Propagandhi - The Funeral Procession Lyrics

The funeral procession passed by here today,
Confusion and questions left strewn in its wake,
But I feel like I knew his pain.

A mechanical failure while enduring the norm.
Some of us fracture, others simply deform
And lose their elasticity.

Never to return
To the shape they were.
I wonder which is worse.

I try to keep my composure amidst the insanity,
Resigned to the truth that I will not live to see
The dawn of a better day...

That might wash away
The sadness of this age.
I try to keep the voices calling me at bay.

Desperately clinging to any
Futile lack of human decency.

The voices love to remind me of
My futility sitting on my hands,
Hoping anyone else than
Me will do what should be done.

It's hard not to succumb as they
Call my name.
You gotta keep on trucking anyways.

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Propagandhi The Funeral Procession Comments
  1. DarylVocat

    lyrics should read "futile act of human decency" rather than 'lack'

    Cover Song Thrift Shop

    Thank you! Copied from a lyric website many years ago. Never caught that :)


    no worries, was just listening to this today and saw the lyrics on the propagandhi site in contrast. cheers!

  2. Mr.Armenian

    Been listening to Propagandhi for 15 years now. This is their best album by far.

  3. Br1jazz

    fuck guys ive satarted to listen propagandih since 2009, when i knew that they come to chile in 2007 i was like :((((( :( ;(((((((( but i hope the come back!!! i fucking adore propagandhi!!! one of the few real punk bands....

  4. goldoche1

    Don't you mean the whole song is awesome?

  5. Stephen Dill

    2:57 -- 3:20 is awesome!!

  6. ben gordon

    thank you for writing this. i only wish i could begin to explain how important these words are to me, or how important they should be to every one else. please come to ohio and play a show.

  7. 1imesub

    This song is about resisting the desire to end your own life, despite the sadness/ugliness of this world.

    S. Schneegs

    No, insert coin (0)

    Corey Herrick