Public Image Ltd. - Track 8 Lyrics

A bed in the corner
The suffering suffragette
Such an obvious trap
Imagine that
A Butterball turkey
Spread her body
Naked and silly
A bulbous heap
Batting her eyelids
The lights go down
Erupting in fat
The blackwall tunnel
An elephant's grave
A second-hand mattress
Come and play total commitment
Premenstrual tension

Alright, I finished

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Public Image Ltd. Track 8 Comments
  1. Rolfis Dreamworld


  2. John Delmos

    pink floyd easily

  3. Marcelo Bielsa

    Just quality...🤪

  4. Ken Mason

    Honest effort in this one - a little Zappa here, some Floyd there...

  5. Max Frudd

    Cool Drums,so simple but very hard to pull off in that 3/4 time....

  6. Gluemonkey

    Those drums.

  7. Nefertari500

    Citalopram makes you feel like this....

    Pite B Gallows

    Nefertari500 ha! If they’ve got you on a high dose yeah, dragging your feet and trying to lift your arm to grab a cup and watching it spill everywhere, couldn’t stand the stuff.

  8. mickslyness

    thanks for all the lyrics dude

  9. Robert Shields

    Dude, this shit beats Katy Perry and Taylor Swift any day..

    R P

    Please don't compare music and shit.

  10. StarInvasion

    If everyone listened to this instead of certain pop music dominating females who shall not be named, the world would be a better place.

  11. Andrew N.

    I love this whole album. I love everything PiL has done but this one always sticks out. I can't wait for the new album.

  12. Facundo Avila

    i made a bad joke about linguistics, so i deleted my last comment.

  13. Facundo Avila

    @BonzoGoesToMexico yeah he was. when i found out that he was actually the drummer on "poptones" i couldn't believe it!

  14. Facundo Avila

    amazing drums