Propaganda - Redefine Cutter Lyrics

73rd and San Pedro
Uncle Sunny and Odell
Take your pick on what killed ya
Bullets, Cancer, or Jail
Huh, what a life

I came out a town in gangs
And a gang of grace
Cause fo' sho' sin abounds and round these parts
Crowns is made of tin foil
And them boys play Halo with real guns
Lay low
Right there I fling slang
That twice born rhetoric
Our Papi pound the ground
And out came all humanity
Write heavy handed
Sharpie ink laced with mercury
Magnetic raps to draw out all impurities
Round the time the good Lord took Mamma Winnie
The light bulb turned on
This world ain't my home
I huddled up to Triage
With curb servers and griots
That's such an L.A. reference
All good if you don't get it
But for those who would listen
I break you out your radio prison
Redefine manhood, blackness, and time
Shape and define culture
Let me fashion you some shades
Introduce you to a trend that transcends the will of men

[Lee Green:]
I ain't a product
I ain't apologizing
You ain't a number
Pay no mind them
Ring the alarm
We came to redefine cutter
Carve truth in his heart
And love on her arms

Hey, I'm literate in graffiti
I am not at all kidding
From the heart of the city
That Stevie lived just enough for
Jackson, Mississippi: My people toiled the soil
And sharecroppers popped coppers, got they kin lynched in
That was the lynchpin of the mass migration into Texas
Rest of us would push west still
Manifest destiny
A black American family
Wanted better for they kids
And landed in Southern Cali
Who knew it was a war zone, my uncles got recruited in
Sean and Qiana seen death out in Compton
But they ain't fall victim
Cousin Brandon either
We should have framed the tax return and moved us to Covina
There I met the mic and spray can instead of blue rags
And fell in love with flairs and entiendo Spanglish
Stand on my own and rep the Son of Man
And brand my own chest so I would never blend in

[Lee Green:]
I ain't a product
I ain't apologizing
You ain't a number
Pay no mind them
Ring the alarm
We came to redefine cutter
Carve truth in his heart
And love on her arms

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Propaganda Redefine Cutter Comments
  1. ISCO36 Iscorama

    I bet this video was Shot on a ikonoskop dcam! This look is outstanding.

  2. Sarah Sophia

    why is this artist SO UNDERRATED this should have millions of views

  3. Curren_wiggin


  4. Sam Cargill Poetry

    I'd be super appreciative if you'd check out the spoken word video I just put up!!!

  5. Dian Kremer

    This video is drop-dead gorgeous! From the scenery and filter to Prop.'s walk. I love this. Thank you.

  6. Heven Rest

    Reminds me of Manchild

  7. Mr. Davis

    man i completely forgot how dope this song...and albulm...really was!! blessed and inspired...

  8. What are the words to the chorus

  9. Empress Mamakeh

    Inspired motivated and entertained....... definitely am addicted to this

  10. JustPierre

    Great message + great visuals.

  11. Doobiousmaximusable

    this is amazing

  12. Busisiwe Mbewe

    I ain't heard such beats in quite a while. Dope message too. 🙌🏾👌🏾💯

  13. Melanie Teel

    Love this!  Facebook brought me here.  Love Humble Beast and Propaganda!

    The Poetic Preacher

    +Melanie Teel who is Humble Beast?

    Melanie Teel

    Humble Beast is the record label that Propaganda is associated with.  Several years ago I was on Pandora listening to my folk music channel and a song by Josh Garrels came on(Check him out super beautiful voice and awesome musical talent).  I looked him up and heard a song he was featured in by a Christian hip hop group Beautiful Eulogy.  Beautiful Eulogy created Humble Beast and Propaganda is signed on(Beautiful Eulogy and Propaganda have a song together too).  They give their music away, for free downloads.  You can buy the actual CD or merch to help support them. But they are awesome.  Haha, I'm totally a fan if ya can't tell. 

    The Poetic Preacher

    yes i'm just getting hipped to the names you mention i do Christian rap myself sand people led me to them...

  14. Comedian Michael Joiner

    Just brilliant...

  15. XXchillpanda


  16. Adam Urquhart

    SIIIICCKKK!!! Love this so much!! What a beast!

  17. Emma Ingram

    What program was used to edit this? I don't know if anyone knows, but I thought I'd ask and see. :)

    p.e. strickland

    +Emma Ingram ... not sure if you're speaking about the video? but the audio was recorded and mixed using Ableton.

  18. TR3S Palabras

    exelente broo muy bueno saludos desde Guatemala

  19. Austin Trephan

    ew. this is dope

  20. Cleat Custom

    @Humble Beast What type of camera was thisfilmed with??

    Leg Day ATL

    The ikonoskop A-cam D2

  21. Brian Cooper

    propaganda thank you

  22. [im dreaming of stealing eatable marbles]

    And them boys play halo with real guns.. lay low .. hard line

  23. AhaYAH Bepraised


  24. xpressyaself4me

    Propaganda, i hope u harvest more votes than PSY did with his Gangnam style video! This is music even my son can listen too...thanks for your love.

  25. Alvin Kato

    Propaganda :)

  26. Tray Johnson

    Man I'm a true fan from the first time I heard his spoken word the music is just even better seem like he wrote the journey I'm on.

  27. The Hitta Hops


  28. JustForThe LordJesus

    Love it Brother

  29. Justin Carter

    AMEN!!! God is awesome!

  30. papanovembermusic

    Loving this!

  31. Kyle Alston

    this is dope. this is so raw. love it

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    Anyone know where I can get that sweatshirt from? :D

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    I ordered this cd & got a sticker FREE! Yay!
    (used it as a bumper sticker. Hope everyone Google's it.)

  36. TcDbF

    What`s the name of his album?

  37. Nick Fedorov

    i heard he's coming out with a new album....anyone know if its true?

  38. The Standard

    This is art.

  39. deion j

    We should add them on Rap Genius! Help each other out, its hard to do it by myself

  40. Apex Frazier

    Propaganda is just Sick"

  41. JoKo Productions

    sweet! this site just gave me a free iTunes Card Code and it redeemed just fine! Awesomeness!!!! Got it at freeitunesforever|d●t| com

  42. Paul Blankenship

    Keepin it real. Much love brother

  43. Shyheim Smith

    You should do a song with J Cole man. It would really hit the nation man. Two positive speakers. Now that would be something big.

  44. MrSizzalin

    From the TRz to being part of Humble Beast & still keep it dope.

  45. ZeonzTv

    What camera did you guys use for this?

  46. expressfreshmusic

    Praise The Lord

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    That bird effect in the end was AWESOME

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    I pound the replay button and out came all humanity

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    alright alright okay... Hallelujah

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    Within the first 35 seconds I added this to my favorites.. Lol

  52. MissKhaysee

    Really nice video. What camera was used to shoot this? Also was there color grading after shooting or in post?

  53. Steven Mays

    bad man, bad man.. I felt that..

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    I am in love with Propaganda's music video director/editor.

  55. DLace91

    Props does it again! Too bad Lee Green wasn't on the video. What he does with his voice is crazy!!!

  56. breatherevolution

    Stand on my own and rep the son of man and burn my own chest for i can never blend in lordd!

  57. Seanbradlym

    WOW awesome

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    Really dope video...I just wish he can post da lirex. Some were hard to get. 2 Thumbs up!!!

  59. Richard Ak

    Big tune and also great visuals!

  60. Nomadic Sounds

    "Magnetic raps to draw out all impurities"

  61. Mason McFee

    Can someone explain the meaning of the song? I'm confused as to what it is.

  62. God Bless HipHop


  63. raymond kuru

    Xceptional....artist defending beauty and truth..blessed good work!!

  64. Lucio Lopez

    Baruch atah adonai!!!! Praise hashem for the dope MCs for the king yeshua!!!! Speak truth.. real talk

  65. PropheSAY

    Can we stamp this the new official West Coast sound, along with being excellent?

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    No Lee??? #Pouting LOL

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    Soy City... I went to college there!

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    Propaganda has released hundreds of songs. From Tunnel Rats to compilations to solo albums. You're in for a treat if you haven't heard ANY of it.

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    Joint is toooooooooo tough Prop. Praise God

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  75. UYWI

    Always blessed by You, Your Poetry and SpokenWord Prop. Keep on representing Him #Humbled

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    "Our Papi pound the ground and out came all humanity." #PoeticGenius

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    I saw his g.o.s.p.e.l video and though how sic would it be if he did a song -BOOM.

  79. jayillustrator

    Love the look and feel of the video; but I think the editing(the quick cuts) are just a bit much. Was giving me a headache. Otherwise, always great stuff Prop.

  80. Umano

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    Bizzle is nice, too. There are others.

  84. Natu Myers - Company-Investor Matchmaker

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    Propaganda is Heaven sent i dont spend a day with out listening to ur Excellent album truly thankful from a fan all the way from South Africa Peace Love and Inlightenment

  86. WaySeer13

    stay humble, stay meek, humble beast is the new

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    All tracks produced by Beautiful Eulogy: Braille, Odd Thomas and Courtland Urbano.

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