Propagandhi - Last Will And Testament Lyrics

Here in the few remaining moments we have left,
Just what do you propose we say in our defence?

That much was decided before
Any one of us were born?
Nothing more than objective
Observers to the madness?

Throw up your hands in sadness.

We're powerless to change anything anyways,
So just lay back upon your deathbed and gaze
Idiotically back up the chain of command from which
We receive our directives. It's just common sense...

To preach what ought to be, but ensure it never is
In the present tense.

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Propagandhi Last Will And Testament Comments
  1. Syzygycollapse

    This song reinvigorated my love of punk

  2. Worb Kees

    Here in the few remaining moments we have left, just what do you propose we say in our defense? That much was decided before any one of us were born? That we were nothing more than objective observers to the madness and throw up your hands in sadness? “We’re powerless to change anything anyways.” So just lay back upon your death bed and gaze idiotically back up the chain of command from which we receive our directives. I guess it’s just common sense to preach what ought to be but ensure it never is in the present tense.

  3. Judy Hall Jacobson

    This song is evil. I met Sandor. He is a connecting and very caring person. He has HIV and that may be why he chose to go back to meat after being a vegetarian. The members of Propagandhi take sick to a whole new demention (sic).


    Wrong song Bub.


    Well hope he dies soon, now go and fuck yourself.



  5. Corey Herrick

    Incredible bass line. And everything else.

  6. Henry Lozano

    285 ppl forgot to write their wills.

  7. Turkleton Pupptarr

    thought this was a cover of the amebix tune.

  8. Illogical Craftsman

    The one band I just can't do without!

  9. Diego Aguilar

    JAJDJAJQJS hmno esa huea no es propaganhi :P

  10. Leroy Breeze

    This'un literally gave me goosebumps!!
    I look forward to checking out yer catalog!

  11. severed111

    @Greg  Alzner : I was even confused if it was Chris when Less Talk, More Rock came out, since he is credited as "Pete" in that album. I really loved his vocals in their second release, the split with I Spy on Recess Records, still in the same vein of HTCE but a lot angrier "Oka Everywhere", "Mutual Friends" etc. I like em all, even in their HTCE style they were so much more full of talent and technicality (try to play Head, Chest Or Foot?, really difficult. Only band similar to this back then who had a lot of technicality while being a melodic hardcore punk band was Lagwagon during the Duh and especially Trashed days.

  12. Dale Rowe

    This song just screams 'This is the end of all humanity, nothing else we can do now' In a post punk, defeated voice. Beautiful.

    Corey Herrick

    Dale Rowe
    Um. No? As in... That's quite literally the opposite of the point of this song and it's themes (free will, learned helplessness, etc)

  13. Matt Pruitt

    Propagandhi is, beyond a doubt, inspiring as far as taking social action however, I think Burzum or Mayhem might be more appropriate soundtracks for burning down houses of worship and shooting-up fast food joints.

  14. Donker

    Allthough his comment was kinda obscene, you shouldn't take everything so serious.

  15. Wheeler Saunders

    The dislikes are most likely from extreme metal heads or people who generally prefer whats spewed on the radio. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Propagandhi loves Homosexuals.

  16. RocknRollCharger

    Best Canadian Punk Band by far!!

    Roly Saavedra



    I'll put these guy top 10 of BEST EVER canada US AFRICA ASIA you name it

  17. KicksssButUnderrated

    big time

  18. Porst_GER

    Listening to Propagandhi always makes me want to burn a bank or a church or a some filthy fast food retaurant, thats what i fucking love about propagandhi!

  19. Greg Alzner

    I guess it's because he used "snotty" vocals earlier on. Since Today's Empires, it seems they really are focusing more on the music and more complex songwriting. I remember when that album came out and I first heard it, I also questioned if it was still Chris on vocals. They were good earlier on but they are great now!!

  20. Dvilch

    interesting that in their first album he sound a lot like fat mike

  21. Greg Alzner

    Nope same singer - Chris Hannah

  22. blucerchiata1983

    Un capolavoro....

  23. Matt Christopher

    4 dislikes...Clearly, these are people who do NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ABOUT THIS PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Brots Kop

    Understand you'd say that.. but never changed singer.. He just made a lot of progress vocalwise:P

  25. babayagu23

    ....absolute blinder of a track...they are fucking nails.

  26. Jordi Smulders

    I can't wait for the new album (this summer, hopefully). The last 3/4 albums are so insanely great, every album seems to get better and better. I expect nothing less than another (even better) masterpiece. Greatest band ever! Great music, great lyrics, a shining example what kind of impact a band could have.

  27. lillepunk

    Nope, same singer.. but they have added a 2nd guitarist

  28. zeus storm

    I haven't listened to Propagandhi in a few years, i take it they have a new singer

  29. HopelessDestiny91

    I love this song so fucking much listening to it every day!!!

  30. Matt Hollywood

    A soothing crescendo.

  31. Quintin Treat

    @xxDevdogxx1928 Shit mang, Propagandhi been round for 1/4 of a century... well better late than never.

  32. RawlistikMusic

    oh wow, this is beautiful!

  33. defecate30877

    Yeah they are ridiculously GOOD!!! xD

  34. thtdudewiththehair

    @xxDevdogxx1928 protest the hero and these guys are both fucking awesome

  35. Triple D Bruin

    randomly seen the bands name on protest the heros album, there stuff is really great, i have no clue how i didnt stumble onto these guys earlier

  36. TheMrjohhnyonthespot

    like a snake playing the guitar and drums at the same time, this album would make parents everywhere shudder to think of their kids swaying their heads in approval. I hope this bands finds a label again.

  37. captinkill02

    the best intro ever.....

  38. oscar .novoa

    @punkard495 that is so true my friend

  39. lansky111121

    propaghandi sucks at writing bad albums.

  40. cooliomon78

    I've noticed that most bands at the start of their career sound really good, but over time, they peak and start to get less creative. Propagandhi is one of those few bands who can make solid album after solid album. Never been dissapointed with a record yet, and probably never will.

  41. Gerald Cunningham

    Class shit

  42. DJS - The Tainted

    Who ever disses this song is a fucking goon an needs a 6 shooter upside their grill. Propagandhi has got to be one of the doppest artists that I have ever had the pleasure of blazing in my life time. Beautiful album.

  43. dunxalot

    HOLLY SHIT!!!!!!!

  44. MrPERPS

    Mad Props to the Gandhi,,this album has surpassed the last one ,,a feat of shear brilliance ,, i can't believe it,, and i really needed it.

  45. Josh Punk Rocker

    So inspiring song...

  46. EnergizerBunny804

    Propagandhi always have been, and always will be, amazing

  47. Aaron Burek

    @BuchenwaldOvenAshes what makes you so strong, the perfect person, the fact that you can sit behind a computer and criticize others

  48. Laurlax

    what an amazing fuckin album.

  49. Joe Monday

    @BuchenwaldOvenAshes you clearly have neither a fully-functioning
    penis or brain :)

  50. misfits4life1

    saw them open up for bad brains fucking awsome show

  51. Shaurya Mov

    he ment the third album which has epic endings.

  52. robbykills

    not counting this one, which I place third or so now I'd say:

    1. Less Talk, More Rock
    2. Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
    3. How to Clean Everything
    4. Potemkin City Limits

  53. Bosco

    yes man when i have time i put video in my youtube channel see it there are a lot of cover nofx skap beerbong

  54. lgwgn88

    I fucking love this song!!!

  55. Bosco

    yes ! i want play a cover with piano:)

  56. David Knowland


  57. Josh Punk Rocker

    I in love with this song too.

    Certainly my best song from propagandhi, it takes me so far...

    I will try to cover it but it's very hard to guess what they're playing.

    Anyway, i give myslef one week to cover it and put it on youtube.

    Stay tuned...

  58. punkard495

    Best song ever

  59. drpesky

    Thank you (lol)

    Clive Jones writer "Come to the sabbat"

  60. Bosco

    this song is amazing !! propagandhi come soon in italy

  61. oscar .novoa

    waiting for so long for another new record thank god

  62. John Fiddich

    thereà,s also a live album dude.. fortgot the name, I think it is ''where quantity is job number 1'' somethin like that, theres a couple of new songs on it

  63. goodriddance86

    One of the best Intros, i've ever heard!!

  64. T Robinson

    I cant believe how fucking good this is (obviously i can)