Public Image Ltd. - Flowers Of Romance Lyrics

Now in the summer
I could be happy or in distress
Depending on the company
On the veranda
Talk of the future or reminisce
Behind the dialogue
We're in a mess
Whatever I intended
I sent you flowers
You wanted chocolates instead
The flowers of romance
The flowers of romance

I've got binoculars
On top of Box Hill
I could be Nero
Fly the eagle
Start all over again
I can't depend on these so-called friends
It's a pity you need to defend
I'll take the furniture
Start all over again

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Public Image Ltd. Flowers Of Romance Comments
  1. Haki Mann

    for some reason, I hear Janes Addiction here. Must of been a major influence on Perry.

  2. Angela Riley.

    Have iiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!

  3. ji ji

    I recently bought it on a record but don't know what it is, someone wants the goodness of this song.

  4. fett4life

    we were playing rummy 3 couples this song came on and voodoo dancing ensued. game over

    Gary May

    U mean an orgy

  5. antigen4

    i would categorize this as 'ethnic forgery' music - i guess the idea started with Can but there were a number of groups doing such things around this time (e.g. - my life in the bush of ghosts etc)


    well like a lot of things - i think these urges were maybe more 'unconscious' than they were conscious - but as they say 'hindsight is 20/20'


    but that being said - if you dig this ( i ADORE this album) check out byrne/eno's 'my life in the bush of ghosts' - i totally think of it as 'belonging with' this album!


    antigen4 yeah I love that album as well as the eno-produced talking heads records from that era

    Paul Metzger

    Talking Heads are one of the most overrated bands in the music world.


    to each their own, paul

  6. bosonrider

    Another Hiroshima Day on the horizon.

  7. popatyourecords

    the album version

  8. soulminer 1970

    Apparently Phil Collins was influenced by the drumming on this track.

  9. Michael Smith

    Play it at .75

  10. Michael Colello

    Still gives chills. The last great PiL album.

  11. Rolla Coasta Ride

    I have actually used binoculars on the top of box hill, I'm kind of hoping it's all a kind of dream, psychic phenomena, in the grand scheme of total art infusion, and the rest,,,,,,

  12. Sean MacCartan

    Couple of great tracks, sounded very fresh at the time. Hasn't aged particularly well. Francis Massacre is a load of old bollocks (as John must have known) , much like the album closer "Fodderstrompf" from the debut record, but lacking that track's humour and honesty.

  13. raffaeleriddle

    I love this shit.

  14. Grant Bear1

    Johnny had green teeth for this too

  15. Lady Maiden

    good song to practice your belly dance routines to. In some clubs, possibly a good song to perform. It's intense, but it's short enough it shouldn't have anyone gnashing their teeth. I once got away with performing a couple songs off FSOL's album ISDN at a fetish show. location, location, location. haha

  16. Cirque Du Opinion

    This shit is hot

  17. Mark Laviolette

    skip dap diddly doo.. ;) Brilliant!

  18. Mark Laviolette

    There best album! ;)

  19. Phil Wragg

    those lyrics,so anti love, love can so banal!

    Cirque Du Opinion

    They're really witty! Though to me this is social commentary, it illustrates how traditional views of romance and outside influences fuck with our relationships.

  20. Mr. Moon

    Sounds like the Natives are restless tonight!

  21. Clive Willis

    Absolutely fucking Amazing ................WOW ..the flowers of Romance ,LISTEN

  22. Michael D'Ambrogio

    PiL Public Image Limited Flowers of Romance
    1982 Virgin Records

  23. marcelo souza

    RIP Sid Vicius

  24. Nacho Romero


  25. Rikitocker

    We used to play chess bent to this record in the 80's ... the chess got pretty intense ...

    Lady Maiden

    Rikitocker sounds like fun.

    johnny zero

    i like this my friend hahaha :)

  26. Paul Metzger

    I love this. Tribal, off- tune.

  27. Stephen Velez

    this whole album is a beautiful assault on the listener. LOVE it!

  28. Apoliteia

    Did he do other songs with the same creativity?

    jaye see

    +Apoliteia Yeah...You should change your name to Apologia Cluelesseo. Ciao!

    Nathan Parsons

    Their first 2 albums are brilliant t

  29. bigboredthing

    Had this in my head for ages, I knew it was a PiL track but for the life of me couldn't remember the name. I'm happy now.

  30. ziggy bauhaus

    - Love the song and the original sleeve for the record -  Greetings - PIL fan.

  31. Captain Rhodes

    best PIL album

    Rafael Wingert

    @poolidoor incorrect, the best album is stick on your own arses

    Paul Metzger

    I agree. This is far and away their best album. None of their other records even come close.

    Captain Rhodes

    @Paul Metzger well i wouldnt go that far! I also like comercial zone and metal box. they are very good


    @Paul Metzger agreed, personnally my favorite album with" time" because the song religion, i spend countless time with friends to figure what they said ( at that time i didn t understand English much) was fun anyway


    1. Flowers of romance
    2. Metal box
    3. First issue
    4. Commercial zone
    5. Album
    6. Who cares after "Album"? But imagine the compilation you could make from those 5 albums. I appreciate that PiL "purists", by and large, don't consider "Album" a bona fide PiL record but then there were doubtless many who felt the same way about The Flowers of romance; No Wobble and a completely different sound almost entirely devoid of bass guitar save for on Banging the door. This album probably inspired The Creatures, which just goes to show how important it is.

  32. Robert McAndrew

    +JAH.... WHAT A PAIR/...

  33. Robert McAndrew

    TURN UP THE BASS!! :-0)

  34. Patrick Heron

    woaaaa, amazing.

  35. XelaZe Kazooie

    Everytime I first here a PIL album I didn't hear before I always go "Whoa what the hell is this" and it takes a few listens through but then I fucking love it 

  36. Jojoseahorse

    Awesome, very "Yoko" :)  OK, I will probably get slayed for saying that.  Interesting that John is credited with violin; I recall a girl playing cello when I first heard this when it came out.  Am I wrong?

    hornswoggle lover39

    *Pulls out sword*

  37. ralucagymnast

    Uniquely brilliant; love this so much ♥

  38. astorcrombus nebulus

    What a song,just great.....the whole album just incredible as well the instrumental version of this.....

  39. linfit15

    Saw them on the 17.5.86 at  MANCHESTER, APOLLO,

  40. greg bruce

    its so simple yet so powerfull

  41. FacultyBob

    radiohead ripped this band off

    Dan Bam

    Thom Yorke = more mellow Johnny Rotten

    And they both always looked similar too haha.


    I think Adam & the Ants ripped this off for one of their songs-the intro

    Pc Punks Fuck Off

    Fuck Radiohead, they suck


    @Pc Punks Fuck Off Hold on to that edge of yours

    Paul Metzger

    @Pc Punks Fuck Off I agree. Overrated pap.

  42. Darren C Lay

    Nothing llike Romance...

  43. Cosmic Rooster

    i love how the vocals enters so creepy.

  44. barrett75

    Flowers of romance was the fictional glam rock band of Sid Vicious

  45. stam25chris

    Didnt have to sell crumpets back then,plastic twat.

  46. Jimmi schultz

    what the fook!!!!!

  47. vas deah

    Keith levene left.

  48. derezze

    How come their albums after this sounded like gerneric new wave punk trash? I like this droney tribal pop music

    Alexander Yubari

    This one shouldn't even be called "pop" in any way.


    good question. Its one we have all been asking for 30+ years.


    because punk died in about 1980-81. BBC1 at the time would only play 'clap' songs - new wave took over and changed punk into 'alternative' - there you go.

  49. lokolukas

    the inventors of everything

  50. Piginasack

    Fucking Ads on a PIL video - this world is truly fucked...


    And not even butter ads at that.

    Ken Mason

    @MisAnnThorpe John goes on about the lies we perpetuate. Some of us could do with a listen to "This is Not a Love Song". Number one protect self interest.

  51. Bob Paulson

    Beautiful tune. Really hard to dance to though...

    Pc Punks Fuck Off

    Dancing is gay

  52. Flowers Of Romance

    @FiveBillionYears He left pil in 1980,in 1981 he was playing with jim walker and dave maltby on the human condition

  53. jamesylew

    How could you leave Martin Atkins out of the credits? Ridiculous.

  54. JimmyJr1968

    this is their best tune i think. its fuckin genius

    Ken Mason

    track 8 on this same album did it for me. And then, there's always TIE ME TO THE LENGTH OF THAT! oh, what a marvelous work, that album.

  55. Zyklopz9

    in addition to Lydon and Levine, Martin Atkins plays the drums...

  56. razmoe2000

    peter gabriel?I can taste the sick in the back of my throat

  57. Darryl Lawrence

    @freudastaire Nice tip, man. They're great.

  58. freudastaire

    @OroborusFMA Agree and also check out german band CAN :)

  59. Oroborus

    If you like Flowers of Romance you should check out Peter Gabriel's third solo album (the one with his face melting on the cover).

    Kirk Wood

    Yeah, I like that one---it has that weird,creepy song called The Intruder on it.