Propagandhi - Failed States Lyrics

29 years in human history:
The total duration of time without war.
What the fuck am I acting so surprised for?
'Cause if I had a dime
For every single idiotic time
I felt like strangling some goof on the street,
I could afford a business class seat
On fucking Soyuz 13.
Straight sandwiched between
Tom Hanks and Lance Bass.
Already fighting, nowhere near space.

Each of us a failed state in stark relief
Against the backdrop of the perfect worlds we seek.
Perfect world. Fantasy.

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Propagandhi Failed States Comments
  1. Alex Scott

    This entire album is pure 🔥

  2. Little King™

    do they still play 

  3. Alan Balfe

    How cool is that album art XD.


    Yep, done by their bassist too.

  4. Dave Deamorin

    insane to think ive been listening to them for 20 plus years now and never have they left my playlist , If you havnt seen this band live you cannot die a happy human

    Brady Silljer

    +Dave Deamorin I just seen them play live. Best show ive ever seen

    Kenneth Benton

    Dave Deamorin what's rad is that we're totally strangers and yet I couldn't agree with your assessment more. Rock on my brother from another mother!🤘

    Iam Fight

    i dont know if chris is STILL a pretentious asshat, but he was 20 years ago.

  5. Dudes Vesuvius

    The riff at 2:19 is so simple but so badass.  I love it!

    Ivan de Oliveira

    Simplicity is everything

  6. Artur Vilela

    Mermao vou dzd uma coisa esse som é para quem conhece para quem é íntimo muitos anos de hc e evoluiu com eles pq isso não é um son qualquer se liga nos riffs nas batidas o vocal insano com peso no tempo certo para quem falava que punk é 3 notas e gritaria saca a qualidade o alto nivel desses caras como eles evoluíram e ficaram melhor

  7. norman sha norman

    yeah ...... thump up for u guys... keep it up

  8. S D

    I fucking love this band.

  9. vegan lion

    David Peters, looking at some of your other youtube comments, you seem to dislike Propagandhi songs. Just stop looking them up then, you apparently don't like music that has a message or meaning, why bother?

  10. Willa bema

    Cool album cover.

  11. RedPill TheNormies

    Propagandhi is on Epitaph now?

    Brent Cromwell

    Yeah, little bit of a falling out with NOFX I guess lol.

  12. Tim R

    man, can he ruin a song !


    It's punk rock - no offence, but what the fuck do you expect?

  13. Swift Scout

    Song was horrible since he starts sing

  14. thousandlegger

    i couldn't make a song that is this good.

  15. David Peters

    real bad

  16. David Peters

    This shit suck real bad

  17. pon soi

    come to serbia!!!BELGRADE!!

  18. pon soi

    so fucking best band

  19. matthias Matt

    this album is a kick in your fucking face like previous ones they released!!

  20. 3lric81

    Punks not dead, maybe older, but alive... ;)

  21. wordlyfe

    You need to listen to the earlier stuff, how to clean everything and less talk, more rock are 2 amazing albums... todays empires, tomorrows ashes is great too

  22. Debt Bringer

    Glad I found this playlist and band. Great music.

  23. Walt Walterson

    wow, and I still say wow!

  24. Gonzo HxC

    this song is mental

  25. Tim Dries

    no comments???