Psychostick - Hate Times 8 Lyrics

I hate you.
Well I hate your hate for me.
I hate the way he said that he hates your hate.
Well your hate can go fuck itself.
Well your fuck can go hate itself.
I hate all that shit. Including what I'm saying right now.

Don't you hate when you walk down the street and you see somebody that you hate (hate hate hate)
Don't you hate when you wake and you're late and you think of something that you hate (hate, hate, hate hate hate)
Don't you hate when your mom's gonna bake you a cake and the frosting is grape (hate hate hate)
Don't you hate when you're out on a date at the lake and she wants to procreate

Embrace your hate
Hate tastes great
Hate your hate
Love to hate
Hate times eight
Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

I hated that riff.
Well I hated that chorus.
I hate your stupid hat.
Well I hate those stupid antlers.

Don't you hate when you can't concentrate while you skate and you can't figure eight (hate hate hate)
Don't you hate when you buy real estate with a loan with a high interest rate

I hate you times two.
I hate you times a billion.
I hate you times infinity.
I hate you times infinity plus one.
Well I hate you times infinity plus fuck you.

Don't you hate Alexander the Great in a cape as he conquers Kuwait (hate hate hate)
Don't you hate when you mate's overweight and you're waiting for a chance to masturbate

Embrace your hate
Hate tastes great
Translate hate
Haas ist groß (Ja)
Hate times eight
Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

I hate it when songs build up like this.
And I hate breakdowns.

Man I hate it when bands screw around with a beat while trying to show off.

Hate long naps
Hate ice caps
Hate romance
Hate wearin' pants
Hate cholesterol
Hate the name Paul
Hate no food
Hate YouTube

Don't you hate sunny days when the weather is great and there's nothing to hate
Don't you hate when you paid for a crate full of bait and you dislike fishing

Great dislike
Hate your bike
Hate flying kites
Hate snake bites

Hate flying snakes
Hate is great
All my hate
Hate times eighteen
Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

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Psychostick Hate Times 8 Comments
  1. Dylan the Samurai Warrior

    You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!

  2. ucity metalhead

    I hear hate heals you should try it sometime.

  3. PPSka

    Woohoo, I hate y'all!

  4. Judy Moody

    I hate Kyle!

  5. Cheffÿ

    I hate that I'm late to this song, fucks sake mate.

  6. The Gulag Cuck

    so..... Bostons theme?

  7. Weebi

    After this song, YouTube auto played Love? By Strapping Young Lad and I couldn’t be any happier

  8. Kevin Schlimper

    I hate that i have this song in my mind all day even 8 years after its release!

  9. josh schroeder

    i hate this song. i hate this comment. i hate these stupid fucking thumbs.

  10. Quinton Craig

    This song isn't as fun after learning the true power of hatred.

    I've entered a zen like state because of it, I'm still super pissed, but I can't say that I hate everything anymore.

    I can count on one hand how many things I hate.

    Sixysady Hatey

    Oh wise Zen one, bestow upon me the the knowledge required to attain enlightenment and not destroy.

    Quinton Craig

    @Sixysady Hatey The following isn't advice for attaining this twisted Zen. (Stereotypical Asian Wiseman voice): You wish to not destroy, but by definition it is impossible to destroy, only change. You may seek some comfort in that scientific fact.

    Quinton Craig

    @Sixysady Hatey Okay so important question, why do you seek this State of Mind? That will effect your efforts in becoming a faux-psychopath.

    Sixysady Hatey

    @Quinton Craig You seem to think you're wise. In truth you're an overly opinionated self-righteous douchebag. If you're Zen then so is Trump! Look up the actual definition of Zen, honey. Note the condesending honey I put in there.

  11. Brady McGee

    Hate taste great!!!

  12. Lonely Variety

    86 people got the point of the song

  13. Olga Lavreniuk

    i like the rimes

  14. xCm_ DrunkX

    I hate that this band is so catchy!

  15. fluffiestspoon

    I hate there aren't enough dislikes

  16. Slinkerdeer

    Anyone else listen to this when and asshole in their lives deserves some Hate HATE *HATE* ?

  17. snowballin98 7

    Dang I hated this song lol

  18. PulsarPurple

    Don’t you hate when you hate this song and dislike it because you formed your own opinion on it

  19. WILDMAN1102

    I hate this song

  20. pyrogian

    psychostick rule man i'd love to be in that band be fun as fuck

  21. Reyn Time

    And Alex is just like
    “... Guys? Calm down please...”

  22. Heavy Herti

    "Hass ist groß" 😂👍I can't hate Psychostick! Love and Peace from Germany!😉😇🤘

    Sixysady Hatey

    Hi Germany! This is good therapy when angry! Have good Christmas, Oh Tannenbaum, only German I know even though my ancestors are German. Ha ha

  23. Foxshade

    My official life story starts here, at 0:00.

  24. Shmuckus O'Neill

    I shall embrace my hate for the like button by hitting it.

  25. grapefruitiswinning


  26. Aint Rite


  27. Warbird Phoenix

    I hate conforming... I love you all.


    How dare you.

  28. manning0

    I hate that I've been singing "and the frosting is GREAT" for the past 7 years!

  29. D. M. Tucker


  30. Rhys Beaupre

    I hate this song.

  31. Jordan Bloch

    I wake up at hate o'clock

  32. Ron Kroeker

    I hate irony in songs

  33. Minkki

    I hate this song! @[email protected]

  34. gargaj

    The best part is, "hate" (hét) in Hungarian means "7", so "hate times eight" is 56 - which is incidentally when (1956) the Soviets invaded Hungary, so yeah. Hate.

  35. Frisbee

    So what is this song about?

    The Mew

    Frisbee love and peace

  36. Chris Christian

    I hate how Psychostick gets some of the most clever and witty comments. You people are awesome! and I fucking hate you for it.

  37. Human#42

    that was hate to the eight

  38. The Honorable Reverend Addison Bortion

    Not hating everything is gay

    R.I.P Seth Putnam

  39. ShenZed

    i feel like this song is just a message telling you not to have sex at the lake

  40. Man de Gaturiss

    i like those Limp Bizkit vibes you know..

  41. Apollo19011

    I thought they could only count to 4

  42. Lonely Variety

    4th wall breaking in a music

  43. Matthew Bertrand

    ...but in the lyrics, you wrote hate to the eighth, not hate times eight. I hate that.

  44. Dietrich

    I hate everything, some more than others. So much hate, very few are spared from my hate. 'Tis what happens when life has a lot of difficult misfortunes thrown at you.

  45. GetYourChicken17

    I hate going through the baking aisle of any store and seeing a rainbow of different colored frostings, and they're all vanilla. Why does the most boring flavor need this many colors? Like (or hate) if you've also seen that.

  46. SmashTheBandicoot

    I'm conflicted, do I like the video or do I dislike it?! XD

  47. Halo

    Aahhhhh... The soothing sounds of 2013.

    The Mew

    Halo 2011

  48. Adrian Verhoeven

    When pyschotick becomes deeeep. We all have a problem.

  49. Roonayy

    Hates is big

  50. tairy hestical

    I hate this song.

  51. Joey Renegade

    This song is so great! I fucking hate it!!

  52. sag-ich immer-noch-nicht

    I hate all these comments

  53. JR Barnett

    Grape frosting? Is that a common frosting? lol

  54. The Ali8oras

    i HATE this SONG so MUCH that I am GOING to DISLIKE upside DOWN because I hate DISLIKE as MUCH as I hate THIS sandwich!!!

  55. Joey Santiano

    I hate it when I search for a song I am willing to hate, but I like it, and therefore, in turn, hate said song.

  56. Tyler Hane

    Why is this no longer on Spotify?


    +Tyler Hane Going through contract changes will be back soon.

    Tyler Hane

    Psychostick good to know. My mornings have been lacking hate.

  57. Ed Stack

    I hate you × infinity + fuck you! lmao

  58. FireWolf Animations

    This is Vriska's kinda soooooooong!!!!!!!! ::::)
    I 8et she LOVES all the h8.

  59. slackr 69

    I hate that I hate this hate.

  60. Scartian raerwern

    all the hate can hate fuck themself. i hate that my is hate is not as hated as much as my hate wants to hate itself! hate hate hate ^^

  61. Mysterious Maximus

    I hate you times infinity plus faehk yooOOoo!

  62. Márk Mikolay

    Dethklok anyone?

  63. joshbeoulve

    "Don't you hate when you paid for a crate full of bait and you dislike fishing"

    This line here is pure genius.

  64. Elrontur

    I hate when "Hate is great." gets translated wrong. (It just feels weird to me...)

  65. Travis Kassner

    as musician's they are fucking phenomenal. the comdey just makes it That much better.

  66. Insidious One

    Alexander the Great part just killed me

  67. Kyle Trowbridge

    we need to hate this song like warm beer

    Sixysady Hatey

    Hate warm beer, love ridiculous hate songs.

  68. Salty Squid

    More like H8 tiiiiiiiimes 8::::)

  69. YuK x Reaper

    how many of you guys, didn't see that comming, when he's said hate times eight teen

  70. Carl June

    I hate,you

  71. Jay Bofa


  72. Death By suicide

    Sort of reminds me of hatebreed defetus lol

  73. MetalSkeleton56

    I hate haters who hate hating hating this video filled with hate.


    Well I hate your hate for the haters who hate this song that is full of hate.

  74. HONY

    38 people hate, hateing everything lol XD

  75. Olivier Legat

    I hate that I spent 3 minutes and 32 seconds watching this video, and I hate that I want to watch it again.

  76. UltraStinger16


    Dave Chrome


  77. TVlord5

    Why would I hate ANY time my gf wants to procreate? I happen to enjoy coitus.

    Marina The Octoling

    naughty man i see well i hope u enjoy if one mpre joined you^^

  78. bastardlybugs

    But it is false to say hate is gross

  79. wezlordinator

    I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to click like or dislike to show my support for this song

    Lahire Ob

    @Nicholas B well your hate can go fuck itself

    Thenorwal ninjapirate

    I hate this confusing dilemma!!


    @Lahire Ob well your fuck can go hate itself

    skullpull 101

    Make 2 accounts, one to dislike with one, like with the other

    Reyn Time

    I hate your indecision

  80. Louis Hoffman

    well your fuck can go hate itself!!!! lmao

  81. EliteTester

    28 people get it

  82. Manolo



    +Icaro Cade You can buy it along with the CD like I did on their site.

  83. TheMartiin1997

    okay,when did grumpy cat and hulk ask for a song?

    Zap Gun

    Not to mention the Sith.

  84. Noah Blondin

    I hate that I hate the fact that I hate that I hate that I love this song.

  85. C. Graham Vieth

    This inspired me to create my GTA online crew "The Crazy Hates".

  86. {EnUs:User.Screenname}

    Shouldn't it actually be "Hass ist toll" ?


    +neomix21 I hate your German corrections!




    @neomix21 Psychostick has taught me to hate everything. I hate Psychostick for teaching me this, and I hate you for questioning me.


    Thats the spirit!

    Zap Gun

    Hass ist supergeil.

  87. Klingon00

    This song was made for Grouchy Smurf.

  88. Mikeymadness

    Hate tastes great.

  89. Willow McIntire

    The official anthem of the Red Lantern Corps.

    Mr Fish

    +Chad Marden Hello, I remember you.

    You predicted Greed mode's final boss.

    Willow McIntire

    Indeed. And I see you have good taste in music. Ha!

    Mr Fish

    You too, pal.

    The GammaKnight

    Chad Marden fuck yes!

  90. DrunkManHunts

    I love the sound of hate in the morning

    Jack P

    I hate the sound of hate in the morning!



    Nikolay K.

    I eat hate for breakfast!

  91. TheBurt9999

    Don't you hate when you wake and you decide to masturbate and it makes you late? Hate hate hate.

  92. FourtyzNBluntz

    I hate when I have to explain psychostick to people.

    Robert Harrell

    Comedy metal

    Neurotic Biplane

    It's self explanatory

  93. Uncle Rob

    I HATE that I like this song

  94. AK Albabtain

    i fucking hate this song so got right through me and now fuck you i'm disliking this shit.
    Ps.. FUCK YOU

  95. GodlordBazi

    I hate it how you translated "hate" as Hast!

    Right Now

    Das issn Lied, das muss so sein

  96. yazmen103

    I hate how much I love this band

  97. More Gain TV

    This is awesome. Also, you guys write AMAZING riffs. Don't know how nobody comments about that, but the riffs are amazing and super heavy.

  98. SuddenWarrior76

    I fucking hate 99.9% of my friends on Facebook 


    @***** I will hate you for hating me, for hating you, bro.


    @***** I hate that you would hate on the hate.


    @***** I hate your hate, of my hate, of your hate, of our hate conversation. We are almost to hate times 8. 


    @***** ich hass dich

    No Damned Usernames Left.

    @Felix Schaltke I hate it when people use incorrect german grammar! It's "ich hasse dich". Get it right.

  99. SuddenWarrior76

    I hate this t.v