Psychedelic Furs, The - Mother-Son Lyrics

Mary comes in a bows
And all her lipstick pearls and clothes
Come falling down
Come falling at her feet
Got a knife and a spoon
And a rose on my suit
Dark as crows
Here above
I keep two feet on my floor
She's like a dove
There's a law she keeps
Come falling down
Steal her things
Come falling down
All her rings
Come falling down
All that she was sold
Second hand handed you
With a heart to fill my shoes
And mother-son
Dark as crows
She comes knocking down
Sad mother-son
On a cross
In her sleep
On her sheets
With a lie
That she keeps
In here, nothing breathes
A penny sent
For your thought
She comes knocking down my door
Sad mother-son

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Psychedelic Furs, The Mother-Son Comments
  1. Lisette Heilman

    Every song I listen to yous sing and play becomes my new favorite. Musical geniuses.

  2. Jean Frank

    Most underrated album ever- sad... such a masterpiece

  3. Colourful 999 Real


  4. Colourful 999 Real