Queen - Party Lyrics

We had a good night jamming away,
There was a full moon showing,
And we started to play,
But in the cold light of day next morning
Party was over,
The party was over.

We got love and we got style,
And we got sex and I know we got what it takes oh, oh,
Why don't you come back and play,
Come back and play, come back and play,
We got all night all day,
Everybody's gone away,
Why don't you come back and play, come back and play, come back and play,
Come back and play, Go get 'em boy - let's party,
We had a food fight in somebody's face,
We were up all night singing
And giving a chase,
But in the cold light of day next morning.
Everybody was hung-over.
Come back and play, come back and play,
We got all night all day,
Everybody's gone away,
Why don't you come back and play,
Come back and play,
We got all night and we got all day,
We got all night to play,
Come back, comeback, comeback, comeback, comeback and play,
Goodbye, Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, the party is over.

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Queen Party Comments
  1. Salma Vandari

    I am very happy for Death of Freddy bustard

  2. Елена Крапивина

    Видео конечно да! Даже спустя более 30 лет!

  3. Omar Mardi

    Beethoven was crazy. He did crazy music. Mercury was crazy. He did normal music. That's it.

  4. breno Saldanha

    Sodoma e Gomorra 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    Sam 022

    Queen é foda chora mais

    breno Saldanha

    Sam 022 realmente , quem apoia e vive nessa vida de pederastia, vai chorar eternamente depois sem volta

    Sam 022

    @breno Saldanha ele aproveitou o máximo, pode ser uma lição de vida pra quem acredita no desconhecimento depois da morte,fredy foi foda se pra tudo e a doença custou caro

  5. Coco Chanel

    This is fake well half of It is

  6. Coco Chanel

    Mary was like let me go and he wouldn’t let go 🤨😂

  7. Nour Elalmi

    Mamaaaaaaa I'm in love with a gay man

  8. Karasawa Takahiro

    yajyu party

  9. Nelson Varona

    Freddie mercury was killed by his doing

  10. Paweł Morrison

    Jeez im sure the music was better tho

  11. Hakan Aslan

    Homoseksüel is bad

  12. Цуроева Любовь


  13. josef k.

    What a hell :)

  14. Joe Mamma

    Unbelievable greatness and unspeakable sickness are not mutually exclusive.

  15. Joe Mamma

    I’d feel more at home if I were in the bar scene from Star Wars.

  16. Joe Mamma

    The wives of the other band members looking around like “how the F did I end up here”.

    Johanne Rodrigue

    Lol your funny... everyone is different and so if people did not want to go, no one was holding there hands..... and again, people have / had the choice to lister to something eals in a click of the finger...

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  18. sherri sanders

    Dont do a remake of a classic song ~ it doesn't work but other than that love love love this video! Deacon is hilarious!

  19. sherri sanders

    There is not one minute that Freddie in this that Freddie is not beautiful. He is so beautiful and when he talks or sings💖💖

  20. Pilar RR


  21. pame1977

    In my opinion, all this fear of gays, in some people, hides a latent homosexuality. Have fun and be less moralists

    Joe Mamma

    I’ve known an incalculable number of people who have a problem with homosexuality. Yet I’ve never met anyone who’s beliefs could be accurately described with the word fear.


    @Joe Mamma which is the most common word they describe?

  22. Jigyasa Hasija Sondhi

    Good Lord! This party looks weird, scary, awesome, fun... All at the same time! What a generation! They look more brave (for want of a better word) than us

  23. Radheksa Bintang Akbar

    *heterosexuality has left chat*

  24. joe ham

    after this party god puniah him with hiv ... horrible

  25. Gemblung Nolimit

    The legend of aids

  26. Bilbo Bagins

    Such a weird bunch of cunts

  27. Julka Mazurkiewicz

    3:52 and 4:11 John is me at every party lol
    And also 4:27 and 4:48

  28. Margot Recabarren

    It’s the same party at the Video LIVING ON MY OWN!
    An exotic and joyful party..., and, a so sad lyrics song!! Made me feel sad after all.

    The same singer who sang “Living on my own” will sing after “In my defence”, and “Too much love will kill you” ... even if he didn’t write the lyrics.., he sang those song from the bottom of his heart!

    Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break down and cry, so lonely
    Nowhere to go, nothing to do with my time
    I get lonely, so lonely, living on my own.
    Sometimes I feel I'm always walking too fast, so lonely
    And everything is coming down on me, down on me, I go crazy
    Oh so crazy, living on my own.
    Dee do de de, dee do de de
    I don't have no time for no monkey business
    Dee do de de, dee do de de
    I get so lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, yeah
    Got to be some good times ahead
    Sometimes I feel nobody gives me no warning
    Find my head is always up in the clouds in a dreamworld
    It's not easy, living on my own, my own, my own
    . .., I think he really enjoyed the party... fully.., but that’s not mean he really was happy (Sorry about my English)

  29. Joshua Smith

    Freddie used to have little people walk around with Cocaine on plates on their heads. There is your hero liberals. Go ahead compromise your values for Freddie Mercury


    Money can't buy your health and time, but Fredy bought eternal life as a legend.

  31. 777

    Disgusting ...a satanic Party

  32. Ro 2

    not gana lie weirdest thang bout dis video is knowin John Deacon wuz present at those parties 🤣🤣

  33. Hüseyin

    Countdown to death began from here..

    Joe Mamma

    No, much earlier. The short hair mustache look was 80’s. By all accounts, he was probably infected in the mid 70’s.

  34. Zod-Clash royale and Clash of clans

    Sodom and gomorrah. No wonder why he died of aids like his friends. Getting fucked in ass everyday strangers several times a day isn't healthy.

  35. ホーリーナイト

    5:04~Michael jackson!?

  36. Klien rose Mendoza

    good times faded by time, now the wrath of god will bring freddie soul and his companions in ROTTING HELL forever and ever without dying.

    Mr Lion

    Fuck you retarded ass religious zealot. Freddie is at peace, let him be piss off with your ridiculous shit

  37. Dzalu Edytia

    The gay party

  38. Elso Rrito

    2:29 elton Jonh?

  39. Lorenzo F

    All Due Respect, what a Freak Show..

  40. who am i? i am who?

    Men have penis Women has vagina but still aim for asshole?

  41. Ginette Parada

    Claro, los que critican son santos que van todos los domingos a la iglesia y que en su vida bebieron o tuvieron sexo... la hipocresía sobrepasa todo limite...

  42. Hey! It's me Aaron

    Brian looking like Marco Pier

  43. Barb Khan

    I wish i was invited to a wild party like that!

  44. Adriana Смитт

    Садом и гамора...жесть...

  45. V3ntilator

    The real "Lord of the Rings".

  46. Lightning Chan

    Y’all saying this is satanic obviously don’t love Queen at all.

    1. This shit was far from satanic.

    2. *This looks like hella fun wtf y’all haters talking about*

    Y’all just a buncha haters 😂

    Ginette Parada

    And hypocrites like nowadays this kind of parties weren't popular... but what Freddie did was "tremendous" just because he was gay...

  47. T Series

    HIV: i'm gonna end this man whole carrer

  48. Cavansir Kerimov

    Fuck off gays

  49. Vive Salud

    Que Asco..... dan Asco. Son Asquerosos. Y de mentalidad Enferma

  50. Sanrafael12

    Esto si era un pinche party !! C’est la vie Mercury!! Love it!

  51. Will E. Fistergash

    I used to be in love with Samantha Fox... and her gigantic knockers

  52. Claudelino da conceicao lopes

    Muita promiscuidade Fredy....infelizmente pagou com a vida ( Eu to Triste ) ao assistir isso

  53. Freddie MERCURY forever


  54. Deborah Wagner

    I knew someone that went to those rock parties, I heard about singer of R & B, those parties were not much different, food everywhere, drugs everywhere, they didn't show that mountain of cocaine on the table, along with the syringes. The parties were and still today the same as yesterday. Celeb's who have crazy money, they party HARD!

  55. WestKing

    Now i know how he got AIDS

  56. Petra Popoviciu

    Ewww paul in the background

  57. Booo

    What was that at 3:47? I’m shook

    Katrin A.

    read the caption (:

    Zod-Clash royale and Clash of clans

    Female mud fights

  58. za moi

    I wonder myself if Brian May as well has the same tendency because he seems so innocent for me!

  59. pino iaconis

    I recon 100 of them got aids that night.

  60. Ольга Смирнова

    Устраивать праздники как Фредди мало кто умел, оттягивался пацан по серьезному)) кстати читала что на этих вечеринках иногда присутствовала и принцесса Диана переодетая в мужское чтоб ее никто не узнал так как присутствовать на подобных вечеринках для людей такого ранга это сами понимаете. И ещё я читала гипотезы как могли заразить Фредди. Некоторые предполагают что это сделали специально в больнице. Сейчас я думаю что действительно могли и было за что.

    Joe Mamma

    Ольга Смирнова
    I wouldn’t put money against it.

  61. Drakula

    Gandome gomoseksuali💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👏🏻👏🏻

  62. jhon fuentes

    Vida desenfrenada,murió en su ley,de Dios nadie se burla!!cerdo asqueroso era ese Mercuri!!

  63. Monthe Keker

    Gay party at least😆

  64. Durpy Meme

    My life

  65. Lucas Crafes

    Yall are scared if that party but i wish i could be there for at least one second

  66. Bob Riedel

    AIDS, anyone?

  67. Vinicius Pereira

    Vasco da Gama

    Sam 022

    Tri rebaixadeixon





  68. Gacha Allih




  69. Khaled Kh

    كان شاذ عشان هيك صابه الايدز

  70. Crocky Crock

    Freddie was an amazing singer and performer and Queen as a group were the dogs bollocks, But......... Fuck going to that party, Loads of gay men who were probably infected with full blown Aids, Gary Glitter and Michael Jackson, two of the most famous popstar Peadophiles!!!!! Dodgy as fuck!!!!

  71. The7mikalo


  72. Angel Pie

    Freddie Mercury parties makes Hugh Hefner parties at the Playboy Mansion look like School Kids having a birthday party. Freddy sure knew how to throw a party.

  73. Azlan zayn

    I hate gay

  74. Sawtooth Survival

    A Whole Lotta Butt fucking went on that night I bet?

  75. Zack Ary

    Why I feel so weird and everything is wrong with that party.

    Marija CroGirl

    Because you are normal human being. This party is full of satanic forces and ocultism. Disgusting how can anyone enjoy in this tipe of "fun". Sodomah and Gomorah are nothing compare to this.

    Mannik Dhadwal

    Its 70s dude. I don't think I will have to say more.

  76. Lee lee

    Wild, crazy, no room for moral , no wonder you get AIDS

  77. Hakim2307

    i'm sure that these parties finished in orgy!

    Joe Mamma

    You’re assuming that was only at the end?

  78. Hakim2307


  79. j 7

    Nice dead with hiv..hahah this is karma from god.

  80. Alif Laam Miim

    The God father of gay, having sex party, then he died by AIDS, no wonder why

  81. Sudipta Nandy

    Brian May is such a decent person.

  82. IronMan Three

    dead, creamated and gone forever...hahahaaaaa....gone..and done with.

  83. Toria

    Ugh wtf that looks like so much fun. Lol at the negative comments, I'd kill to go to a party like that.

    Joe Mamma

    Very appropriate choice of words. Since the party definitely killed many of them.

  84. La Wera Mas Firme

    Simply Red was there . . how cute!

  85. James Pappas

    1:37 Gary Glitter, known pedophile.

  86. Rakesh Pavan

    @5:06 is he Michael Jackson..

  87. Rakesh Pavan

    2:30 is he John Elton..?

  88. Bella Mahe

    Not sure why so many people are watching this and then making a negative comment regarding his lifestyle. Is it just to have a go a someone who was an amazing individual, achieved great things in his lifetime and you haven't? Appreciate Freddie for the unique amazing person that he was, and value that fact that everyone is different, otherwise wouldn't life be very boring.

  89. Bobby Andrew

    The king of pop is their :) Lol

  90. Valery Diachenko

    I wish I were there and saw him💜. Cool parties

  91. Deepesh Basnet

    some shit head people should stay calm. why the hell y'all talking nonsense about the deceased person??? he threw party because he always felt lonely and alone. besides it's none of your fucking business to diss him. his money, his life and his fate whatever he wanted he did. at the end of the day he was a nice human who showed equality, loved every person and trusted them and entertained us all with his talent and humor... love Queen team and Freddie Mercury...

  92. glorietta eroy

    That time, Freddie was very lonely and sad that's why he did that party. He wanted to move on from broken-hearted with Mary.


    Give me a break; he wasn't that broken hearted; He didn't love her as a lover. He loved her like a sister / friend and she was his beard.

  93. drag spil qartveli

    Dirty AIDS party 🎈

    Mr Fahrenheit

    drag spil qartveli hurka durka durka

  94. Олег Дьячков

    Голубая луна всему виной

  95. Carrie M

    Looks fun as hell to me. YOLO 😁