Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits Lyrics

Francis didn't give a fuck about the rollbacks.
Overproduction, reduced demand.
Never gave much thought to disputed contracts.
In his short life, he'd only ever known...
Panic, fear, pain, darkness, pandemonium,
In this hell that was his home and...

Fourth-quarter earning expectations,
Expedited their demise.
The panic grew as the humans stalked among them.
When the screaming began,
Francis shut his eyes and felt the hand
Of inhumanity brush over him, but...

His would-be killer's back turned for a moment.
A blinding ray of light spread across the floor.
In a crimson pool, he saw his own reflection,
As he bolted for the door.

Not just some fractured fairy-tale
Although I wish that that were true.
This is a fable far too real.
{Yet} we somehow still cling to

The story lines that bridge the chasms
Between cognition and belief.
Any old implausible denial
That might offer some relief...

From the dissonance that Francis
Left screaming in his wake.
Deep into the heart of the city's park lands,
He made good his escape.

And where, for five months, he ran free
And replayed his only fond memory.
Just a warm and distant dream of...

His mother's loving eyes upon him.
Francis made it farther than she did.
A quarter mile just short of the city limits,
They finally captured him.

And there's a statue that the abattoir erected
To remind us all of their contributions.
To me it marks Potemkin City Limits,
This Francis cast in bronze.
To the realm of God.

Not just some fractured fairy-tale,
Although I wish that that were true.
A fable far too real,
We somehow still cling to...

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Propagandhi Potemkin City Limits Comments
  1. Ankur Kharal

    My favorite album by them. Very underrated.

  2. Katherina Rebolledo


  3. Michael Hopton

    Lazer pucks!!

  4. Timothy Cox

    My god. The most divinative punk rock albums ever. It just blew everything else out of the water and set the standard for the next 15 years. The riffs, the break downs, the vocals, fucking everything. If there was such as a thing as progressive punk rock, this is it. So flicking good. 10/10....and yes I’ve been listening since it came out and love punk music. This is so goddam good I had I finally comment.

  5. Doug Eddy

    Happy John Brown Day!!


    This album is amazing.. goodness.

  7. Pat Swayze

    PropAgandhi ...the only real punk band left

  8. historyof LOL

    It sounds a bit like "older" rock but with classical "Propagandhi" riffs...his vocals have improved since first album. I think they were a little ahead of the pack.

  9. Pat Swayze

    Realest punk band out there,i been following this band for 23 years,and will continue

  10. Fusioness 43

    30:26 sublime.

  11. Dany Bro

    One of the best album ever created, ever!!!!

  12. MrMethadrine

    This band is very good.Why they dont have more views?They need better marketing.

  13. Bryton Cherrier

    I've grown older and I've grown out of their beliefs. But DAMN this record packs an emotionally powerful punch. Taking all these shots at these blood thirsty tyrannical cronies and globalization of the early to mid 2000's.
    Love it!

  14. Andrew Barrett

    Keeps hope alive doesn't it?

  15. Иван Иванов

    Лимита г.Потемкин!

  16. Andres Aviles

    please someone give me the full album oe download link?? tnks

  17. Big D

    Definitely one of my most favorite albums of all time

  18. ganggreen santiago

    Just frikn amazing.
    This drummer among the greats...just ya.


    Him and Burns from Strung Out are my top two fav in the genre. I'll even add Gordy from Frenzal Rhomb and Nick from AWS. Wayyyyyy too talented.

  19. mistor Whiskers

    It's kinda sad that 13 years have passed and this album may be even more relevant today

    Mike G

    This album will always be relevant in modern society. A progressive's dream will never see reality in the modern world. The truth hurts. Make the best of it.

  20. Brad Stewart

    The 56 people giving this a thumbs down need to get a fucking clue

  21. MrMmnngghh

    Shred levels set to max

  22. scarsunseen24

    I love the guitar tone on this album.. just saying.

  23. Fercha

    This album.... My GOD!!!!

  24. I.l.V m

    Aun los estoy esperando en argentina!!!! Punk rock!!!!

  25. Jorge luiz

  26. Travis

    Victory Lap >The Rest

  27. Mike G

    Entre nous, how did your desert bloom? 7:52 One of the most powerful things I've ever heard in my life.

    (Between us... how did your desert bloom?)


    love that line


    Fixed Frequencies is an unreal song.

  28. Livingina TerminalState

    one man army albums?!!? subscribed!

  29. Gregory Chri

    Chris has some nerve calling out Lars and Fat Mike!

  30. Joe Souliere

    Best Prop album IMO

  31. Kris Mrzitelj

    so addicted to their music for decades now.

  32. Edgar Britez

    el punk no esta muerto


    No señor, y mucho menos con bandotas como esta.

  33. swinginmad

    This album may challenge your perspective.

  34. Aaron Swartz

    cut into the earth is a very deep song

    Mike G

    A ton of these songs are deep. Fixed frequencies also cuts super fucking deep. This album is a masterclass in songwriting in nearly all regards in relation to progressive rock music. This is my favorite album of all time and I'm a huge rock / progressive / punk aficionado.

  35. chrono2320032003

    What a great and perfectly written album! All Propagandhi is great... but this one takes the crown in my mind.

  36. läpn Sack

    one of the best Punk Records ever made!!!

  37. Gregory Chri

    21:15 + Don Henley Boys of Summer

    Noise Redemption

    "By the way I stole this riff" - Anti-Manifesto

  38. deathmonger420

    seeing them in Oct.


    +Gregory Chri yup

  39. Daniel Cassidy

    brilliant band

  40. Pete Vasquez

    live October 25 San Antonio

  41. Tori Story


  42. Dave Brady

    I've been consuming this record for years now, and it still gets to me. Not many bands or records can do that. It's hard for me to choose favorites with Propagandhi records, but Potemkin definitely takes slot one. Sentimentally, aesthetically, and because it's just fucking rad. Cheers.

    Clint Grice

    I've got to say Supporting Caste > Potemkin City Limits > Today's Empires > Failed States > Less Talk More Rock > How to Clean Everything. That said they're all amazing albums!

    will de villiers

    IMO: Potemkin>Today's Empires>Failed States> Supporting Caste>the rest.


    Well put, Dave. For me, this record has a dark tone their other releases don't touch. For sure my favorite record.


    I'd say that "Supporting Caste" is the best in instrumentation (still has amazing lyrics), but "Less Talk" has my favorite lyrics.

    historyof LOL

    hey Dave


    such a great album!

  44. RevinFreddy

    So fuckin' badass!

  45. Les Murderous

    best punk rock album of my lifetime thusfar

  46. Lipsy

    Most underrated punk album... My favourite Propagandhi

    Aaron Swartz

    Lipsy today's empires, tomorrow's ashes is my favorite cause it was my 1st of their albums. this is a close runner up

    Mike G

    This album is massively respected among the more musician type punkers.. Trust me.

  47. Melissa Lawrence

    not a chick.grew up to one nos shit about the boys.three piece outta Vancouver Canada.this is what a band should fukin sound like.very diverse,non feminine gay members too.every ones so fukn clecea, and brainwashed that a straight up in your face rockin is a straight man's your eyes.that's what they're trying to show you.much love and respect always props to the props.

    ganggreen santiago

    Errr...Winnipeg I thought
    You may b thinking of RAISED BY APES...from Van.
    Also rad.


    Dibba dabba blabba wabba dabba 😂😂😂 fucking moron

  48. Mr Shneaky

    I found these guys by accident! I'm glad I did its resurrected punk music for me. sooo fucking good!


    Mr Shneaky shit is real. Canada should be proud.

  49. mathrobz777

    This album was 10 years old 5 days ago! Still rocking to it now

  50. Miguel Hipólito

    Respect from Portugal...great album.....


    +Miguel Hipólito I love Portugal! Much love from Australia

    Miguel Hipólito

    @jimmiow and i love's amazing. 

  51. Ivan Dias

    holy crap this album is played to shit in my car....

    Adam Rainstopper

    @Rather Not Thank you, for all of that, I really do appreciate it. Whatever you listened to, it was an example of "where I am" in life today, and how I manage to navigate it. Writing songs is my primary language. I can tell you more in a 3 minute song than I could ever convey in hours of conversation or pages of written english. It's my most efficient means of communication. THAT is how I manage to go on.

    Rather Not

    +Adam Rainstopper Yeah music and writing can be a great for that, as a non-native English guy combined with the crass voice it's hard to pick up the lyrics though :). Guess I'll have to just listen to them some more... so that's how punk interprets marketing; just have your audience go ""Uh... what's this guy talking about?" and they keep coming back :P

    Adam Rainstopper

    @Gregory Chri Who are you asking....and what are you asking? Are you asking the OP why he listens to this album in the car?

  52. Giulio Scuri

    canadians comrades! Love them! 

  53. Benji M.D. Hawkins Rustulka

    Miss the old G7 records on top of the old mondragon at the old wheat board building on the old Albert street down from the older royal Albert of arms ... hi my name is Benji

  54. Kohdy James

    Rediculously Bad ass

  55. Mauricio Leiva

    Best Propagandhi album ever.

    Matteo Galli

    don't agree. Failed States is far superior. just a matter of taste, I guess!

    Gable Mullen

    I agree. It's the best.

    Illogical Craftsman

    +Mauricio Leiva Propagandhi are the best ever!


    This album gets better with age

    Daniel Cassidy

    brilliant band....

  56. lushys

    Canadian Brothers in Progressive Thrash! :)

  57. Armando Razo

    Thanks a lot for uploading this one!