Propagandhi - Iteration Lyrics

Donald wept through the proceedings.
His tears soaked through the canvas
That cloaked his twisted face and they stained
As orange jumpsuit where with such rare distinction he once displayed
The evidence of his outstanding contributions
To the maintenance of a kingdom come.
But those days are gone.
He's nothing more than a number
On a docket thick with shareholder, engineers,
PR firms, politicians: war-profiteers.

"How the fuck did I end up here?
This just isn't fair.
Ain't no place for a millionaire."

And he searches for the words
To stop this table in mid-turn,
Like "we are but old men"
"We only did what we were told"
But the laughter from the gallery drowns out these vestiges
Of a profession's oldest defense.

"The court will direct
The record to reflect
Compliments from the bench;
You sir, are central casting's crowning achievement.

And for your outstanding performance
In a comedic role,
I'd like to dedicate the findings
Of the jury to the dead."

But how can
One man
Ever repay
A debt so appalling?

Can't gouge 10,000 eyes
From a single head so I
Think we should observe
A sentence that will serve
To satisfy both a sense of function and poetry:
So you will spend the rest
Of your days drenched in sweat,
With your face drawn in a rictus of terror
As you remove another buried land mine fuse.

Meanwhile, 100 yards back
Behind the sandbags, a legless foreman
Pulls the trigger on
A red megaphone.
Squelching feedback. Drunken laughter.
Broken English. His dead daughter's picture.
Time and tide, no one can anticipate
Inevitable waves of {change}

Inevitable waves of
(Inevitable waves of)
Inevitable waves of
(Inevitable waves of)
Inevitable waves of
Inevitable waves of

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Propagandhi Iteration Comments
  1. EcoZones2D6

    This reminds me natural born killers

  2. Jody Barrett

    The fact that these guys were a 3 piece at the time of this recording breaks my brain every time I hear this song. Chris Hannah might be the best guitarist punks ever seen.

  3. Dry Sift Wizard

    I love you... but TRUMP is winning, bruh.

  4. Benksy

    Could be Donald Trump

  5. salted crypts

    it's fun to listen to this song now and imagine the "donald" in the lyrics isn't rumsfeld, but a certain other donny


    communism will fail again like it has countless times prior. great song, but you are a douche.

    Corey Herrick

    Fuck you.

  6. DemoN-Monkey-208

    badass fucking song love it!

  7. travisamazingable

    that bass at 2:31 and that outro mmm

    Stephen J

    I know... each time that bass line comes up my anticipation builds

  8. Jongbeck

    This is about Obama

    Rowen Setchell

    you're retarded, this song was written a decade before Obama was president


    +Rowen Setchell obama is just as accountable for the war crimes of george bush, domald rumsfield and ronald mc donald because hese done the same shit, hell probably worse

  9. Niko Destroyer

    the guy at the beginning sounds like Bill Hicks

    R A

    It's George W Bush.

  10. TheLink

    Pocas veces escuche una cancion de punk tan increiblemente perfecta!!!

  11. bidibum

    Ma quanto cazzo adoro i Propagandhi!

  12. ShinGallon

    Jesus, the Bush quotes about prosecuting war criminals + audience laughter. That's just...fucking PERFECT.




    Fuuuuccccckkkk. This song is so good!

  14. 1imesub

    Great song, but it would be better without the intro.

  15. robbykills

    No, you can blame him. He actively campaigned for a political party, that among many of it's heinous same-as-it-ever-was agendas took a role in trying to silence the third option in American Politics (in this case being Nader).

  16. TheSugaqueen

    I'm so happy to see no dislikes on this :)

  17. nnerrdy

    Absolutely amazed every time I listen to this song.

  18. AquaCentauri

    Mike just wanted the lesser of two evils,cant blame him, propagandhi wants the whole government reformed, or destroyed lol..

  19. pongsitchingy

    This is one brutal song.

  20. ZiLLA0100

    listening to nofx for their politics is like watching sesame street to understand ethnic diversity. this song is powerful stuff. i hope i live to see the day this song is about. ill be front and center

  21. D1RT

    @TheSkunker Fatass Mike went for Kerry (lol) he's a joke.. Graffin doesn't go for either, he has a bigger agenda such as Propagandhi.. amazing song

  22. TheSkepticalApe

    @bass109 And your evidence for the claims made in the Bible is? Without evidence, I'll believe your Bible as much as any other unsubstantiated religious text out there. Sorry dude, but you might as well be telling us to repent to Odin, Krishna, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Cthulhu. So why do you not believe in any of the thousands of other gods people have believed in? Because they're claims lack evidence? Yeah, well look in the mirror!

  23. hito1382x

    @LordDicranius Thank you so much for your guidance regarding to the meaning of the song. This encouraged me to research more about the trial and the several inconsistencies of the process of justice for criminals of war. Now when I listen to this song I feel like crying. It is really powerful.

  24. Freddy Bazaldua Jr.

    we need to start a movement to get rid of the global elitists and truly have freedom like every human deserves...

  25. hito1382x

    @LordDicranius Thank you very much. I have been reading about the many cases of torture done by U.S. defense department during the years of war. It is quite sickening that people who is responsible for such atrocities are not being held accountable for their actions. This song has powerful lyrics that raise an argument about what we conceive as "justice" on a capitalistic societies. Somehow those in power can murder and torture others without any respect for laws, while the rest of us are force

  26. hito1382x

    @LordDicranius Thank you vry much my friend. I love this band and their political activism and critiques.

  27. taylorhruby

    @MatthewHaydockPoet sooooooo underrated.

  28. hito1382x

    Can somebody explain the message of this song to me. English is not my first language and sometimes is quite hard to follow propagandhi line of thought. Thanks.

  29. Daniele Culcasi

    I hate D.R.

  30. David Dakin

    This song is a masterpiece. Nothing less it makes me feel gooood.

  31. SSSMforlife1

    America has committed and will continue to commit numerous war crimes.

  32. bundycolor

    isn't America guilty of war crimes?

  33. HeadbangerzBall3


  34. seeminglytransparent

    thanks for posting. amazing tune, wicked lyrics.

  35. KaTLoVeSMuFFiNS