Psychedelic Furs, The - Torch Lyrics

A thousand rainy days
And I spoke on tongues that talk of saints
Burned down days like cigarettes
For your hollow praise
Down the days that you forget
Count the pictures that you keep
Keep it, hide it all away
Let it never show
All of this and I regret
Not a day that I was sent
Celebrated and arose
For your vanity in vain
Framed the faces I applaud
All the same sad eyes
Write the world between the lines
I heard it all, I heard it spoke
Like a name I call my life
Let it never show
All of this I now regret
Not a day that I was sent
Not a name that I might place
Not at my parade
In the four walls of my room
Standing where I wait
Others praised and I can't come
Tore the pictures off my walls
There's a secret that I keep
Let it never show
All of this I now regret
Not a day that I was sent
All of this I now regret
Not a name that I might place
Not at my parade
Framed the faces I applaud
All the same sad eyes
Write the world between the lines
I heard it all, I heard it spoke
In the four walls of my room

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Psychedelic Furs, The Torch Comments
  1. Nicholas Wade

    Much reminiscent of the Australian indie bands of the 90's (eg. You Am I). Takes me back...

  2. Atom Aunt

    This sounds like Justin Bieber.


    Whenever i Witness Someone Getting Unearned Accolades the words FOR Ur HOLLOW PRAISE Ring in my Mind and i Gotta Tell Ya Lately ive Been Ringing Like a Bell

  4. Beth Riches

    This is such a beautiful song.

  5. Brandy Duncan

    loving this song so much💀💚🎵🎧💚💀

  6. Lizzie Modern

    Couldn't love this song more.

  7. McDonaldNACD

    Doesn't this sound just like Get a Room?

  8. Lounge Hound

    butler at his best lyrically and this album was just looked over by everyone it seems, it always seemed obviously amazing when i put it on and still does. 

  9. David Foucart

    Everybody should listen to this very good album which is in my TOP100.

    David Foucart

    Frst listening : bof
    Second listening : good
    Third listening : very good
    4th listening : putain! c bon ce truc!

    Romain Berne

    @David Foucart Un des meilleurs groupes que je connais :)

    Patrick Hamilton

    David Foucart As a long time fan of the band, I regret that I didn't see the genius of many of the tracks of this record (I can now blame it on youth) Brilliant beyond words.

  10. slunnty

    Superb music-wish they'd tour New Zealand!!


    This is one of my favorite songs. And Richard Butler is my favorite vocalist. I'm using this link as the Mason Summers song of the day for our Facebook fans.

  12. Pedro17841

    Me too, those albums don't get the attention they deserve. Such great songwriting and texture.

  13. Shoe chedelic

    book of days and world outside are my favorite albums, I really love the honesty and bleakness to it, not the most catchy album they made but something about it emotionally for me just puts it above the rest

  14. R Chapo

    Was not that impressed & I really don't think of any after Mirror moves However I have not heard much of the two u mention to comment yet ! Live I bet they still do great gigs, But It all went down hill after the best album forever Now !!!!

  15. Mark Stewart

    Great tune, thanks for uploading it.

  16. Joey Levenson

    @charlottemouse mine too. WHAT A GREAT TUNE!


    this make me sad,and happy, thanx psychedelic furs.

  18. downdraft

    I graduated high school in 1992 and this was my theme song in the year book. There are so many dynamics to it, the lyrics, the tempo, the instruments. It's so poetic that it doesn't even need music to be amazing. It is and will always be my favorite song. Can't wait to see them at The Cannery on 7/07/11!

  19. cruyffianslip

    Richard Butler.. class.................

  20. Shoe chedelic

    I love the whole album Book of Days, it was my favorite album they ever made followed by world outside

  21. Frank Ozaki

    my most favorite furs song, hands down. just gorgeous, and richard's lyrics are just so evocative. "burn down days like cigarettes..."

  22. R Chapo

    I saw the Furs twice I was just 16 when they done Mirror Moves & then M 2 Midnight, both in Liverpool manford hall & then the royal court, Always been guttered that I missed Forever Now My Favourite Album By far, thanks 4 the song's & the memories of Two Wondrousness Nights..!!!!

  23. charlottemouse

    LOVE IT - My favourite Furs song ever

  24. Steve Cooke

    LOVE LOVE this song...I bought this cd when it came out in the early 90s, and fell in love with this -- Thank you for posting

  25. Jacques Hinks

    This song was incredible, still one of my total faves. I remember how heavy it was live , John Ashton said he doesn't like this one, as it is one of the most depressing pieces he ever played. A masterpiece it is, 2 guitarists, a cellist and Richard, the lights were only on richard, and a little on the cellist, we all melted, it was almost holy that night.