Push Play - There She Goes Again Lyrics

From the chapel to the parking lot
All the Scriptures that she had forgot
Memories so overwrought
De murder Adieu for tonight
Never been such a delight
To make a human sacrifice
Can meet in the alleyway
You've got this occupation
And obligations to
Be sure that he suffers
Be sure that he fights
Say goodnight
Say goodnight (say goodnight)
She feels no contrite

This wont be the first to last, its just about time
When it goes by so fast
When dealing with the perfect crime
Wait by the balery led over to a charade
Wait for the cue
And strike with dismay

The night is young at the cabaret
She makes sure her hair wont shake
To hesitate its no mistake
Shhh (ahh)
But pressure adds as her hands sweat
Its all procedure its a set
He could see her silhouette
Don't run tonight
It's out of his hands tonight
Her fingers on the trigger what a pleasant surprise
The look in her eyes
The demonic look in her eyes
Tell the whole story it's one simple line
(one simple line)
The job was a sight

This wont be first to last its just about time
When it goes by so fast
When dealing with the perfect crime
Wait by the balery led over to charade
Wait for the cue
And strike with dismay

There she goes again (There she goes agian)
There she goes again (There she goes agian)
There she goes again (gan gan gan)

Without a trace the scene was left with hints of your grace
And don't repent, the past has foregone time to move on (move on)
Till you're next in tombs to rot

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Push Play There She Goes Again Comments
  1. Raymond Meyers

    great band!

  2. Patrick Mahoney

    00:46 JIMBO!!!

  3. sabrina krotzer

    Never forget

  4. Sierra7x

    It's good for a smaller band (:

  5. melissahearts1

    .... if i was wearing that dress ... i would be running too... good for you girl! lol

  6. WolfgangBoodman

    this has novela all over it

  7. Liann N

    haha they r from my town steven scarolas mom ws my teacher fo spanish ahaha

  8. sabrina krotzer

    poor cj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  9. BuckN96

    @tinkerbellamybaby the singer AJ

  10. bi fuk

    My dad knows the singer…

  11. ohhbetty3

    utter shite.

  12. Julie Элизабет

    @Themoviemaster51 ...post secondary education... yea. i have no idea what you're talking about.

  13. spacewitch

    Who's the guy playing the groom. (;

  14. Julie Элизабет

    @00bodo00 yea they broke up. i have no idea why.

  15. 00bodo00

    broke up? seriously? y?

  16. Julie Элизабет

    awww! i miss Push Play! too bad they broke up.
    I MISS STEVE! ...good times!

  17. Lexi Quarles

    i luv this song like the best song by push play!!!!!

  18. Kinzie Bowden

    @DHardcore2008 Not only does it look like it but at the beginning it even kinda sounded like them o.o

  19. Raven de Haro

    @Forgivence297 it does sound like painc in this song

  20. Raven de Haro

    @DHardcore2008 oh

  21. Raven de Haro

    @DHardcore2008 what

  22. JessicaRessica

    Hey! I love them! They r all so cute! I have one question. Did he die at the end of the vid? Or just pass out? Plz write back to me asap!

  23. XueTuKyoto

    @RachaelJoanHynes89 wow that was the first thing i thought, too! XD haha

  24. Serena Lauria

    @RachaelJoanHynes89 : i agree with you

  25. Dorothy Fessler

    Hahahaha yeah! (:
    I think they sound amazing (:

  26. Athena Nguyen

    ahh, this was from almost 3 years ago!!! I love this video. good times. =)

  27. Marychristine Bennett

    Pretty sure this is my favorite music video.

  28. carly s

    soooo good. i miss them!

  29. xxiitsali

    aww i remember when this first came out! :) i'm so proud of the guys! they've come so far! :)

  30. TragicBeauty03

    I absolutely love this! I can't believe this was their first video....feels like forever ago.

  31. x3SamuraiGirl1551x3

    i cant believe i forgot about this song!....aww i miss steve he was a good drummer!

  32. catieconiglio

    still one of my favorite songs :)

    good lord, they look young... hahaha

  33. mendoromi

    i looove this!
    haha i remember the first time i saw it.....

  34. tyler petrosky

    I love this song. It's amazing :D

    They're amazing. <3

  35. ktchuska77

    i love this video! my favorite is at 1:48 with cj.."shh ah."!! haha :]

  36. Jenn Porcelli

    aww i love them im gunna miss them but i support them in whatever they doo =]

  37. kristenx0

    love this song! awesome video (:

  38. Tori Kravitz

    I love this video!!!

  39. ohitsMB

    First Push Play music video ever! :)

  40. Rachael Hynes

    Panic at The Disco? Any1 think that? Wit de Ssshh and everytin? Still good band. . .:)

  41. DisguiseDK

    there she goes. there she goes again.

  42. leigh jhanel

    "the look in her eyes , the demonic look in her eyes" omgg i loove the way he says that !! i love them !

  43. steelbirdsteal

    reminds me so much of panic at the disco

  44. koolaidmancandance


  45. murielle amplayo

    is that Cj guy the vocalist? ow, i love him. ;))

  46. SummerFaith00

    poor CJ! ): haha. :D

  47. SummerFaith00

    AGREEED!!! :D

  48. qrsabcdhieflm

    really because if im listening to a song during my free time i think i can be able to respond to post. but if you dont like the music stop posting to everything some says about the song. give it up you a immature girl who needs to face reality

  49. qrsabcdhieflm

    i agree

  50. qrsabcdhieflm

    stop trying to act cool. why do you have to say you dont like them cant you just keep it to yourself. and stop being addicted to twilight! YOUR NOT A VAMPIRE!!! and EDWARD ISNT REAL!! so go get a life. and if you dont like something keep it to your self.

  51. Piper

    ahh! lovee this<3
    0:46-1:06 is loveee.

  52. EmmieLa529

    I never knew there was a video for this song

  53. allstarjs32

    Lemme tell you how this shit went down... the lead singer in this band sucked dick so he could be where he is now... Wish i my Daddy was loaded. Maybe i could get the technology to make it sound like my voice wasnt horrible. Push Stop... Please.

  54. CrystalFvr

    it's creeepy when you see her skull
    Push Play is AAWESOME!!

  55. Janelle Meinnert

    cj is so cute in this vid but hes hott in Midnight Romeo i love it!

  56. PoolDal8

    OMG! wow i feel like this vid is ancient its so amazing to see it now!! i love their old work and how this was their first vid its adorable.......the new cd is amazing!!!!! ♥

  57. briahna09

    better than panic at the disco for sure. way hotter. jus sayin.

  58. Chelsea Mandeville

    Dude i thought the exact same thing when i first heard this song.

  59. danishgrl3

    shhhh ah

    love =)

  60. Maya Hildenbrandt

    oh my, apparently i've been a fan more than two years.

    i remember when i freeaked watching this
    when they put it up,.

    i love them. (;

  61. Zoe Reindl

    cj looks sooo diffrent now...i can't place what it is besides his hair

  62. Julia S

    im not sure but i can check for u!

  63. Ana Torrea


  64. Julia S

    hahaha my family friend did the hair and makeup for this vid. i havent seen it before. its good:) gotta love push play. they are so nice in person!

  65. Sarah Lawhorn

    yeah, a while back. but i think it was like her and joe's break up, where it was mutual and they remained good friends. i wish they'd get back together though :(

  66. iWantFreedom101

    theyre workin wit emily osment wit her new album .... u can see them in emily osment - all the way up ...

  67. Sarah Lawhorn

    Except they broke up like, a year ago...but they're still good friends.

  68. iWantFreedom101


  69. kaitlynn R

    yup i totally agree with u 4get the Jonas Brothers they guys are way better..

  70. marisol angel

    cj is so hot

  71. Nirak03

    shittt! the music sounds like panic! jajajajaja the song is cool! PATD & PushPlay rox!

  72. falloutdiscos

    I personally don't think they sound like Panic! at the Disco at all.

  73. Liz Rosa

    i like this music video :]

  74. Wicked235711

    THANK YOU finally somebody who thinks miley cyrus is more than crap!

  75. Natalia Orsini


  76. katy sue

    did push play become a disney band?? just wondering cuz it seems like it

  77. nazaneen1

    nvr mind ur right...wen he starts singing it sounds like "i write sins not tragedies"...the intro sounds like "hurt"

  78. nazaneen1

    it looks like the music vid of "i write sins not tragedies " but i think it sounds more like "hurt" by christina aguilera at the beginning

  79. nazaneen1

    she really is

  80. narutofreak1012

    haha the vid is also @ a wedding to :O

  81. BillkaulitzFreiheitx

    how'd he die ? reply sum1 and help me plz xx

  82. liz rose

    i dont know how, but at the beginning it kinda sounds like Panic at the Disco! I Write Sins not Tragedies >.>

  83. 00bodo00

    the bride's ugly ;p

  84. Gina Mazzucco

    soo right on that one.

  85. Lauren Spillers

    come on, seriously? It's not that hard. They have meet and greets after all their shows.

  86. ncepicgirl

    CJ looked way better with the short spiked hair. I don't like it longer. Can't see his face as good. :)

  87. rij66

    has anybody noticed that the girl is a horrible actress no offence

  88. pushplayx3x3

    i soooo see that !

  89. kiwis91

    The lead vocalist, is perfect.

  90. Regina Gomes

    :47 to 1:15 actually has ALOT of autotune...thats y it sounds so robotic..but its supposed to be like that.. =]

    and if thats what his voice sounds like live then theyre using either autotune live or a voice track.. =]
    theres no way a natural voice sounds like that.. =]
    but in the beginning of the song he actually sounds pretty good

    this is the first time im hearing anything from them..
    theyre not bad.. =]

  91. Sarah M

    its isnt a copy of I write sins not tragedies!!!!!!
    I am a fan of both bands and there nothing alike

    and They dont use AUtotune for Cj`s voice thats how he really sounds!
    I have seen them live and there better live

    I dont pick bands that sound awful live, I make sure there better live

  92. Danielle Lincoln

    wtf is this shit

  93. Lauren Lirot

    oh duh
    hah yeah i shulve known that

  94. aesgemini529

    Panic at the Disco

  95. Lauren Lirot

    whats patd

  96. Sara Hawkins

    I 10000000000% AGREE WITH YOU!!
    they came to my school the other day they are sooo funnyy!!

  97. SabrubaLube

    I love Push Play. I've met then be4. Cj is so funny. lol. So is Derek. Oh nd Steve's cousin is my teacher. Its soo cool! lol. Love these guys. Keep bein amazing!

  98. WildMargay

    i know! posers! hah but stil good