Propagandhi - This Is Your Life Lyrics

You're not really mad at Iran or Afghanistan.
You're mad at the fact that your wife can't stand you anymore.
You don't know where she is.
You're going crazy in your basement hole...

Clicking your remote control,
Spitting insults at the screen...

'Cause tomorrow you're back at work,
Where you can't stand being the little man.
Despite your grovelling, you can't get ahead.

No one really laughs at your stories anymore.
You're too cynical and mean, so they've fucked off bored.
Your kids are at the mall.
They just sit and stare at the wall.

You think you tell it like it is.
You say you can't stand bleeding hearts.

But every single day,
You just sit there bleeding for yourself.
You whine and cry in your manly voice.
This is your life.

You do it to yourself, take the load off your mind.
Go out into the world, you'll see, you'll probably survive.
This is your life.

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Propagandhi This Is Your Life Comments

    such a concise and satisfying ripper

  2. severed111

    I love Todd's hardcore songs. I also love his slow melodic songs (Bringer Of Greater Things, Cut Into The Earth). Those lyrics are awesome because only Todd could make fun of "right wingers" this way.

  3. scratchandsniffpony


  4. Jordi Smulders

    Their last 3 albums are one of the best (post?)punk albums EVER. If you listen Propagandhi, you get the total package: Agressive melodic punk, with great interludes, some reference to old metal and trash. But for me, the most important part is: these guys are genuine. What they say is what they stand for. And what they say is: be true, be honest, be human, support all living things on this earth. How could you not agree?

  5. jackno7daniels

    0:41 metallica????? Go buy the album, this youtube stuff sounds shit.

  6. Gabriel

    no man, I at least don't.
    what i do feel is that Chris is right about to grow some motherfuckin angel wings on his back, and will go away flying with them after closing a concert with "supporting caste".

    That is something i really think is going to happen

  7. Flimmykins

    Uh... As much as I agree that it's a "I like it" or "I don't like it" type thing with music.

    But, you're wrong about genres.
    How can you hate something which is just gives more convenience?

    I mean, you might enjoy the bullshit of needing to look through thousands of bands which play a type of music you're not keen on, but I sure the hell don't.

  8. HolyMilck

    are you serious.. know your shit foo.
    this aint thrash..

    Fusioness 43

    Elements of thrash tho

  9. Skankin' Dragon

    I like both era's of propagandhi but i do consider them two distinct era's, both have there own merits. If you miss propagandhi's melodic punk era you can check out John K Sampson's new band The Weakerthans, where you can find more of John's oddly stirring poetic lyrics. There are parallels between songs like Anchorless and Reconstruction site. Think about it as one great band becoming two great bands, I love both for vastly different reasons

  10. erikmelvin

    mamma mia

  11. skatopolis

    Solid Question.

    HTCE was a fucking classic albums.. and oh soo motherfucking nostalgic.

    But their newer albums have blown me the fuck away.. and have just done what every band does.. evolved. But in their case.. for the better.... I am all about the ska lol.. so thats saying a lot.

    Kinda RX Bandits.. they started off cwith clean ska and turned into awesome ass experimental rock with a horn lol

    goddammit, I hate tryin to classify things..

  12. therightwords

    Cheers for this.
    I saw these guys about a month ago and I was a bit sceptical.
    I'm definately a bigger fan of the older sound,
    but they still blew me away.
    Fucking good show.

  13. Kevin Reyes

    nice thanks. do u prefer Prop's more diy punk sound in the beggining like in How to Clean Everything or a more metal and thrash sound like this album?