Queen - Rain Must Fall Lyrics

I can see it in your stars
Life is so exciting,
Acting so bizarre
Your world is so inviting
Playing really cool
And looking so mysterious
Your every day is full of sunshine
But into every life a little rain must fall.

Anyone who imagines
They can blind you with science
Bully you all over
With property and finance
But you have position
To call the shots and name the price
You found success and recognition
But into every life a little rain must fall

You lead a fairy tale existence
But into every life a little rain must fall

Others seem to think
You are over dramatising
Problems at work
So it's hardly surprising
There's little you can do
To alter their opinions
You want a clean reputation
But now you're facing complications
'Cos into every life a little rain must fall

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Queen Rain Must Fall Comments
  1. Lorto Botanico

    as ryuka ideki i canconfirm that this song is the kira of the pain

  2. James Collins

    Great bass but its Brian's wonderful solo which makes the song. Five singles came off the Miracle album but this wasn't one of them.

  3. Catherine Robson

    The vocals are drowned in drums and guitar must be a remaster

  4. Dima Кулачихин

    Everyone who thinks this song is bad and don't fucking romernas long you need to understand that the Queen is not just a rock there is some sort of group is the universe itself a United team with their pros as they will not find anywhere else especially Freddie he is just superb is a real talent to sing in such a huge diverse style of songs is impossible, every song with its own atmosphere, this is probably without any exaggeration the best band in the world, can't imagine how I love her

  5. Dima Кулачихин

    Все кто считает эту песню плохой и не хрена не рокерной давно нужно понять что Queen это не просто рок какая то там группа это сама всленная, такого дружного колектива со своими професионалами как они нигде не найдёшь особенно Фредди он просто безподобен это настоящий талант, петь в таком огромном разноплановом стиле песен это невозможно, каждая песня со свой атмосферой, это пожалуй без всяких приувеличений самая лучшая музыкальная группа в мире, не могу представить себе как я ее люблю

  6. thehitman2001uk

    The Miracle album is one of the best!

  7. hamul hamul

    I wish the bass was louder in this song

  8. Harlow Rioux

    Love the carribean feel Roger has on the drums. Really brilliant.

  9. Geovanna Martins

    Deaky😍🎸🎸🎸 love you infinitely!!!!

  10. Maisie McDonald

    “Kiss kiss”

  11. Freddie Joel Dreemurr

    Funky...makes me wanna dance ;D
    I Love this song, it's such a bop.

  12. dicer31

    Hakuna Matata. No wait

  13. Fat Maggot

    Song for elevator

  14. Karina Romanenko

    Maaaaay.... That May.

  15. Nic M

    Love this song!! 💛😘💛😘💛

  16. ShreadTheWeapon

    Fun number, almost says “Rhythm of the Night”.

  17. Vitor Machado

    They were all great composers, but John Deacon mad same of the best songs in the band

  18. Alani Paredes

    This song it's amaizing <3 !
    And underrated:(

  19. Jacki Hansen

    ORRRR maybe ALOT of "rain" :'( :'( :'(

  20. Kate Sunny

    Rain must fall and Freddie must live!!!

  21. Hunter Wakelin

    This is in my opinion Queen’s most underrated song, would even consider one of my favourites. I listen to it when I’m happy!

  22. Eileen Anderson

    Even although Freddie is singing about the rain you can definatley feel the sunshine in this song.kiss kiss

  23. Birgit Trolljenta

    the most underrated Queen Song ever!

  24. Vitor Machado

    Essa música é MUITO positiva 👦👍

  25. Jihan Soesanto

    I be missing you Freddy 😭

  26. Fabbio Parrinello

    Ops.è proprio fenomenale

  27. Heyyy Rick

    This is strangely good
    Well, it's Queen, it has to be good.

  28. Fernando Manzanares

    I've just noticed that at 1:43 there's a very similar (the same?) sound effect as one that appears during the first verse of The Show Must Go On.

  29. Elincoln Blake

    Brian’s tastiest guitar solo period.Cheers Long Live Freddie

  30. wr0ngun


  31. Maggie Villacis

    This song is fun. I like!.

  32. Joadson Macedo

    MY TIME MACHINE: In 08/29/2019 - Joadson Mac. was here appreciating this beautiful song!

  33. Rohan R.

    This song would’ve sounded great live.

  34. Lannwit

    I was listening it while riding a bike and thought it'd be funny if it'd started to rain... and it started to rain, literally XD

  35. Gary Hogsten

    Queen- island music, yes please.

  36. Biswa Borkakoty

    👍👌 in the early 90s... this song was always on my lips

  37. Kylie Sanders

    This song makes my days full of sunshine 😍😍😍😍

  38. David Bull

    Unfortunately this sounds very dated compared to the rest of the album

    Pirate Cat

    i dont think so

    Pirate Cat

    i think was it all worth it sounds like its early queen


    Both Miracle and Innuendo sound early 90s, but that's actually what I love about them. I put a playlist together, hehe. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGP6FBvf5tT6LZbQ1HQKbQMrPsDZRCLTx

    Jane A

    When you start putting labels on music, defining it's up-to-dateness or genre... it means that you're not really into it and more worried about what other people think of you listening to it.
    Pity you. Queen's music doesn't need justification, any of it.

    Juliet Lambert

    Jane A - yes! I don't want to judge anyone but queen were always proudly eclectic and defiantly eluded categorisation. Freddie was especially vocal about rejecting labels and hated all the negativity/contempt that goes with being categorised. I love the diversity of style and courageous playfulness that often comes out in Freddie and John's songs.

  39. Pirate Cat

    This so underrated

  40. Niaomi Louise

    Love this song! Has a wham feel to it

  41. Joseph Luna

    Calypso music?

  42. Maria Helena Preiman

    Is it me or do the lyrics sound like Freddie is really talking to himself?
    Such as:
    "see it in your stars", (Freddie had reportedly said: "I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend.")
    "life is so exciting"/"your world is inviting" (what a fan would think of him),
    "looking mysterious" (to both his fans and bandmembers),
    "everyday is full of sunshine... but rain must fall" (his lifestyle...until the "rain came"),
    "you're in position to call the shots" (had the power and money to do what he wanted, including crazy parties and such -> "life is exciting"),
    "you found success and recognition",
    "you want a clean reputation" (people knowing about AIDS in the 80's wouldn't have been good to his reputation; people believed it was gay disease (and being gay was morally wrong and disgusting at the time); i think someone even said that AIDS was self-inflicted gay suicide),
    "but now your're facing complications" (such as AIDS and related health problems).

    Similarly, "I'm going slightly mad" was also written and filmed in that lighthearted / goofy / happy way --- despite the song really being about his AIDS-related complication of deteriorating mental health.
    What do you think?

    Pirate Cat

    What do you think
    "Anyone who imagines they can blind you with science, bully you all over in property and finance" means?

    Maria Helena Preiman

    ​@Pirate Cat I don't really know. Of course, the lyrics might be about someone else (some have suggested Flo Jo, as he can be heard shouting that) or really about no one particular but just as a general story about success.
    However, "bully with property/finance" might very well be a general annoyance of artistic people towards managers who tend to care more about profit and therefore pressurize them to create something they think will be more popular (= and profitable) instead of letting artists create what they really want to create.
    But "blind you with science"? Not sure. It's a stretch and a very wild guess but back then many AIDS treatments were experimental, so maybe that's were the "science" comes in? Maybe "blind someone" as in give someone false/too much hope (humans do tend to hope that science will solve all our problems)? In which case "bully with property/finance" might refer to his final years where managers and people close to him might have 'annoyed' him to get the financial stuff straight before he was gone while he just wanted to keep making music, putting his soul to it until he still could.
    But of course, we will never know.

    Juliet Lambert

    Freddie and John seemed very symbiotic, very in sync - their lyrics often mirror each other's emotions/private pain/probably shared memories of early life experiences... I often hear two distinct voices in their lyrics asking/confiding/reassuring/comforting/teasing/encouraging/empathising/loving...
    This song almost certainly comes from positive/defiantly life-affirming conversations on past/present life experiences of both Freddie and John. In interviews Freddie said more than once that he loved singing John's songs because they were often very life-affirming. It takes a lot of true strength and courage to be positive (and even cheerful) while enduring pain - this song is very sweet and loving in that it acknowledges so much, especially Freddie's warmth, his need to feel joy and be playful.

  43. Smile 65

    The Boise is crystal clear

  44. Sandra Chavarria

    Love it

  45. Boboto 3

    Underrated song

  46. protector of superheroes

    dear john, your songs are beautiful and full of colors and cures me, i love you

  47. Людмила Калюжная

    Любила и люблю❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👑👑👑👑👑СВЕТЛАЯ ПАМЯТЬ😔😭😭🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  48. Street Food

    Hehe 69 dislikes


  49. David Finn

    Freddie’s “Flo-Jo” namedrop @1:45 is a reference to American track & field athlete Florence Griffith Joyner, Olympic Gold medalist (she won 3 in 1988) also “known for her bold fashion choices”

    Sakeena Savahl

    David Finn I kept wondering what that meant.

  50. Grace Antonio

    Such a funhappy cool headed danceable song, John is the cool baby of Queen 😎 uknow & Freddie's singing is great as usual. QUEEEEEEEEN ohyeah!

  51. Curie Fong

    What a real shame he retired after Freddie's passing but he had his fill and we totally respect his decision....

  52. 某Twitterの人


  53. Interesting Things

    This song brings so much warmth into my heart. To think it was sung by a man who knew his days were counted.

  54. Lori Reece

    Just when I thought I’d heard it all,...I find yet another gem that I hadn’t heard!

    peter lederbauer

    So did I!

  55. CrazyLittleThingCalledTiina Bear

    Imagine Freddie with banana hat and Roger with congoes...

  56. Ta Pelé

    It sounds like a Michael Jackson's song 😮😮😮

  57. CrazyLittleThingCalledTiina Bear

    Woah i have conga party in my ear!

  58. Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D30)

    The jam to it makes me dance 😆

  59. Las críticas De emiliano

    rain must fall

  60. BenDizzy19

    This song sounds very tropical.


    So true ! ^^

  61. Paco Fernández

    In my bottom 3 among all Queen songs! Quite tacky and do not fancy all those cheesy fake string arrangements ... But still I like to listen to it because, Ladies and gentlemen it's Queen!!!!

    Interesting Things

    Which string arrangements?

    Pirate Cat

    its a bloody masterpiece
    What are your top 3?

  62. StevenM801

    that bass is all over the place.. just like how i like it.

  63. Vic

    Beautiful bassline!!

  64. Mers Hernandez

    love it <3

  65. Galaxy Ninja

    Another Under Rated Queen Song :/ ~I FRICKIN' LOVE THIS SONG

  66. momen huda

    Bollywood copy this masterpiece.. and I know after many years..

    Adam Bendelow

    And queen copied young hearts run free.

  67. frlr_kun

    How to know if it's a Deacon track:
    It's very danceable


    I just thought... This gotta be a Deacon song.


    Well, they didn't call him Disco Deacy for nothing.


    John was the guy who demonstrated the uncanny knack for writing both boogie and bouncy!

    Matheus R2D2

    I like his songs

  68. Bożena Mikłasz Sendecka

    crazy good song

  69. Alex International

    i love it too, :)

  70. Marie Grimes

    A fantastic John Deacon & Freddie Mercury collaboration - so light and fun with a great beat. It may be a departure from the "usual" Queen sound but wasn't that their goal? Queen didn't have one specific sound - they just gave us great music.

  71. Broken Heart

    es hermosa esta cancion!!!! <3

  72. Ha Sa

    I can smell and taste tropical fruit when I listen to this for some reason

    Margarita Souss

    Most of Johns songs :)

  73. NekromRasenn

    Why this song is underrated

  74. Yachter

    It’s the most 80’s song, *I LOVE IT!*

  75. Shuyu Wang

    This is precious. Every time I feel sad I just pull this out and it always makes me feel loved again. I can't describe how lovely this song is to me, it made my rainy days full of sunshine. I praise Freddie and John with my life. ❤

  76. Giovanni Matta

    After Freddie...John is my favorite...fantastic bassist e song writer..

  77. Rømane Deaky

    Listen the Deacy's bass line.

  78. Kevin Burke

    Everybody knows when John Deacon writes a song

  79. kiconco scovie mucyo

    Every John deacon song has some funky feel to it......I love

  80. Larasaty deriasmei

    This is how Freddie and Deaky cures my depression :')

    Pati szon

    Ohhh yes 😢💙


    Quem está ouvindo em 2019 dá um link 👍

  82. Shneha Prasad

    Roger is just killing it ! He always does , that man is just great!

  83. Aisyah

    this song gives me a major summer vibe eventho it's about rain

  84. Ika Luv


  85. Marco Franceschini


    Marco Franceschini


  86. Oscar Robayo

    please forgive me but i have to say it, i love all the Queen music.... ok i confess my guilt, i´m a real Queen fan lover!!!

  87. PnoyAllout Media

    Yeah i love it now, i play this song everyday and night

  88. Stanislas Lefort

    That solo..thank u Mr may

  89. chema sc

    the melody reminds me of tina turner's 'simply the best', but both songs were released in the same year, 1989, so i guess it was a coincidence. a beautiful song anyway.

  90. Droosy1 1

    HONEY parts are missing in the lyrics :)


    John Deacon wrote this right? Just checking.

    Ika Luv

    BABBY BOBABS Brian May



    AdisoN12 no i fajnie

    Well, I don't have good news...

  93. dryslug

    earthbound song

  94. Sapphire Shine

    This is such a fucking bop yasss

  95. Pranay Vadapally

    Hmm this song has good vocals and vibe but is missing something epic...
    (@1:46) Brian May: Hold my beer...

  96. EB 03

    This song is totally true. In life, good and bad things both happen maybe once in a while or maybe too often, but one thing will always be true: To enjoy life to the fullest, good and bad moments have to occur in order to make life worthy to live.

  97. Nelson Montana

    This is most un-Queen song I ever heard.

  98. Sab A.B

    Thank god for John Deacon


    While you're at it thank god for Freddie Mercury


    And Brian May


    And Roger Taylor

    Jami Ghani Jr

    @ShinigamiChopper they meant for this song. I doubt Brian and Roger would write something like this. Freddie and John yeah