Psychostick - Because Boobs Lyrics

—Umm, excuse me, my eyes are up here.
—Yeah, but your boobs are down there.

Boobs should always be in my face
So bring them over to my place
Guys know what it's all about
Victoria, your secret's out

All bras do is get in the way.
So let your puppies out to play.
Squish them boobs all up on me.
Hell, yeah

Happy and bouncy and jiggly and wiggly.
Rounded mounds, just leave me all giggly.
A couple of supple and simple delights can.
Bring out a smile in every straight man.
(And some chicks, too.)

Now I want you to reveal what you've concealed.
Lose the bra so that I can cop a feel.
(Mammary glands in demand)
Glory to boobs, fleshy mountains up high
They're so wonderful they make me want to cry.

I wanna grab them, I wanna shake em, I wanna nom nom, because boobs.
I wanna squeeze em, I wanna slap em, I wanna punch em, because boobs.
Because boobs, because boobs.

Boobidy boobidy boobs go bouncy when you dance.
Worthy of a second glance.
Shimmy them ladies to and fro.
My happiness begins to grow.

If I had a room full of boobs.
That would be my favorite room.
If you think your boobs just get in the way.
You are wrong, boobs are great.

Men with boobs I do not like.
Put on a shirt and take a hike.
Chicks with boobs are really cool.
Especially when they're in a pool.

A's B's C's are all OK.
As long as they never go away.
Consensual sex is alright with me.
I really like your boobs.

Happy and bouncy and jiggly and wiggly.
Rounded mounds, just leave me all giggly.
A couple of supple and simple delights can
Bring out a smile in every straight man.
(Unless you're an ass-guy ).

Now I want you to reveal what you've concealed.
Lose the bra so that I can cop a feel.
(Mammary glands in demand)
Thy boobs be done
Cause they're funbags of fun.
A golden bosom shining brightly like the sun.

I wanna grab them, I wanna shake em, I wanna nom nom, because boobs.
I wanna squeeze em, I wanna slap em, I wanna punch em, because boobs.
Because boobs

Because boobs, because, because, because.
Boob boob boob boob boob boobity boob boob boob.
Boob boob boob boob boob boobity boob boob boob.

Now we all know where this song's about to go.
Start your engines cause it's time to motorboat.

[Motorboating the rhythm].

Don't be a jerk, don't you dare put them away.
If you did then I wouldn't see your boobs.

Aww... Come on! Bring them back... Boobs...

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Psychostick Because Boobs Comments
  1. Dustin Martin

    That just means these guys like what I like.... BOOBS.

  2. Duck Duck

    This dude really rapped 80s style in a metal song. I never thought I'd see the day.

  3. Dee Wayne

    Wtf lol

  4. Cis White Dad

    2019 and psychostick has been #metooed by every single woman who has boobs.

  5. Michael Wolf

    This video just took a shit all over every rap video ever

  6. Reaper Redni9e

    Is there a better song? I didn't think so

  7. scott shepard

    got milk? 🍼🥛

  8. greg patterson

    Ok, so there really needs to be an unedited version of this video!

  9. Bobby Crow

    This is my theme song 😂. I love boobs big ones small one but only female boobs. 18+

  10. Shane Groce

    2019 anyone?

  11. Chris Gardner

    Great song and video! I heard this song on a music channel on my cable TV, and had to buy the CD. Been a Psychostick fan ever since. Oh yeah, and I like BEER (and stuff) too, lol.

  12. Number Five

    Sounds kinda like system od a down.

  13. Random Human

    masterminds in disguises

  14. Tiny Kit

    Hell yea boobs

  15. Sean Greaves

    What ever the reason, doesn't really matter, cause BOOBS

  16. tinbanger66

    The subtlety of this song is deceiving, but i think it's about female mamalia.

  17. Anthony Schaaf

    Just randomly found you guys, but hell yes to the Halo Reach and "No place like" shirts.

    Oh, and boobs.

    But still, awesome music guys. I've listened to a few this morning and gotta say, best way I could have started the day/week. Keep it up, haha. 👍

  18. RebelOfTruth

    That is a pretty jammin song and natural boobs are the best.

  19. Lars Sigvardsson

    This is noob video

  20. OnlyHereFor TheWaifus

    thanks the the MCC that just dropped on steam i finally bet Halo Reach tonight fucking yay also yay boobs

  21. Shane McDougall

    I think that the boob song should be the official theme song for the brest cancer Association of America.

  22. el_diablo_flame

    I don't know if there are more boobs in the video or spikes on his hat

  23. G-Man Bubba


  24. Norton Sega Hippie

    Thumps up just for thumbnail and name then song awsome

  25. therev28 Tholomewplague

    I wanna nom nom because boobs

  26. crawford371

    The world series flashers brought me here

  27. Jeff Peterson

    There's nothing more metal than swimming pool drumming.

  28. Randy Marsh

    Never knew moose was a juggalo

  29. kathy murphy

    im just gonna play this when i wanna one night stand


    comment your fav chick. mine is second from left at 0:57

  31. Jason My Dreams

    My absolute favorite lines are "If you think your boobs just get in the way, you are wrong- boobs are great." and "-Bring out the smile in every straight man! (And some chicks, too!)"

  32. Deontay Sanders

    The song is the shit bro hit me back

  33. Deontay Sanders

    I had a dream about you guys doing the song featuring Lil Jon

  34. Imperial Guard #28

    Why did they make a song about Drake & Josh?🤨

  35. Imperial Guard #28

    Someone should send this to Broom Baldwin at CNN. Lol.

  36. Jay Johnson

    First Song I heard by You guys.

  37. Justin Sanders

    Any bra company would be stupid not to use this in their promos

  38. danny mason

    This video made my day today. Thanks psychostick!

  39. Olajide Salam

    this guy is a bich

  40. Olajide Salam

    this thing is

  41. Gio Rañada

    Deadpool's fav song!

  42. Lukas Kelber

    Why does this song exist?


  43. Adam Matthews

    Avgn brought my here nice song lol

  44. Therion ΤρολλpelDanger

    2019 and still I sing the Boob Song... Because Boobs

  45. Quill Stroke

    This song is crude and immature. And I LOVE IT!!



  47. Casey Pilarczyk

    Nice boobs my favorite songs

  48. Kami Eneru

    But I'm an ass guy...

  49. Chase Mathis

    "can't believe we got girls to dance to this"

    lmao, these guys give me the will to live.

  50. Awesomeo41

    I know another way to piss off anita sarkeesian and help promote psychostick even more...
    This song! 🤣 🤣 🤣

  51. Ryverwynd

    820 feminists hate boobs

  52. daogenify

    S.O.A.D is pretty much an inspiration :P

  53. MagicMaster667

    [Clever and original 'guys literally only want one thing and it's f*cking disgusting' joke]

  54. Jay Cripps

    This is weird

  55. Derek Janney

    This is the song that I love the most. The first time I seen these guys was in Pontiac a couple of years ago and I had to buy this CD cause of this song plus the who farted as well. I have seen these guys play at the diesal and the token. And one thing that I love about them is that they they will come up to you after they get done playing and won't mind signing autographs with no extra charge.

  56. Tørø

    Issei Hyodo would be proud

  57. Panicatthephandom

    "some chicks too" yes 😂😂

  58. Maddie Everlasting

    that fucking halo shirt

  59. Jon Jie Pico

    Thanks Jared Dines for calling out that guy on his band tshirt.

  60. Breaking in Vain

    Well, I agree with the underlying message anyway...

  61. Emilio Todolí

    Fred Durst cousin? xD

  62. missing elements

    halo reach

  63. Cody Reisor

    Lmao that part at 1:16 always gets me 😂 "boobityboobityboobs"

  64. Sabotage Official

    Do you prefer boobs with z

  65. Jerry Leckenby

    YouTube are such pussys. This song is worth sharing. I guess the head people are afraid and gay

  66. Nikki Smith

    No share button. I must have a share button 😂

  67. EASball

    Like if you came for the boobs. ;)

  68. Charlotte Brackenbury

    Women in that video haven't got real ones and unrelistical body expectations

  69. ZalesakVID

    This is not only the greatest music video I've ever seen, this is the greatest song I've ever heard.

  70. sgt slippyfist

    Boobs, beer and burritos!!!!! Nothing else matters🍺😁👍

  71. Punisher117 402

    If I had a room full of boobs that would be my favorite room😂🤣🤣🤣

  72. Pug Lord

    Willy Wonkas annual summer bash pool party

  73. randomassname

    Not enough boobs in this video. Too many dudes

  74. Jonathan Labelle

    there metric ton of song about Ass so we really neded this

  75. Fortnitefunny 2000

    I love ❤️ boobie

  76. squatchin77

    I like how he has boobs and is shirtless multiple times and has the nerve to say men with boobs I do not like put on a shirt and take a hike. What a fat man boob having tool.


    It's almost as if - stay with me here - it's part of the joke. 🙄

  77. Kekistani Goddess

    This is a great Breast Cancer Awareness song

  78. Jesse Strobel

    got me laid!

  79. andy G

    788 ppl don’t like boobs


    Love these guys...but a boob song?

    Been there...done there:

    I Like Big Tits...Joe Walsh style...

  81. Michael Rogers

    Because boobs dammit!!

  82. Flirginshner

    I love the halo reach shirt

  83. 1-800 no one cares

    Play this at my funeral.

  84. PulsarPurple

    *T A C O*

  85. extreme_ primus

    He was playing a fucking d's... These guys are awesome

  86. Coyote Man

    This speaks to me on so many levels

  87. Patrick DeAngelis

    So I love the fact that you're showing plenty of boobs. The boobs are awesome but get hotter faced chicks. One looked like a hamburger Patty was hit by a car in an orphanage... But love the boobs

  88. jayo84

    "men with boobs I do not like" well.. I guess he doesn't like himself....

  89. kalle karlsson

    I'm a simple man. I see boobs, I press like.

  90. NariNaraga22

    Dud I have that Haloshirt lol and I love this song

  91. McBump

    Teenage anthem

  92. Dead Dad

    My girl and I listen to you guys pretty regularly, you're our top roadtrip band. I've bought all of your albums and forced friends of mine to buy your shit, y'alls deserve it.
    (Pls respond PsychoDaddies Nicole and I will be happy)

  93. Perkele


    YouTube: Because Boobs

  94. G-Man Bubba

    Because boobs yep

  95. Alysia Says Hss

    i have no boobs im sad


    It's the boobs on the inside that count.


    Wait...How old are you?!

    Alysia Says Hss

    @Perkele 17 lol


    @Alysia Says Hss Ok I thought you were gonna be a 12 year old lol

  96. Alpha Wolf

    765 people DO NOT like boobs.


    Ass guys...

  97. Daniel Copeland

    Bass player reppin the lotus because boobs llal

  98. Donald Dodge

    How has almost 800 people not liked this?? Its great lmao