Propagandhi - Night Letters Lyrics

Your world was blown right apart
On a night of sickening death.
You went running for your life,
And never went home again.

I spend sleepless nights as my head
Swims worrying about you.

You work the night shift
So you won't be alone.

I am adept at cold.
You have travelled so far from home,
And sorrow has followed every step of the way.
You're caught between this life and the one left behind.

I see it's burning you inside,
Like some exploding sun.
Your mind constantly returns
To a place that's not so fucking cold...

But on fire with war.

You're starting over from scratch,
Sending your money home.
You're working as hard as you can
While life hangs in the air.

I see distant lights up ahead,
But I'm worrying about you.

It's all taking its toll
And you can't concentrate.

You are being crushed by the world.
I have got lucky so far.
And we sit, at the end of this night, dialing
An answer finally reached through a long-distance line.

News of threatening night letters,
Stones tossed over the fence.
Your loved ones taunted by murderers.
Tell them it's three years that they'll have to wait...

As their whole world implodes.

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Propagandhi Night Letters Comments
  1. Christopher Rauh

    Next to Propaghandhi everything feels so mundane.

  2. Matthew Bredin

    man this song (album as well) is .....GOOD

  3. Fiery leech

    One of protest the hero's early influencers. Love them both.

  4. Vincent Mileto

    Fucking song sucks! Sounds like the song just wants to throw in a many sound effect/tricks as it can without knowing where it is going! Sounds very metal at times! No structure! The intro is WWWWWWAAAAAAYYYYY too long! Just plain annoying! Progressive Punk? Isn't that an oxymoron? How about calling it Regressive Rot!

  5. Matthew Bredin

    I love that propagandhi are the premier punk band in the world and that Chris is just a normal, cool laid back humble Canuck from the Peg

    Jude Asher

    Matthew Bredin it’s actually fairly common to see them at punk and hardcore shows in Winnipeg just hanging around seeing the bands

  6. Matthew Bredin

    when you haven't listened to this song in a while and remember when you listened to it every day multiple times......:0

  7. ClassWarrior87

    Is there any other way to listen to this?

  8. Danny Paul

    This song is special, so well done.

  9. No Name

    this is not HQ

  10. gdinoteimoso

    Two perspectives from the same issue: War. Looks like Propagandhi could write well the drama that wifes and the soldiers live daily...

  11. Dirtroad Games

    great song

  12. Timothy Nelson

    I wanna go nuts to this song. I would probably break something during it live

    Expected Toulouse

    It's thrash/hardcore. you should break stuff.


    Listen to it and then help someone. That's probably what Todd would prefer.

    Dany Bro

    They're all about peace!! In '98, I was like 15, went to one of their concert. They stopped the show after like half an hour cuz all the fuckin' idiots making the mush pit a battle field, a violent one. I was to small an kinda afraid of mushes back then, I was on the balcony, but yeah,, they're all for peace.

  13. Timothy Nelson

    I wanna go nuts to this song. I would probably break something during it live

  14. J Roumanis

    Truly one of the greatest punk songs ever written

    Brendan Anderson

    One of them... but Tertium Non Datur is in my opinion the best. Everything in that one just fits together so well and the anger is still there as strong as ever.

    Keanu Revert

    This is among the top


    Like some exploding sun.

  15. Rivor66

    I' m impressed.

  16. Jim

    When he sings the bit "As the whole world implodes", I get goose bumps every time, so powerful and moving.

    Keanu Revert

    Jim for me when he said "I spend sleepless nights in my head swims worried about you, you worked the night shift ... so you don't be alone!" Shits this whole songs unapologetic uncomfortable and fucking amazing

  17. akkasoothy

    prop a fucking gandhi at their best

  18. RyanD pnw

    I love that everyone listens to this with passion.

    Josh Starks

    There is no other way.

    Corey Herrick

    RD pnw
    Fuckin right

    Univerciel Univerciel

    You said it all! 24 hours a day, and 7 days a my car, and having swexd. cooking name it theres fucking Propagandhi playing!!!\

  19. Joe Olson

    This is one of the most heart wrenching and sad songs I've ever heard a punk band play. Unfortunately it's true. So many families are forced to move as refugees and all too often someone will be left behind. Horrible. 

  20. eutomonation

    ..I see it's burning you inside
    like some exploding sun
    your mind constantly returns
    to a place that's not so fucking cold
    but on fire with war..

  21. mrsargemeister

    adept at cold...

  22. Echosoblivion

    You work the night shift so you won't be alone.
    I am

  23. Christopher Shankle

    I spend sleepless nights as my head swims worrying about you.