Quando Rondo - I Need Like 10 Lyrics

Whole lotta money on me right now, it ain't no cappin'
We geeked in the backseat with the 45, one false move and he blastin'
He sayin', "Neighborhood, what's crackin'?"
I need like 10 purple pounds, bitch we taxin'
How lil Quando came up, they keep on askin'
From the trenches to being famous, that's what's happenin'
Haters tryna fuck my name up, I'm laughin'
I know I'm bout to fuck the game up, it's closed casket

I told them folks I need like 10, 10, 10
For a show I need like 10, 10, 10
For that bag of dope I need like 10, 10, 10
On my lil hoe I spent like 10, 10, 10

I'm in Beverly Hills with a bad bitch
I know they angry at me cause I'm mad rich
A year ago I was average, got 21 no savage
Anything she want, she can have it
And that pistol on me, I ain't lacking
These niggas so fake, they be cappin when they rappin
Two bad bitches, house in Decatur
I go to Ruth Chris' just to fuck the waiter
Gotta go hard, ain't nobody greater
In the five-star, in the elevator
In Los Angeles ballin like the Lakers
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Hey Quan, [?]
Hell naw, nigga
Run it by me [?]
For a verse or for a show, I told you niggas I need 10

I need like 10, 10, 10
I told you niggas I need 10, 10, 10
For a show I need like 10, 10, 10
For that bag of dope I need like 10, 10, 10
On my lil hoe I spent like 10, 10, 10

I need like 10, I need like 10, I need like 10, I need like 10
I need like 10, I need like 10, I need like 10
I need like 10, I need like 10, I need like 10, 10, 10
I need like 10, 10, 10
I need like 10, 10, 10
I need like 10, 10, 10
I swear I need like 10

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Quando Rondo I Need Like 10 Comments
  1. CjayyTheGoat

    Most underrated song of his

  2. TCTV


  3. Dizzle Garrett

    Like if he better than young boy

  4. Joseph Beattie

    No the right 2 nah the right 3

  5. Eddie Kane

    U jocking bruh rich homie go better👎

  6. Lael Faust


  7. Blue Dinero305

    Tee Grizzly 10K

  8. Deshawn Hendrix

    This fye ash😬🔥

  9. Thomas Gallegos

    Drop a video to thugin for real

  10. Amir Boyd

    My nigga really go
    hard no cap😤💯

  11. o sigs

    1:20 got me dead asf

  12. LegitSlash13

    This nigga gon die crypn ahh boi

  13. Siahbabii

    Hell nah nigga😂

  14. Imdat Boi

    This shit dropped on my Birthday shit lit💯💯

  15. Queen Fanny4


  16. fam u eating beans

    Hell naw nigga 1:25


    Still going in 🔥🖤


    Buii dis song is da bomd doe...….

  19. Savage Da Clown

    remind me again, how much did he say he needed?


    Savage Da Clown 21

  20. GD KAY

    Yall some haters this song fire and you dislike it get out of here😒😒

  21. Eboni Edwards

    Ayeee i need like 10

  22. Wireless Pcs

    I need like 10 10 10

  23. SeiFN

    That Right 2 Naw That Right Three

  24. savannah

    "hell na nigga"🤑

  25. savannah

    "they be capping when they rapping " 🤣

  26. savannah

    my rich homie ..

  27. Shenikia Spencer

    Fuck no!!!!!!

  28. Travis Ware

    I need like ten too much we know u need ten

  29. WTG toni

    Damn rich homie 😖

  30. MKE JAY

    1:20 got me dead asf🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    o sigs

    Bihh got me weak

  31. Justus YT

    I love this shit so much

  32. brazoo


  33. Femi Adesomo


  34. Malik Mack

    Hell nawl nigguh

    Lashondra Harts

    Why you spell nigga like that

  35. Nicole Howell

    Quando said hold hold on hello?aye dis Durk some rapper nigga said he got 5 for a show..Hell naw...it wouldve been funny if he said it real loud

  36. Nathaniel Speed

    Dude said the same thing the whole song

  37. Cognac blacc

    Hell nahh nigga, run it by me one more gain for a verse or for a show i told you niggas i need 10

  38. Nathaniel Mcleod

    my boy quando is fire

  39. Janaria Bynes

    he my cuzs so when you see if are he his name yall Sparky

  40. Rico Tv

    New favorite song by u

  41. Walker

    This like the New Rich Homie thank god we got em back 💯 Keep this flow

  42. Yung Cash


  43. Yung Cash


  44. Yung Cash

    can u put my name in some one ear bro @23yung_cash dat IG OR MY YOUTUBE ITS YUNG CASH

  45. jennifer

    quando rondo niggaa 💙💙

  46. Thommy

    This beat go stupid 💙♿️

  47. Joshua Mcdaniel

    hardest question ever youngboy or quondo

  48. ShibaKing

    You deserve it bro

  49. Gamer Lordzzx

    "10 10 10" anyone esle here since i remember w lil baby

  50. little Red

    Qrn. Run it up ✌💫2018

  51. Rich Williams

    I need like 10 more songs big homie! Everything I heard from ya is str8 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Thirty6


  53. ScoGang DeeDee

    All It Take Is One Click and You a Vibe Wit Me Forever #Pain n Every Verse https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/vent-sometimes-single/1437110589

  54. Jaidaaa James

    Hard asf

  55. ISLAPDXCK yt

    he blastin

  56. R R R

    Quando's version of "Permanant Scar"

  57. Dejaune2x

    Like if quando rondo got next🔥🔥🔥

  58. Dedrick Jordan

    "H** NAWL NIGGA"😂😂

  59. Archreikage

    chop it up

  60. Troy Mccollum

    What's CRACKING! 🔯 drop ur set

    nolimtjay 150

    Nlmb 150

    Aiden Fuller

    Klu klux and the folks down 12th

    zacc zacc

    E/S GSWBLC D.T.H SCG ✋✋✋🍇♿🐗


    Long beach rich r20llxn 20


    A Ramirez


  61. Zoe l

    Richhomie baby flow

  62. YosaNumba4

    Aye qrn da goat foreal

  63. Ronnin Lozano

    Watch some stupkid lil bkoi say they tryna bkecome a Cripk after jamming dis mixtape 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  64. Kyng jhaa

    Check out ma chanel n leave a comment then subscribe

  65. Lamar YG

    Out Here In Jamaica..Loving Your Music🔥🎶🎶

  66. The gz crew #1 fan

    I need you to clarify something, you want 10,000 dollars for a feature?

    Quez M

    "For a verse or for a show I told you niggas I need like 10, 10, 10"

    David Loaisiga

    Hell yeah nigga

    Dragonking 100

    Duuuhhhhhhh duuuummmyyyyyy

    Three Stripes

    Dragonking 100 he was being sarcastic cap ass nigga

    Dragonking 100

    @Three Stripes I know I was joking bitch. Y'all so soft, take a joke

  67. Mimiii luvs

    YASSSSSSS !!!!!

  68. M FromNYC


  69. Gabe _

    Rich Homie QuanDo !! 🔥🔥

  70. Hip Hop Culture

    Who here before it blow up

  71. Hip Hop Culture

    Here before this song blow up

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    The only thing popping in Savannah since camoflague🔥

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    I fw dis🤪🔥🔥

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    Came straight to this as soon i heard the tape dropped

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    this beat got me crazy

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    Only 9 dislikes, quando the 🐐

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    lmao hell nah nigga

  81. JDE 15

    mane i ceen waiting for you to drop dis!


    I fw wit this song

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    I listened to the snippet so much I thought he was gone repeat the chourus

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  85. JChance


  86. April Jamiaa

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 he ate .

  87. April Jamiaa

    quando: ayy
    me : let me start this over he just went in 🔥😘

  88. Gizzle Jones

    Rich homie baby

  89. volvo mobile

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