Push Play - Midnight Romeo Lyrics

Meet me at my door
By the end of the night
You'll be screaming for more more more of me
Tonights a big night, so lets make history.

My lips touch your lips
My hands is on your hips
Whats it gonna take for you to give me my goodnight kiss?

Oh. Whooa
My heart is beating fast but my hands are moving slow
Oh. Whooa
Feels so right you just cant say no

Late night gonna hit the town
Gonna take you out
Gonna make you go
Whooaa. Midnight romeo
Show me yours and I'll show you mine
Gonna make you sweat
Gonna feel you head to toe
You know,
I'm your midnight romeo

I'll be your Dr. Jekyll, and you be my Mr. Hyde
The best of both worlds when you get inside my place place place with me
You be the lock, yeah I'll be the key
Tonights about to win
Tell me baby, are we more than friends
Tonight your dinner is free
Whats in it for me?

Oh. Whooa
My heart is beating fast but my hands are moving slow
Oh. Whooa
Feels so right you just cant say no

Late night gonna hit the town
Gonna take you out
Gonna make you go
Whooaa. Midnight romeo
Show me yours and I'll show you mine
Gonna make you sweat
Gonna feel it head to toe
You know, I'm your midnight romeo

Show me yours and I'll show you mine
I'm gonna make you sweat
Gonna be your romeooooooo

Late night gonna hit the town
Gonna take you out
Gonna make you go

Late night gonna hit the town
Gonna take you out
Gonna make you go
Whooaa. Midnight romeo
Show me yours and I'll show you mine
Gonna make you sweat
Gonna feel you head to toe
You know, I'm your midnight romeoooo

Head to toe, you know
Midnight Romeo
Head to toe, you know
Midnight romeo!

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Push Play Midnight Romeo Comments
  1. Dabednego

    Where GOOFY lives?!

  2. Maenad

    Obligatory still loving this in 2020 comment

  3. blinkfilms1

    The comments on this are either nostalgic horny teens or mbmbambinos and there is no in between

  4. CheezyTrees

    Not only is this song quite clearly about sex but its oddly predatory
    "You cant say no"
    "Your dinners free whats in it for me"


    Well he says "My heart is beating fast but my hands are moving slow. Feels so right you just can't say no." Doesn't necessarily mean the girl herself can't say no, but rather they're both clearly into what's happening so it's a undeniable feeling.


    @GhostSanctuary yeah but he also sounds manipulative. The very idea that there would be any urge to say no is a problem on its own. Especially when that message is being given to kids. In a truly healthy sexual experience both parties should be completely ready for what theyre about to do

  5. beebo

    is this song about seeeeex?!

  6. Nicole M

    Howdy fellow mbmbambinos

  7. George Ramirez

    Nick Deturris the bass guitarist is the fucking man!!!

  8. In Love With A Were


  9. Heart Mystic

    There all so hot! 💖

  10. Adrian Tayag

    man i love pizza

  11. Richardial !

    why everybody talks about pizza? XDXD, i cant understand .v

    jor dan

    It’s from an episode of the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me, in which they discuss a yahoo that’s asking why a song about sex is on radio Disney, “where goofy lives”. The brothers jokingly then attempt to come up with a non-sexual interpretation of the lyrics, settling on it being about the experience of being a pizza

  12. Harcion Gaming

    This is where Goofy lives.

  13. Naniun.

    A surprisingly deep exploration of a pizza's psyche

    In Love With A Were

    Naniun. Where did the pizza joke come from?


    @In Love With A Were What do you mean? The song's about pizza...


    @In Love With A Were It's obviously a song about pizza dude, or else they wouldn't put it on Radio Disney, where Goofy lives.

  14. Kailey Ryan

    Anyone go to this right after Monday’s MBMBAM?

    Voidfish tm

    Not a very good reference

  15. Rhoka

    Love this good song about pizza!

  16. Carter Penn-Dierauer

    On Radio Disney?! Where Goofy lives?!?

    Voidfish tm

    A very good reference

  17. Elisabeth Catland

    hi im here from the newest episode of mbmbam

  18. Jamie Polson

    Who's here from My Brother My Brother and Me??

  19. Rowan Moses

    What a great song about pizza!

  20. reznoire

    My favorite coitus song.

  21. Chey Rith

    Who else is here because Yahoo?

  22. TinyFriedEggs

    My favorite song about pizza!

    In Love With A Were

    TinyFriedEggs where does the pizza joke come from?

  23. Oreorat

    This is my favorite song about pizza

    Megan Haas

    We definitely need more songs about pizza


    MBMBaM fan, huh?


    @Nyanistic Nah I just really like pizza

  24. Pengu


  25. w t

    i'm your midnight romeo !!!

  26. Mari chat

    Leo is fucking derpy😂

  27. Tani Dancer

    I have a picture with them on my facebook some how

  28. Saffiyah Aina

    I came from Marichat/Ladynoir MEP

  29. Sarah Mackenzie

    And this is the song my Boyfriend sends because he thinks it sounds like us XD

  30. Azalea Azam

    I understood this song perfectly when i heard it!!
    Naughty Naughty😉

  31. The Sausage Boy

    Dark link is zelda midnight Romeo brang me here

  32. MusicMy1andOnly

    I used to love this song so much. Now I’m 21 and I can hear how rape-y it is..lmao

  33. Alexandrs Sanchez Montes

    Está canción es mi favorita además el cantante es muy guapo

  34. Madisson Deturris

    This is my cousins band hehehe

  35. fris ka

    ah......😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 XD OMG OMG!! a like tis 😇

  36. Victoria Pratt

    kinda sad push play broke up :( miss the memories


    Victoria Pratt yeah

  37. Mari Pickle

    I heard this song today dame it's really good

  38. Cuore Freddo

    I love you guys ♥️

  39. K-pop México

    Me gustó mucho las canción☺

  40. New_ At_School

    One Of The Best Songs! Love U Guys

  41. Chou Hikari

    Woow amazing!

  42. maisa Ferraz

    Adoro a sua música

  43. Zeldababe6679 ;P

    was that Emily osment??

    Kimberlyyy Anderson

    Yeah that was mah old account lol

  44. Jessica Duncan

    If I only knew what this song was about when I first heard it..

  45. María Clementina Núñez Joyas

    Me encanta la canción!

    Agustina Ríos

    Potaito :3 me gustss

  46. maria marques

    unica brasileira aqui


    que nada mana rs

    maria marques

    Despair Inducer amémmm

  47. Vickyeloma

    Si [email protected] hablante español intenta cantar esta cancion que digo yooooo

    Anto • latte

    y de repente un comentario en español...!!!


    Bien un comentario que entiendo!!!

  48. Stephanie Santiago

    I know CJ personally. My dad helped his dad manage the band.


    Has he talked to you about what inspired him to create such an intimate song about pizza?

  49. Ana Letiția

    Hm.. Have you even seen the lyrics? ...

  50. Elvys Leatily

    Emily Osment S2

  51. Maisa Ferraz

    coloca mais músicas no seu canal


    eles já separaram :c

    white moonz

    eu vo chora :((((

  52. Sofia Luz Calvo

    Revisiting songs from my 5th grade playlist, but I secretly still love this song😹😹

    In Love With A Were

    Sofia Luz Calvo OMG SAME SAME SAME

  53. Helmasaur King. 1994

    i love this song so cool

  54. Georgina Fodor

    Best ☺

  55. Cassoulet

    This song it's very beautiful... I Love this song so much !

  56. jen soni

    The girl looks like Lily From Hannah Montana

    Ian Devitt

    +jen soni She is.


    Emily Osment. :)

  57. John Santana

    I likes the song but the video was garbage. Sorry but to me, that's the truth.

  58. Gracie H

    watch the ending sorta middle part with out volume. it looks like they're in some sort of punk rock band 😂

  59. Katie Pape

    Where did this band go

  60. Maria Camila Mondragon

    !kiaaaa! ;) adoro esta canción

  61. Elvys Leatily

    Emily Osment S2.... quero feat dos dois

  62. CrissiFishi

    Deidara brought me here lol. Quotev Quiz

    Cowleen 97

    Me too!!

  63. georgia

    he looks like pewdiepie :l

  64. Fanny Zabouraeff

    Why is this song stuck in my head ? Am I the only one lisening this song all the time ? XD
    Btw this song is pretty good ❤

  65. Hina Hyuuga

    I was watching the dark link video and now this is my favorite song

  66. angel Ada

    omg i finally found the song i've been searching for ever since i was 11 lmaoo xp

  67. Pup Stormy

    Whats sad is im in a romeo amd juliet situation with my partner -.-

    Butterfly Bird

    Pup Stormy how?

    Pup Stormy

    We weren't allowed to see each other for a while because my mom didn't like her and we had to sneak around to see each other

  68. Em Johnston

    I love how so many Legend of Zelda fanatics keep finding this song because of a Dark Link tribute XD

    Smash Ult God

    I actually really like the feeling of this little Zelda punk culture. And songs like this..., anyone else?

  69. dana w

    More people should know this song

  70. Uh_Cool_Dood

    the chorus is catchy, not sure how i feel about everything else

  71. Young Zelda

    I'm in love with this singer and plus I'm single ((i think)) I don't know BUT PEOPLE REALLY YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS BAND AND THEY NEED TO POST MORE MUSIC THEY ARE SO GOOD !!!¡¡¡

  72. CaptainBlunt

    Literally no one knows this song I don't know why!

    Butterfly Bird

    CaptainBlunt I know right

  73. Cole Waggoner

    Late night gonna hit the town

  74. Alexx Reyes

    i <3 this song hope my bf dedicate this for me even tho this song is old i love this song :)

  75. AlisColes

    Is that Emily Osment?


    i believe so,my friend

    tina kastrinos

    Sorry about that I messed up. And yeah that is Emily Osment.

  76. Joshua Fisher

    The greatest memory of this song for me was on Halloween for some reason. .-. Lol

  77. TactileToby

    Im Obbsessed with this song,


    How's Ciel?

    Mia Ash

    Me too!! :P
    At least I'm not the only freak

  78. Skelly Kelly

    This song comes from Daddy im a Zombie I love it!!!!!!!!!

  79. Ryan E.

    Miley Cyrus? LOl. The lead singer is cute.:)

  80. Luna Larson


  81. 09ashleybaybee

    halfway through 2013 :)

  82. Cewa Paiget

    Emily Osment? :o

  83. lovepeacepoetrymusic

    For some odd reason this song popped into my head... I don't know why I have only heard this song once before and that was a couple years ago...

  84. Nataly Lara

    but still really good song I LOVE PUSH PLAY!!!

  85. Nataly Lara

    I remember when I first heard this song in like 2009 or I don't know when but like a super long time ago...... And I didn't really get it before but now that I heard it again its just about sex. You know very sexual

  86. xHorrorx

    How could it be about anything other then sex?! o.o

  87. Emily Darling

    I use to love this song! oh my jesusss lmao

  88. @Truly.Rude

    That lead singer ugly af!

  89. Kaitlynn Hart

    I didnt realize how perverted this song really was and how much about sex it was lol

  90. llawiet

    Midnight romeo

  91. No Shadows Entertainment

    How about no.

  92. Amanda Presswood


  93. Stephanie Zamora

    I haven't listened to this in forever, still in love. Waiting for my midnight Romeo.

  94. nickywoods432

    damn straight

  95. nickywoods432

    damn straight still in 2013! ^.^

  96. Latina Destiny

    I remember hearing this song a total of 2x when it first came out. Then something made me remember back to it. And I downloaded the ringtone ♡♡♡

  97. Skylar Sault

    Memories... So long ago

  98. lori a

    2013 foolls<3

  99. Sylvia Ann

    MEMORIES holy shit