Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack Lyrics

Now, Smackwater Jack
He bought a shotgun
'Cause he was in the mood
For a little confrontation
He just a-let it all hang loose;
He didn't think about the noose
He couldn't take no more abuse
So he shot down the congregation

You can't talk to a man
With a shotgun in his hand

Now, Big Jim the chief
Stood for law and order
He called for the guard to come
And surround the border
Now, from his bulldog mouth
As he led the posse south
Came the cry, "We got to ride
To clean up the streets
For our wives and our daughters!"

You can't talk to a man
When he don't wanna understand
No, no, no, no, no

The account of the capture
Wasn't in the papers
But you know, they hanged ol' Smack right then
Instead of later
You know, the people were quite pleased
'Cause the outlaw had been seized
And on the whole, it was a very good year
For the undertaker

You know, you know, you can't talk to a man
With a shotgun in his hand
A shotgun in his hand
Smackwater Jack bought a shotgun
Yeah, Smackwater Jack bought a shotgun
Oh, Smackwater Jack, yeah
Talkin' 'bout Smackwater Jack, yeah
Talkin' 'bout a-Smackwater Jack, now
Talkin' 'bout Smack

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Quincy Jones Smackwater Jack Comments
  1. John Knottenbelt

    Just LOVE this album & jam packed with other good tunes as well ! A prized posession.

  2. amerant1973

    My man Chuck Rainey with that poppin’ bass.....

  3. popbottle

    you don't pull on Superman's cape!

  4. flyingbucket

    this was the first album i bought at about 9 y/o. scraping up the dough wasn't easy


    +flyingbucket cool

    Turbo X

    I remember listening to this when I was a kid, my dad bought it in the 70s. He was a massive Quincy Jones fan. Really takes me back!