Prozak - Divided We Stand Lyrics

All that I've seen, all that I've known
All is lost now, a world without hope.
Nowhere left to run, nowhere left to go
Overpopulated, and yet we're all alone
Global warming outside but we're still cold
On the inside, our souls are froze
Grim future walking down this dead end road
Hard to cope when you've reached the end of the rope
Nothing left to do but hang in the balance now
Just above the poisoned soil and the toxic ground
Deluded oxygen's circles in your lungs while
The acid rain just drains from the black clouds
Scared and lost people gather into the streets and crowds
No longer simple thinking of survival some how
Through this threat they are met with projectiles
The blood spills as the fires burn for miles
Panic and destruction is all that's around
So you better hit the deck when the boots hit the ground
Ashes to ashes we all fall down,
Ashes to ashes we all fall down
Nothing will remain take a last look around
Now the screams of pain have replaced all the sound
Ashes to ashes we all fall down,
Ashes to ashes we all fall down
The time has arrived, now watch it unfold
Everything in sight ignites and explodes
Don't believe the lies you've been told
Don't believe the lies you've been told
Endless days of night, no light to behold
Total loss of life we've lost all control
Don't believe the lies you've been told [18x]

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Prozak Divided We Stand Comments
  1. Dalton evans

    Hey guys, i don't think he wants us to believe the lies we've been told. He kinda left it a bit ambiguous but if you focus you'll see what he's saying.

  2. Daniel Smith

    The 17 ppl that didn’t love this joint can suck it easy

  3. Psychi

    Prozak has inspired me incredibly. He’s the reason I have the “realist” mindset at this point.

  4. Marty C

    666 likes! Satan has delivered the the keys out of Hell! It's the lies! See through the lies!

  5. Jakub Vasko

    best song for the rest of my life

  6. Space Bear

    This song is so good. Only thing is the end gotta here the same thing 700 times.

  7. Marcos Villalobos

    whoop whoop prozak this is dope

  8. Scott Goulet

    Don't believe the lies you've been told. #IndieRaps

    Connecticut Ball


    Breanna Pleasant

    Scott Goulet I loveyou plz LOVEme

    Scott Goulet

    Breanna Pleasant I love you too.


    Next call of Duty theme for boots on the ground!

  10. Kemberly Lockhart

    What happened 2 the video w Joe Taylor in it ?? I thought the name of it was no where 2 run in my opinion he should b in the video

  11. ronald coen

    no rule, no order

  12. Richard Garrett

    It sucks but sounds like the bitches I meet

  13. Christine Li

    Thank you Prozak

  14. Matthew Culver

    That means war war new world freedom NWF we out number the nwo illuminate and all their fake truths and true lies billions of free minds outnumber the elite rich power hungry dictators of what we can say and do in America democracy is falling we the people for freedom must unite and TAKE BACK OUR RIGHTS TO BE FREE!!!!

  15. J Paquette

    shits dope!

  16. karen saville

    Ashes To Ashes We All Fall Down<< Anyone Listening<