Neshon Wadley

    my baby daddy :)

    Kenyatta Brown

    yea lawwd. mine too

  44. Ettrina Evans

    Love it

  45. Bokkepruiker Records

    six people will never find true love


    7 of em now lol poor bastards

  46. Barbara Downey

    All I can say is wow. R Kelly is nothing but a true story teller.

    Zeaundra Brown

    That's Part!

    anthony hunter

    new Marvin gaye

  47. Al Gibbs

    I keep coming back for more

  48. Trendygirl 34

    "I got my second wind and baby I want to do it again"!!

  49. Trendygirl 34

    R. Kelly is brilliant! Talent like his is rare. I just love this song. Oh, and yes he is a modern day Marvin Gaye.

    jamar dickinson

    I agree

  50. nande hambira

    Kels gives me life 😍😍

  51. Yvonne Watts

    They way you give it to me baby I keep running back for seconds!!!!! #GrownFolkMusic

    joseph ryan


  52. James Baldwin


    Kenyatta Brown

    even with the scandal.

  53. Philena Wesley

    Very nice song but be careful comparing him to Marvin Gaye, he might get sued.

  54. TRINA Breaux

    He is the remaking of Marvin Gaye 😀😀😀👌👌👌👌👌

  55. B.L. Frazer

    R.Kelly channeling the late great Marvin Gaye.

    Sweet n Sexy Linda

    B.L. Frazer Absolutely!

  56. Corinthian Carouthers

    R Kelly Is the stuff

  57. pamela39391

    I agree Cherry, Kels is what it is! I can't get enough

  58. Cherry Jackson

    These New Era Artists still can't afford to Sleep on Kels....He is still what that is....

  59. doris pitts

    this is a badd song....love All R. Kelly's music

    Frederick Brooks

    Miss fix it lady

  60. Doug Szeto

    This is my favorite song on the "Love Letter" album!

  61. 2871lovely

    R Kelly is the truth!