Queen - The Miracle Lyrics

Every drop of rain that falls in Sahara Desert says it all,
It's a miracle,
All God's creations great and small, the Golden Gate and the Taj Mahal,
That's a miracle,
Test tube babies being born, mothers, fathers dead and gone,
It's a miracle,
We're having a miracle on earth, mother nature does it all for us,
The wonders of this world go on, the hanging Gardens of Babylon,
Captain Cook and Cain and Able, Jimi Hendrix to the Tower of Babel
It's a miracle, it's a miracle, it's a miracle, it's a miracle,
The one thing we're all waiting for, is peace on earth - an end to war,
It's a miracle we need - the miracle, the miracle we're all waiting for today,
If every leaf on every tree, could tell a story that would be a miracle,
If every child on every street, had clothes to wear and food to eat,
That's a miracle,
If all God's people could be free, to live in perfect harmony,
It's a miracle, we're having a miracle on earth,
Mother nature does it all for us
Open hearts and surgery, Sunday mornings with a cup of tea,
Super powers always fighting,
But Mona Lisa just keeps on smiling,

The wonders of this world go on,
It's a miracle, it's a miracle, it's a miracle, it's a miracle,
The one thing we're all waiting for, is peace on earth and an end to war,
It's a miracle we need, the miracle, the miracle,
Peace on earth and end to war today,
That time will come one day you'll see when we can all be friends,
[repeat ...]

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Queen The Miracle Comments


  2. Xenos Art & Game

    A merica

  3. Andy Smith

    A truly fantastic underrated song by queen.The music production is astounding..more comments about how great this song is!!

  4. Geovanna Martins

    This song is underrated😍 love so much🎸🎸🎸


    me gusta mucho el comienzo

  6. Michael T

    The time will come one day youll see when we can all be friends

  7. αмєlια тнσмρѕση

    I cannot be the only one thinking these kids did a damn good job

  8. dmitry sergeev

    Те кто ставит Дизлайк на хиты Queen не любят ни хорошую музыку, ни детей, и не имеют друзей, несчастные гомофобы и отбросы человечества

  9. GazubaGames

    Young Ross McCall. Aka Sgt liebgott from HBO's band of brothers.

  10. Robert Kulas

    Freddie Mercury is real miracle.

  11. Molly Rogers

    Idk y but I wanna see how these kids are and what they're up to today

  12. Ethan Brown

    Who keeps hearing "its America"

  13. atlantyda75

    Majstersztyk w czystej postaci

  14. I've Lost My Shoe

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Freddie's voice @ 0:56-1:01 2:35-2:43 & 3:03-3:09

  15. Iris Lekeke

    Una obra de arte

  16. peblezQ

    Why didn't this kid win an Oscar for his accurate performance of Freddie

  17. Mary Barry

    Would love to see some outtakes of this! Looks like they had a lot of fun!

  18. Mary Barry

    The kid who played Freddie Mercury should have played him in Bohemian Rhapsody! 😉
    Love this video!

  19. lenn 714

    2:24 is my favorite part

  20. Nataha Chernousova


  21. Satoume LeMiniNain

    You don't have a discord server, can I create one?

  22. Neile Bumaruf

    Does anybody know anything about the boys who performed with QUEEN .I would love to know where they are ,what they do ,.......

    Sonnyboy TV

    Neile Bumaruf all I know is the one who played Freddie is a Swedish actor now

    Neile Bumaruf

    Oh ,really !

    Sonnyboy TV

    Neile Bumaruf Freddie’s actor is named Ross Mcall

  23. I've Lost My Shoe

    I love how little Freddie is the only one changing outfits/looks

  24. Abd Rauf Bin Ahmad

    Can you believe that kid play as a Jewish US marine 10 years later

  25. Sunny Aura

    Cant say it better my self ❤

  26. Ice 14

    It is a miracle that Freddie was born

  27. Ian Causse

    el brian may niño tiene mas expresion q el adulto

  28. Jason Nick Channel

    Father&Son Queen

  29. Archie Todd

    Forget Oscar Winners These Kids Have 1000x Their Talent

  30. Jose roberto Sanchez cazarez

    Rami malek and this boy are amazing freddies ....

  31. Stupid Slut

    Smol bois

  32. M Music

    Girlfriend: I’m home alone
    Me : 1:10

  33. michele fusco

    non mi stancherò mai di guardare questo video.

  34. Carla Salaberry

    Press "F" To RESPECT
    Mission complete!!!

  35. Francisco Gonçalves

    Freddie Mercury is a Miracle❤

  36. Studio Šrauf'n Cingr

    Dad: so what did you play in that music video you were filming son?
    son: oh you know... Freddie Mercury

  37. lenn 714

    1:42 gave me goosebumps

  38. Twiki D

    OK, we are heading into 2020, and this is still one of my favorite Queen videos. Happy New Year to all

  39. MentalPerspectives

    That's day is very very near. 🔮

  40. Жажда Скорости NFS

    I Love this song, I love Queen. Queen, thank you

  41. Ярослав Б.

    When time will come...

    Gustavo O

    one day you see..

  42. Ashli Rojas

    Ahora se vuelve mas famoso guaynaa pero no digo que no los quiero de hecho amo a queen y tambien a guaynaa

  43. Walter Bunajul

    This amazing song really touch me. John Deacon, May, Freddy, Roger, what a band!!

  44. Евгений Халилов

    1:37 cool music)

  45. FistDaPam Matsvyy

    3:53 then again Roger cone out with only his "chopsticks" as Brian said. Hahaha

  46. FistDaPam Matsvyy

    The kid playing John did more better in dancing but still, no one can beat the classic disco deacy

  47. CanadianAviation 12

    1:10: I just died

  48. KockaL Music

    If you are waiting for Freddie and the whole band,here you go.Costs 1 like.

    3:21,and 30 seconds later at 3:51
    From 4:01 is the best(funniest)part.

    Also can we talk about how little Roger nailed it

  49. maria Huang Jurado

    This is cute!!! 🎵♥️

  50. Marcelo Salazar

    Jaja al principio creí que era una chica v:

  51. joe’s mazzelhoe

    tell me why that kid actually looks like roger

  52. Gerald Hall

    Those kids did a great job.

  53. CanadianAviation 12

    John: Oh I’m just chillin

  54. lenn 714

    I’m still wondering is the kid acting Freddie Mercury actually singing

  55. Matchu

    This would make a good TV show. 'lil Queen' they go on adventures, defeat the evil record companies, and sell out a huge concert every episode.

  56. Baron Will

    I was 5 in 1989, now I'm 35, those kids look older than me at the time, so I guess now they are around 40 or so.

  57. Loli Sierra Loja

    I LOVE forever

  58. Kumiko Wetter

    ミニQueen 可愛い過ぎるなぁ❤️❤️❤️

  59. Eddie Pechman

    I love how little John is just jamming with Real John.

  60. Patrick Stocks

    30th anniversary

  61. deniz otan

    this song has the best bass line ever please listen carfulley

  62. 윤준서

    Little brian is older than my dad right now

  63. Сосо Мазашвили


  64. Luk4s Frink3s

    The Miracle

  65. Dr.DispenSING

    Must've been such a fun video to shoot!

  66. Dr.DispenSING

    My goodness! where were these kids when the movie was being made?! 😄

  67. Anonymous

    So underrated

  68. Cristian Torres 1712

    Mini queen vs queen la leyenda

  69. girl_ illustrator

    Me laughing:😂😂😂

  70. Mister Evans

    everyone looking for a miracle down here earth

  71. mary gesha ybañez

    They so cute😍

  72. Alguien en el mundo osiosi

    Putos niños con suerte.

  73. many æ

    Queen you are so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👑👑👑👑

  74. William Darkhölme

    We need a sequel to Bohemian rhapsody called The Great Pretender or Farewell Mr Farenheit. As long as we have a scene with some kids who can sing The Miracle. At the end of the movie people are mourning Freddie Mercury and a 15 year old walks up and sings Friends will be Friends. Mary Austin and Jim Hutton and Queen join in and sing at Freddie Mercury memorial with the fans and the 15 year old. Now that's a movie that gets an Academy Award for outstanding performance. That 15 year old would be the same kid from the scene of The Miracle. Along with his friends.

  75. Renny Kaňová

    When I first saw this videoclip I dont know much about Queen so I think tthis kids is their sons
    (Bad english sorry) 😂

  76. saflynn14

    These kids are reallllllly good!

  77. saflynn14

    This is such a fun video!

  78. Kappa014

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who was moved here the "fathers and sons" part came here...

  79. Neutro X

    oh my god this is the best clip made by queen i loved the song too dont get me wrong

  80. Pasquale Ramundo

    The Queen is a Miracle!!!

  81. Boris BriTvA


  82. Ronaldo Lima

    O moleque representou!
    Tirou onda e conheceu o ídolo!!!

  83. Sara Grazzi


  84. Sarah Na

    Every time I see this video, I keep repeating in my head: how lucky these kids are.. I'm not even born yet when Queen making this video.

  85. VAIDOT. AS

    mini mercury


    Good day to Brain, Roger, John....and, eventually, to every Queen fan! I am also a Queen fan. I am from Slovakia.....and in Slovakia, there we commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the so - called « Velvet revolution» or «Gentle revolution» nowadays. It was the peacefull, bloodless revolution, which occured in November of 1989 - in what was then Czechoslovakia. In 1989, the Slovakia was still a part of Czechoslovakia. In Czechoslovakia, there was a Communist dictatorship from1948 to 1989. The aforementioned revolution toppled the aforementioned dictatorship within Czechoslovakia. In the same year = 1989 - the Queen album » The Miracle« was released. My question chiefly for Brian, Roger, and John is: « Did you all and Freddie Mercury observe the informations about the Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia, and, eventually, about all 1989 - Communist - Bloc - revolutions in mass-media?» And my next question is : « What did every member of the band Queen think about the aforementioned revolution (s)? Were they the miracle (s), according to your opinion(s)?»

  87. Mercia Hora

    Amo ele é as música dele
    Meu filho de 9 anos 😲😲

  88. Molly Rogers

    Can't tell who looks more like Brian
    This kid, Gwylim Lee or Brian May?

  89. Ördög Száva

    Freddie is my role model forevet

  90. Delilah

    The miracle freddie mercury 😍💟💖

  91. The fat Mango

    mini deaky is just really deaky possessing a child's body.
    Change my mind

  92. Samantha Jones

    What a cool video! I hope those kids knew how lucky they were and cherish that time with the band!

  93. Haşim Yeltetik

    İt is a wonderful

  94. Ciro Zaccaria

    Che energia! The Queen marvoulus!