R Kelly - Bad Man Lyrics

You see really I don't
Give a damn what you may think of me
(That's right you're a bad ass nigga)
I'mma do what I'mma do, I'mma say what I'mma say
(You think you're a bad ass nigga)
Ya understand what I'm saying?
Well you better

I was born in these streets
Raised in these streets
Walked in these streets
Taught by these streets
Lived in these streets
Hustled in these streets
Arrested in these streets
Protected by these streets

Yeah though I walk
Through the valley of these streets
I shall not fear these streets
Because I run these streets

(Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)
And I've paid my own dues
With my own pennies and now

[1] - I'm a bad man
I'm not ashamed of
A bad man yeah
And don't need your love
I'm a bad man yeah
I'm not ashamed of
I'm a bad man
My life's made me tough

I've stood on these blocks
More hood on these blocks
Got paid on these blocks
Sprayed on these blocks
Moved in on these blocks
Went out on these blocks
I've been around the block
Been watched on these blocks

Yeah though I walk
Through the valley of these blocks
I shall not fear these blocks
Because I run these blocks, yeah

(Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)
Paid my own dues with my own pennies
And I'm

[Repeat 1]

Now I believe the day will come
When my heart will decide to change
But until then
See everything will remain the same

[Repeat 1]

See sometimes I gotta tell myself
(I'm a bad man)
To keep surviving
And no matter what the cause
(I'm a bad man)
I gotta keep on keeping on yeah
Came up in these streets
(I'm a bad man)
There was no father there for me, hey ooh
(I'm a bad man)
Cause sometimes we would just have to go without eating
Hey how you like me now?
(I'm a bad man)
Give my life for my brother
See I'm a bad mother SHUT YOUR MOUTH
(I'm a bad man)
Go on, go on, go on, go on...

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R Kelly Bad Man Comments
  1. NzilaMusic Group


  2. sunflower power

    Praying for you daily 💛

  3. Keonna Ned

    Yes u r a Bad Man Forever R.Kelly🖕💯

  4. Darrell Thrasher

    How I feel as a street medic... I get it

  5. Aretha Wright

    This song is awesome. Luv it. Can't deny this man's singing and writing ability. Listening to in 2019, 2020

  6. Алиса Романова

    Волшебный голос!))

  7. Timothy Agnew

    We all mess up, there is no lesser of two evils.

  8. Mary Collins

    KC Jojo playa

  9. Levi Msimuko

    2020 I will be 10X a bad man.

    Am coming for everything they said I couldn't have. 👊🏿

  10. Hope Burks

    This brother so smooth, letting you know he bad man in or out jail, God bless his heart forever

  11. Reneejaguar Jackson

    (Sylvester Robert Kelly) is real name and nickname 'R.Kelly'.

  12. Reneejaguar Jackson

    The Movie Shaft soundtrack. 'Bad Man' ' R.Kelly'. Yes he is a bad man with his voice.

  13. Tone Low

    King of RNB

  14. Cocoa Femme


  15. Monica Reed

    Mute R. Kelly my a**...

  16. Laverdiere Mani

    Mute Who ?

  17. Hastune Mika

    My brother passed away, and this his favorite song

  18. DJ Evis

    He a bad man in jail with out the bail.

  19. Tesha Weaver

    The most underrated song!

  20. Kristal Price

    2019!!!! Rkelly music still being played

  21. Vidal Steele

    this my shit

  22. K X

    I’m still bumping R. Kelly. Yes, I’m a bad MAN!

    A bad mutha “SHUT Y’ALL MOUTHS!

  23. Monica Robinson

    The fact that he did some stupid things that highly disappoints me I LOVEEEE his music man!!!! It’s hard for me to not listen to it. He has some songs that motivated me. I don’t condone the predatory behavior but I refuse to mute his music it still lives on 💯💯💯🤷🏾‍♀️

  24. Darrius Hollins

    When you have a sound that nobody could touch no other artists can sound like you your music will always be timeless R. Kelly for example the last king we have in music. #rkellyfan4life #playrkelly

  25. Big Spoon Games

    How ironic

  26. Lj Rose

    The greatest idc what you say about his personal life this man is a musical genius.

  27. Anthony Harris

    To the people who turned on him ...micheal jackson sometimes they wont kill you they will have people do it for them..... After barack obama alot of musician's artist legends have been crucified by the media r.kelly i fuck with and will never stop

  28. Omphathutshedza ompha

    2019 December anyone ? Still the Best to me 😋😋😎

  29. Nkanyezi Kubheka

    This man is a genius.

  30. Jackie West

    Love this song

  31. Toni Curtis

    Love this song ❤️

  32. Daughter of the Horn

    You are too nice😘

  33. Magnus Emeritus Engen

    He is a bad man indeed.

  34. Patricia Perry

    Hope they have a recording studio in jail 😢

  35. latisha mitchell

    Hollywood has so many many deep dark hidden secrets but yet they're only picking and choosing who suffers the consequences ....
    Orchestrated shenanigans is what it is...



  36. Bro james

    The irony of this song lol. Damn R.Kelly...dude is the greatest Musician of Modern Times!

  37. hisway1995

    " HEY...HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW " !!!

  38. hisway1995


  39. Darryl Giggity

    Can’t write the Chicago music story without Kelly Pidddddd!!!!!

  40. Kayla parker

    The fact I freaking love shaft


    Still the king to me he is no less then the others out here i still rock with Robert Kelly

  42. Katrina Williams

    Not ashamed of it 2019 yesss

  43. Mtema zakaa

    Who is here in Nov 2019

  44. Black Oyibo

    Who’s here in 2020

  45. Yazid 22Scropio

    I'm a bad man

  46. Roy Kimmons

    Dang 2019 western suburbs Aurora but I used to live on 13th and Millard.....Peace to all that read this

  47. poppa slim

    My fav R Kelly song


    R.Kelly is a bad man hands down but Robert Kelly need his ass beat to sleep

  49. Brian Andrews

    R&B 👑

  50. Jazel Clouden

    Shaft movie(2000) soundtrack

  51. Brian Barnard

    I Can’t listen to it on Spotify someone decided.

  52. Kevin Mines

    Dammmmmm I love this song all I can say is Take full responsibility for your actions R and Keep your Head up . No matter what .Let no one put you in heaven or hell because you will do that to self. Sending you nothing but Love .. Namaste

  53. Diogo Arnaldo

    The vocals man

  54. Aiby Red

    I'd like to talk to him about nothing but music, from his days as a group member to Black panties.

  55. Kima Bell



    Here's the ultimate confession

  57. Michelle Preston

    R Kelly is literally a BAD MAN👀

  58. Renee Leslie

    Free r Kelly 😭😭😭😭❤

  59. Jada Raynor

    Mute who...boy bye... I seen him in concert... SOLD OUT... and he was so humble I also have a picture with him... Personal life has nothing to do with me..Musically HE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE KING OF R&B... Always will be a fan...okkkkurrrr😉

  60. Sharon Bullock

    I love that song thats the best song you did

  61. Shalahea Reed

    Well at least he knew what he was. We just never really caught on or just ignored it!


    Shalahea Reed instead of you worrying about R Kelly you should instead be worried about white men like Jason Roger Pope 600+ black women infected with AIDS.

  62. Madeleine Davis

    RSK king ish right here...🙏🏾🙌🏾👑❤️

  63. Heavena Wilson

    He has a lot of music I never heard before...His Music and Talent is not disputed..it make me sad to think of all the things his personal scandals take away from his career....He does need help..Therapy..Maybe not Prison..This is in Gods hands ..maybe he wil likely be put on a sex offender list...no contact with minors..That might actually be a good thing for him...

  64. Myron Boone

    like the color in the background,

  65. Mack Holden

    This brother is still the king of RnB no matter what they say , can't nothing or no one take this man talent away from making great music God bless you my brother! Stay strong!

  66. Epiphany1972u Tatted Queen


  67. Epiphany1972u Tatted Queen

    Love this man for life

  68. LITTY A&S

    🔥 love u kellz..fuck da REST

  69. Jine Carter

    This is one of Kellz all time best songs

  70. Ryan Lee

    Man this song hits every time!

  71. Patricia Eaddie

    Still listening to it.

  72. Harrison Williams

    When u got it u got it cant no one but God take that away from u

  73. Jeremia Senki

    I think R Kelly was a messenger of God, same as Martin Luther King Jr, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Dr Myles Munroe,etc and he came to fulfill an assignment and he did so to the fullest extent of his abilities. I've made it this far in life bcos of his inspirational songs such as 'bad man'. I pray that he makes it thru this adversity his going thru right now. Lord have mercy on this brother.. Amen

  74. Tae Ymssa

    That title is so ironic now

  75. tina anderson

    October 2019 this is the best

  76. Clotile White

    When u become a queen u going sit down u ain't going be loose

  77. Clotile White

    That nigga tried say I looked nice early today

  78. P Dudley

    Still listening in 2019💋

  79. black grower187

    He really is a bad 👨

    King Afrikan DEEWILL-Tha God Aka Jesus

    You is too

  80. Debra Thompson

    2019 !!!! 2020 !!!!

  81. Dejon Reed

    I’ve been looking for this song for years 😭😭

  82. Lakendra Jones

    o well shoot I don't care shoot

  83. Lakendra Jones

    for what I'm on the phone with y'all crooked cops

  84. Lakendra Jones

    it's just a different number but it's all in my phone

  85. Lakendra Jones

    I got my girl she ready too I told u when I was in Dallas at red bird mall

  86. Lakendra Jones

    yeah she that bad bitch alright

  87. Lakendra Jones

    God what's up they scared

  88. Lakendra Jones

    that's the jam

  89. Lakendra Jones

    yeah the manager told me come see him but I forgot his name too call

  90. Lakendra Jones

    but it's no jobs hiring where I can walk too

  91. Lakendra Jones

    u okay sure it's whatever

  92. Lakendra Jones

    that's his dad house I'm good he told me I'm welcome

  93. Lakendra Jones

    o I know I'm ready for they ass

  94. Lakendra Jones

    I told him don't throw away my stuff he gone for a month

  95. Lakendra Jones

    my boots at Raymond house