P.Y.T. - Who's Lovin' Me Lyrics

When you had me
You treated me bad
Wrong my dear
But since I went away
That's why you
Hang around
Sit around,
With your head hangin' down
And you wonder
Who's lovin' me

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P.Y.T. Who's Lovin' Me Comments
  1. thebuckrogers22

    @MrCrazyh81 fuck u

  2. MrCrazyh81

    what crap

  3. vegana Veganismo

    i don't get it, in dis artikle, it sayz 'their first compact disc, set to be released before Christmas' and it wuz written in 99 so it meanz PYT's album wuz releazed lik in november or december 99 but in dis website, it sayz it wuz released in june 2001, one year and a half lata, so when wuz it released in real?

    w w w sptimes com/News/70499/TampaBay/Living_the_teen_dream.shtml

    w w w mfyi com/p/pytdiscography.html

  4. LifeisIesha

    Can u please post their version of-The Kissing Game?