Queen - My Babe Does Me Lyrics

My baby
Baby does
My baby does, me good
My baby does
May baby does me
My baby does me good

My lady
Understands me, right

She understands me
She understands me
Understands me right
My baby cares
She really cares
She knows what's really right for me
Does me good then she hurts me so
She winds me up then lets me go
Turns me on and then tells me no
She's just a pussy cat

My baby loves me
My baby loves me
My baby cuffs me
One day she tells me that she cares
Another day she tells me she don't love me
She really really does me

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Queen My Babe Does Me Comments
  1. Walter Spagnolo

    Sade sound s... Amazing

  2. Студія звукозапису Crystal Sound Production

    Awesome song! Take a listen to a cover version created in our studio - https://youtu.be/QphtCsmBYd8

  3. IAM BAD

    💁🙇 🤩🤳

  4. Radames Boscolo

    My khashoggi ship to stars!!

  5. sahim moamed

    01:43 to: 01:57 are better

  6. isabella d'ambros

    Grande Freddy sei un mito

  7. Radames Boscolo

    ..music please.

  8. Jan Levak

    Pořád dobré písničky,které se budou hrát pořád.

  9. Aaish

    Freddie i love you madly ❤️😍😘

  10. PLATOON72

    Death to adam lambert.

  11. Radames Boscolo

    Do me to..

  12. Maggie Villacis

    I never will leave to listen to Queen!

  13. Koner Hays

    0:54 oh dear😳

  14. Symphony Eliza

    Slow down to 0.75😍

  15. Έλενα Μπ

    this song makes me wanna lap dance on Roger taylor

  16. Jeff dr

    It hurts but he warns us..how the pussy cat can make a man does(her) good...for a man..its so deeply lyrical means a lot
    ..tnx Mr .Freddie



  18. Mrs Fahrenheit

    I bet Fred is talking about his cats in this smooth one right here😅😊

  19. Radames Boscolo

    People do you live..hear so please...

  20. o Heinonen

    "See the best of freddie mercury, brian may and roger taylor." Fuck. They forget JOHN DEACON.....

  21. paula johnson

    Lord did it just get really hot in here or is it just me panting !

  22. Hi There

    Who else is out of breath? 🥵🤫😶☺️

  23. Nina

    Freddie came up with the Riff on this song. Versatile and talented. Lucky that he met the rest of the group when he did to catalyst their talent and his.

  24. nonbinary goat

    why did the logo cover john's face at the start sdjskjdsakdjsads

  25. Frankye auditore

    May isn't mysfire, spread your wings, cool cat but is a deacey song

  26. ruth julca acosta

    One of my favorite songs of The Miracle

  27. Josie F

    Rock n’ roll tune with sweet af lyrics. That’s queen for ya

  28. Joseph Luna

    It remembers me to Cool Cat

  29. Maggie Villacis

    Those eyes are fantastic!!!!!

  30. Daniel Guzmán

    You stabb your knife oh wrong song 0:08

  31. Jo Naunee

    Well... She is a gemini for sure....

  32. маргарита онищенко

    mmmm cool song!!!

  33. kokoszanel

    "Maria Maria" by Santana sounds a lot like the beginning of this song

  34. Ellie Gem

    sounds like a hot space song kind of

  35. Murat Duman

    Let's get this song over 1m+ views

  36. HelenaDax

    John is making his bass sing along Freddie and I love it.

  37. Alex International

    all the songs are amazing, i love this one too,

  38. Marie Grimes

    Beautiful sultry, soul stirring music by John and Freddie. :) I do not understand why the description doesn't list John Deacon - that's an inexcusable oversight especially from the Official Queen YouTube channel.


    Omg, why they did that?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Madein Heaven

    What a shame!!! There is an interview in 1989 where the interviewer asks where the idea of the song comes from. John says, 'Freddie wrote the bass line.' And Freddie laughs and tell John 'no, you did it.' Jonh insists and Freddie laughs again. They did it together like many others. John should be mentioned. Freddie would be hurt to know that he's not given the right credit, more than John himself.


    He doesn't want to be credited

  39. elizabeth wood

    From the mouth of Deaky even!

  40. elizabeth wood

    Just for the record folks, Freddie wrote this bassline. Heard it the mouth of Deaky.


    yes He said it in the radio interview " Queen for an hour " in 1989.

  41. Alejandro Toshio Kp

    El Bajo es toda la canción :v ese Bajo es increíble

    Mar A

    El bajo y la voz de Freddie

  42. Gina Valdivieso

    The Freddie’s voice , the guitar and the bass guitar y this song is sooo ... 😍😍🙌🏻👌🏻

  43. Lea G.M.

    The beginning (the drumming part) sounds like Africa by Toto...

  44. Katya Kralya

    Мало кто слышал класс великий Фредди!!

  45. Sara G

    listening in 0,5x speed for the vaporwave sake

  46. Ing. Katarína Ivancová

    One day she tells me that she cares another day she tells me she don’t love me ... she really does me....
    goosebumps all through the song. Absolute masterpiece 👍🏻

  47. Laura Angélica Melo

    Wow! That bass line is very sexy and catching. It sounds a little bit like Sade. What do you think about a Sade/Queen work? It would have been quite interesting.

  48. Katarzyna Kania

    i truly love the bassline

  49. Daniel B

    "See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor right here on YouTube." Where is John Deacon? Is this the Queen "Official" Channel?

    carlo .-.

    I thought they we're talking about individual works like Barcelona

    Becky Tweedale

    @Jack Daw there is no band left. Queen + Lambert has 2 drummers, 4 guitars, 2pianos and backup singers🙄


    I saw people complaining about this on many other queen songs, John doesn't want to be credited.

    Keston Decker

    Becky Tweedale They still have Spike Edney on Keyboards. He’s been with Queen since Freddie was alive. Also, it’s not like they are replacing Freddie with Adam. Adam is trying to honour Freddie’s music. And he is doing it very well as he’s got a great singing voice


    That's just because this channel is about Queen but also Freddie solo, Brian solo and Roger solo. John never recorded anything under his name, that's all. Let's not see evil everywhere

  50. Broken Heart

    me encanta

  51. Lunetta Margherita


  52. Jim Evans

    omg im so dirty minded over this song lol 😂 fact that John Deacon wrote this HAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Ah Dollar

    Deacon composed the music. The lyrics came from Mercury. Nothing more should be said.

  53. lady cheri

    This song is all i need like really unique.

  54. Jim Evans

    so what is this song all about again 😂

  55. Vladimir Rafael

    Turn it up a bit please
    My baby
    Baby does
    My baby does, me good
    My baby does
    My baby does me
    My baby does me good
    My lady
    Understands me right
    She understands me
    She understands me
    Understands me right
    My baby cares
    She really cares
    She knows what's really right for me
    Does me good then she hurts me so
    She winds me up then lets me go
    Turns me on and then tells me no
    She's just a pussy cat
    My baby loves me
    My baby loves me (ooh)
    My baby cuffs me (ooh)
    One day she'll tells me that she cares
    Another day she tells me she don't love me
    She really really does me
    Ooh, people do you believe this ?, do you ?
    Oo ooh, ah
    Ooh ooh ooh
    Ooh she really really really really really really aah, does me, hey

  56. Pedro Guedes

    Worst queen song

    Jim Evans

    not really lol 😂

  57. Sasha Martinez

    You Stan glogly life right in ma i guess es out🎶🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎧

  58. Radames Boscolo

    Bass dawn.iie.

  59. IP MJ

    Music remonds me on Sade Adu, maybe cause of bass line.

  60. Kiya Vas

    for all hotstone lovers outthere this is your jam

  61. Solomongrundy11

    It sounds like a Left Over from Hot Space, really like it ... smooth

    Street Food

    Solomongrundy11 same with dragon attack

  62. THEdrunkphoenix

    2019 mother fucker

  63. ana ogata

    Strip song

    ana ogata

    @Jim Evans Nice!!! Im 24 and fan since 12 💓💓

    ana ogata

    @Jim Evans watch some of Roger Taylor solo vídeos. I cant handle him 💜💜😂😂

    ana ogata

    @Jim Evans https://youtu.be/ObIbMdZclDU

    Jim Evans

    @ana ogata omg hhahahhaah yeah I watch some of them too lol as an old kpop fan and now Im a fan of this legendary band sexy concept always really make me laugh lol omg 😂

    ana ogata

    @Jim Evans 😂😂

  64. Ridzuan Md Nazir

    Kinda reminds me of hot space era Queen..

  65. Rose Frt


  66. mescalorma videos

    QUEEN ES PARA HETEROS!!!!!!!!!!!
    DEJEN DE JODERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Otto Hausner

    Моя баба дас[т] ми гуд!

  68. Zein Ma

    I'm outta here!

  69. Cristián Pavez

    Sounds like a great SADE song with the unique voice of Freddie.

  70. the Bride of Frankenstein

    I want Freddie to come back :(

  71. Daniel Evergreen


  72. Radames Boscolo

    This is the band queen.'90 work-for to..

  73. vlastimir77

    So awesome, so good. John Deacon and Freddie Mercury <3

  74. Nicoleta Zerv

    Sexiest song of Queen!!!

    Mcgarvey Music

    No that's get down make love lol

    Bart Sola


    couch potato

    Body Language?


    No, that’s “Tie Your Mother Down”.

  75. MrBluemanworld

    Never heard it before... the king, folks.

  76. Dreek Gee13

    0:55 agony

  77. JCRGH

    This sounds like something straight out of the hot space album, I love it!

    Ob 1

    but better 100x

  78. metalperslfx

    he could be talking about his cats

    Cammie Lennon

    "turns me on and then tells me no" uhh... im calling the police

    Maria Maltseva

    Of course it's about a woman, don't be ridiculous


    Nice ‘n catastrophic.

    Margarita Souss

    Didn’t John write it?

    Mar A

    @Margarita Souss
    Es una canción que escribieron Freddie y John, los dos juntos. Está genial!

  79. dana T

    Thanks to Freddie Mercury for his music and vocal and thanks to Queen 👑 to make Freddie the most amazing voice of all times 💜💕😘🎊💖👸☺️👑

  80. Henrique Pereira

    Os caras eram bons de mais.

  81. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO

    So that was exactly me saying so George despite was just 11 at the moment as he wrote "One More Try" 1987 about

    Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO

    It will NEVER help to find any happiness to anyone by just flattering any of my comments. As moreover that person will stay forever and ever in a very true as real shit I know the place for in Kyiv where all Kyivan absolutely real shit as canalisation is gathered

  82. mircea roman

    unfortunately my baby does me wrong but this song does me good.

  83. Romi Irazú

    Ohh Freddie's Voice ♡♡♡♡

  84. Rover Waters

    sounds like a leftover from 1982

    Έλενα Μπ

    I literally thought it was from the works or hot space

  85. Emmanuel Mensah

    Once again john deacon your basslines give me a sense of pleasure thank you


    No wonder his wife got pregnant 6 times.

    nikoletta papaxatzi

    @Megan lmao

  86. Swedish American

    Freddie resurrects the Hot space sound but Brian is not lost in the mix at all here.

  87. ilmelangolo

    Sade likes this!

  88. Niashe

    1:33-1:50 was my favorite part of the song but my all time favorite is another one bites the dust and the great pretender

  89. Niashe

    OMG THIS MAN IS so sexy in these pictures he looked so masculine and manly

    Bart Sola

    yeah especially 0:55


    Bart Sola you not lying about that have you seen his pictures without the mustache hes totally fine there and sorry I got your comment late

  90. Kris Bowditch

    Turn it up a little bit please 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  91. Niashe

    freddie sounds so sexy singing this why did he have to be gay whyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Jim Evans

    hes just bisexual lol

  92. SantiRdz98

    My favorite

  93. NeuLex Deefabb


  94. Federico Oberto


  95. Jackson Kiehlbauch

    Is this the least viewed song on the official queen channel? I think so.

  96. Pasi Savola

    The guitar solo is legendary!


    The whole song is legendary.

    Interesting Things

    The main lick and the variations are simply incredible. I dont even understand how such simple playing is so amazing.

  97. Maciej Kowalski

    I always thought that Freddie was saying "she RARELY cares" and then "she rarely does me". Now it turns out that it was "really". Isn't he mispronouncing it ?

    Ioan Evetts

    Maciej Kowalski bit is supposed to be rarely

    Interesting Things

    Maciej Kowalski it sounds like she rarely really does me at 2:19 but i dont understand how the songs starts that she does him and cares and then its getting worse

    Maciej Kowalski

    @Interesting Things because that's life. These things are usually getting worse with time.