Quincy Jones - Cool Joe, Mean Joe (Killer Joe) Lyrics

[Tone Loc:]
Shucky Ducky, quack quack
Kick that sh...
Yeah, this is how we do it
Just lounging back, coolin' out
In here coolin' out with my girl Queen Latifah
You know what I'm saying?

[(Queen Latifah) Tone Loc:]
(Ha, what's up, Tone?)
Ah baby, you know I'm just coolin'
How you doin'?
(It's all love)
Yeah, well why don't we just kick it?
Why don't we break outta here
And go on over to Q's Jook Joint, party down
(Q's Jook Joint?) You know what I'm saying?
(Nah, you know I ain't used to falling up in places like that
I ain't that type of girl)
Yeah (What's going on down there?)
Girl, don't you know who's gon' be there tonight?
Killer Joe, baby

Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe

Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe

[Queen Latifah (Tone Loc):]
Yeah, Cool Joe cat
Where he gone at? When he coming back in mine?
Don't he know that, 'cause it show that
When he come home every time
And he ain't no good, and I know I should
Let him go when he go, but...
Know that's my Killer Joe
You can't have him no more
It's the way he walk, and talk and spits his game
The way he says his name
Killer Joe (Killer Joe, baby)
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe (Shucky Ducky, quack quack)
I love him so

[(Nancy Wilson) Singers:]
Cool Joe (Killer Joe), Mean Joe
Cool Joe (Let me know), Mean Joe
Cool Joe (Where'd you go), Mean Joe
Cool Joe (Hey, Joe...)
(Killer Joe)

Killer Joe, missed you so
Don't it show; hey, Joe

Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe

Cool Joe (Killer Joe), Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe (Kiss me slow), Mean Joe
Cool Joe

Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe, Mean Joe
Cool Joe

[Tone Loc:]
Yeah, I told you Killer Joe was coming down here tonight, baby

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Quincy Jones Cool Joe, Mean Joe (Killer Joe) Comments
  1. Charlie Ward

    Classic Quincy Jones

  2. FJB

    I’m 16 had to play this for school and realized that the melody was used in John p Kee’s clap your hands crazy how music always seems to come full circle

  3. Lena

    Nancy Wilson and the the Queen

  4. anaissarah Chevillot


  5. Robert Vandenberg

    Flute solo is the best

  6. Awesome Guy

    This song is killer.

  7. Meshalle Kimble

    Wore the CD OUT! My favorites are still "Stomp" and his arrangement of "Killer Joe".

  8. Joseph Goodman

    Love that song

  9. Shannon Martin

    I was obsessed with this CD my senior year of college. Class of '96. Now, I listen to it again every day again in 2018. Quincy Jones is THE GODFATHER!!!

  10. Ro Kaine

    My mama bought this album when it dropped. I remember her playing it all the time. Shit was dope!

  11. Linda Johnson

    The best...

  12. Toni Smith

    This was the SHIZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  13. stillatit 50


  14. Polen Iñaki

    groovy flute

  15. m349

    One of, if not my fave song of all time. Studio version is great as well. this one................................

  16. Arnette Rodgers

    Who's on BASS?????!!! DAMN!!

    Terry Adams

    That's Neil Stubenhaus :)

  17. stillatit 50

    THIS cut,.......has SSSSWWWAAAGGGGG !!! 🔊🔊🔊🎶🎵🎶🎸🎷🎤🎼🎹🎺🔊🔊🔊🔊

  18. phillip mulenga

    That's the one!

  19. ED Gar

    I love it, quincy jones is bad motherfucker!!!

  20. sboudreaux27

    Quincy Jones is still the bomb!

  21. K Jones

    Bought this album when it came out. Leave it to Quincy to bring an eclectic group of talent together to make it all happen. Tone Loc (Shucky Ducky, Quack Quack), Queen Latifah, Hubert Laws, Nancy Wilson, and Q's big band .... C'mon Man!

    BTW, Great bass line!

    Shannon Martin

    Road trip from Miami to Charleston, SC in '96. This CD never stopped playing!!!!!! Incomparable!!

  22. patrice Cal

    I like this I remember my mom playing this album over and over

    Tyrone Thompson

    patrice Cal me too! Me tooooooooooo! Yes!

    Tara Walton

    patrice Cal Me too!!



  24. RAMLIA1


  25. Gail Edmunds

    i bought this when it came out in '95 and still listen to it regularly. Timeless.

    Tara Walton

    Gail Edmunds INDEED

  26. William James Harbour

    I was at the joint for sure

  27. Gerry Thompson

    While driving , I am 15 mph over the limit. Feels natural

    cultfan 52

    This is excellent driving music !

  28. LaChele

    HEEEEEY! I enjoyed this album so much. All the songs were good.

  29. Nugzar Areshidze

    Cool JONES

  30. Rob Landauer

    Shuggy-duggy quack quack

    Cookie Kaiser

    Rob Landauer Quncyjones. My man in yhe jook joint. My music jazz blues old school my booth tooth my music. I love UTube

    stillatit 50

    That's " SHUCKEY DUCKey......quack QUACK '....👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  31. John Waszily

    This is my favorite tune of all time. Quincy has put together a great band and vocalist to produce this.