Propagandhi - Incalculable Effects Lyrics

We were all together in the pouring rain,
Solvents being passed around to dull the pain.
The air was choked with the dismal smell...
The reek of sadness and despair.

Minds fucked up beyond repair.

She said she just turned six.
She's got some good jokes for a kid.
She's working hard to avoid
A woman bleeding from her teeth.

Her life goes on despite the fact
Her mom lies fucked up on the cement.

She flashed a look, an image burnt into my mind.
I know that sinking feeling all too fucking well.
Shame, frustration setting in.
Confusion that eats us inside out.

"I don't know what's wrong with me.
I don't know why she can't wake up."
Her life goes on despite the fact
Her mom lies fucked up on the cement.

It's an ugly fucking world.

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Propagandhi Incalculable Effects Comments
  1. Ella Lucy

    make Todd sing all Propagandhi songs and write all their lyrics please, nothing against Chris but Todd is just the best shit ever.

  2. mcgrewpunk

    I know that sinking feeling all too fucking well

  3. Shower Days

    fucking love this song so much, todd kills it as always. love the thrashy propagandhi

  4. Dave Brownell

    @stonfsnotgay Yes, yes he is blasting. Blasting... in PUNK ROCK!!! This band is fucking epic, really plowing the prog-punk path with Strung Out :D

  5. TheMrjohhnyonthespot

    @tml4873 look, im not one of those confrontational R-tards that gets his jollies belittling people on the web, so please take comments as repectful disagagance. While i enjoy all of the bands albums, I appreaciate some of their earlier works not so much because of the musical merit, but because I am an old fuck that rembers being young when those albums came out. I am glad the fat years are behind, that the band could evolve. ala fugazi. Maybe your band can open for them again someday.

  6. tml4873

    @TheMrjohhnyonthespot No, I was actually serious. I can only listen to the new songs with Chris singing. I remember Red Fisher. My band used to play shows with them (and Propagandhi).

  7. TheMrjohhnyonthespot

    @tml4873 are you kidding? I spy was the greatest melodic hardcore band ever, Todd takes this band to a new level, the vocals the intensity of his style on bass. John does better doing what he does now in my opinion. The weakerthans are amazing, and propagandhi evolved into something even better. Rip I Spy, painted thin, and does anyone still miss seeing red fisher?

  8. snowblind420

    @akoolbhatt its an ugly fucking world. the song is about the cycles people get locked into. in the liner notes of the CD, following this song it reads " You can only go so far to escape the life you have until there is no coming back. the more you try to escape, the more you're trapped. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck helplessly watching our family members waste and destroy alot of great things about themselves. I hope you're lucky enough to be among those who can't relate to this tune"

  9. Akul Bhatt

    Could anyone tell me what this song is about?

  10. tml4873

    This was good until the singing started. I wish Chris would just take over all the singing duties. They never recovered the loss of John, who brought a much needed balance to the band.

    Corey Herrick

    Lolololol loser. No.

  11. geniuss85

    propagandhi was so much better when they were playing Punk rock...Don't like these heavy metal riffs at all!

    Corey Herrick

    That's cuz you suck.

  12. andyflagdrummer

    Ball sauce. If my friend and I are singing this song in my car, listening to it. We both make that noise there, hahaha! Fuck yeah!

  13. BadReligion10

    nah b, the bass n snare are alternating but its so fuckin fast and awesome that it almost sounds like a blast beat

  14. Shawny Jiveass

    Like it better than Potemkin. More like ashes, ya dig

  15. juan r

    es la polla esta cancion espero ver a los proàgandhi en españa alguna vez k en sus giras se olvidan de españa ajajajaa kabronessssssssssssssssssss

  16. spencer m

    i liked their old stuff but this is good to