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Them creative forces that forged
From dust an entire species
Native forces surged
From muck and mire? Please
Pain that makes the ground fertile to launch artistic movements
Pick your renaissance, Italy or Harlem
Art that steers clear of them squad cars
Stay under that radar
Them tasers sting hard
I've been there
Art that shines bright in a prison
Yo let me tell ya
Elegant, brilliant, audio Helvetica
Mind change with side change, compression it's bliss
Didn't see it, but now I know possibilities endless
Who would have thought something as dumb as rap could spark this
Paradigm shift
He only used one image to (make)

Came and gathered up the gravel and
Fashioning from mud
Everything we know and love
Lumps of coal
Got soul from JAH's nostrils
Blood bought, mud blood, walked in Terracottas
Something out of nothing
I dare you
And stare straight into the status quo
Like "Do I scare you?"
The mainstream tremble and fall
And point them all to the Savior
Until they all stand in awe

So push yourself
Force yourself
You feel the pain?
Lean into it
Lose your voice like you mean to do it
The P90x of thinking
Build up resilience
Pen don't give brain breaks
Makes you brilliant
And feast on a catalog
Update your dialogue
Fool, we still build schools of thoughts out of Lincoln Logs
The big homies chew me up [?]
But Hoover used to school me like
Everything in life
You either do it right
Or do it twice

Homie opt in
Like you ain't got an option
Confirm God's calling like you're all in
When the combined force
Of four horsemen
Forged in Hell's furnaces
Challenge you to face off
Show them what you made of

Came and gathered up the gravel and
Fashioning from mud
Everything we know and love
Lumps of coal
Got soul from JAH's nostrils
Blood bought, mud blood, walked in Terracottas
Something out of nothing
I dare you
And stare straight into the status quo
Like "Do I scare you?"
The mainstream tremble and fall
And point them all to the Savior
Until they all stand in awe

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  1. Royalty Free Videos

    This guy walks with Jesus, and I walk beside them, right beside them, Jesus was black, this is true. I was there. I'm here. It's like Kim said and Steve Jobs is dead.

  2. Ian Caveny

    Quick Interpretative Thoughts: The central theme of the song is about Making art, right? (It's the title.) Prop's got a notebook of poetry, and he's being off-ed by some mafia / gang guy. He's talked in songs about how he stands in opposition to gang-banging rap, not because of its lifestyle (although he's opposed to that too) but because it is offensive to Good Art. So, the fight and war here is not between Gangs and Prop, or between the World and the Christian, primarily, but between Bad Art and Good Art.

    This fits with his general themes as a rapper and with the text of the rap too. The "mainstream" / "status quo" (both Christian and non-Christian) tries to drown this new art, but, as we see that new, beautiful art being released at the end, it cannot destroy it.

  3. Tekoa T.


  4. Josiah Weaver

    Oh yeah, I'm buying the Album

  5. Redefined Truths

    Beautiful, beautiful video. Best one I've seen in a long time. 

  6. Justin Wilton

    bars. period.

  7. This is OG Say More Homie

    I think this video is about martyrdom.
    Prop has been taken into some dudes custody and is being handled roughly.
    I think he suspects that he is going to die after being left in that field so he is trying his best to try and erase whatever is in that notepad so they cant obtain whatever information is in it.
    Luckily the man didn't find it and it goes into the river with Propaganda where he will probably die.
    What do yall think?

  8. Marcus Joseph

    Man - Dust is killin' it! Great colab between two excellent artists!

  9. sirha

    Awesome song, Awesome vid! I love it when I sign into Youtube and see new activity from Humble Beast!

  10. Elijah Nang


  11. adizzle102

    dats tight dude

  12. Delila Carter

    wow. powerful stuff prop:)

  13. לק אקסנריטר

    I'm struggling to understand this music video...

  14. Chaima wu tang fairy


    Profile Name

    ive been following you in google+ and you only like the good stuff!!! Hmdl zwina!

  15. Dale Colford

    Nice, art for arts sake, nothing safe here.

  16. Justin Burton

    I liked this one! Good job

  17. Veronica Funky

    Sanctifying our culture...prayers

    Veronica Funky

    whoa powerful pointing to Christ!

  18. Veronica Funky

    Sanctifying our culture...prayers

  19. Artem Abakumov


  20. Dónal Mac Fhionnlaoich

    Anybody know what the message is? I'm not too sure.

  21. Jesus Christ Driven Records

    Turn off your TV all the stuff on it is from the world. All your TV Shows, Movies because all i see when i look at humble beast videos is the world

    Dale Colford

    Of course all you see is the world, as artist we use the world to tell the story of the Savior who came to this world, Jesus used the world as his canvass why would it be any different for us?

    לק אקסנריטר

    God created the world and called it good! Isn't it amazing?! :D The only thing he said wasn't good was Adam being alone... Phew. I'm glad everything else was created to glorify him!

    C Davis

    John 17:15 - I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil. Please explain the evil in this video?

  22. Gary Bagby

    Did he died?

  23. His Complex

    Dying men preaching to dying men. Disciples making disciples. Great vid.

  24. B Simp

    I think the message is to stand up against common culture, not really sure

    Linden Tyson

    By also giving Glory to God. Yes, u got it.

  25. Jesse Peters

    @***** Whats the message of the video? I love this song. But not clear on how it connects to the video imagery. Would love some clarity.

    Guts Pyro

    I'm not 100% sure abt my interpretation but the final frame of the video talks about "Point them all to the savior till they all stand in awe". It's loosely based off this verse:
    "Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." - Philippians 2:9-11
    the focus towards the ending was on two people, the man and prop? Then it focuses into what was written on his notebook. I think he's emphasizing the message that no matter what the enemy takes from him, even his life, he will never stop praising Jesus christ as his savior. His life/work/songs point towards Jesus.

    blahblah jumpswing

    by  now, in some cases of those that follow the path, like PROP's here, you should be in awe, you should be just over the line of questioning things, and trusting the higher path, in my past testimony of "walking the path", it was for me to show, certain imagery and speak one thing, and have your ears perked up to listen to the noise of certain videos, and I'd do it for months on end , because in some case you don't have to listen to the nonsense, just what matters, like seeing a word, and being able to flip out the many words that can be spelled from it, and removing the stuff just never made sense, I think props helped me on the journey to see that no matter how you perceives things, the HUMAN part of us is attached to the world of , oh I don't know, politics?, war? marketing? things that are sold because the sale line is "needed".  you need this or you will die,  a lot of people are trapped in this habit of knowing that what we need is going to keep you alive, and that's the lie, when you can make the REAL, spiritual decision to accept that vulnerability, you understand freedom in this world is a lot closer then we imagined. because before all the stuff we used to know as the world, was never by a higher power, certain, easiest, simple views was really all we were gifted in the first place, like true form of knowing when looking in the sky and feeling the sun on our face, even if you had a motor blasting off in your ears, its having that ability to fight thought all the noise and still understand truth. its knowing we had a seed inside of us, from birth, and letting that shine louder then what "they" need. when we get to this point, call it a line before crossing over, that line represents kaos, confusion, call it the unknown, when we can cross its, holographic scare tactic into belief, all the things we struggle for and wish for can run you down like abundant gifts falling, and even of the all the things you wanted were to land on your lap, if you had real believe, and trust, you'd still ache for the light on you face, that bondage, the need for dreams, dissolves, when you aim at beliefs so high, nothing can break you, because "they" have nothing to hold you back with, they cant tempt you, they cant sell you it, they couldn't scare with you it. annnnd to hell with grammerissues ugh lol

  26. Nathan Salapat

    There needs to be a way to like this video more than once. Super powerful message.

    Kadeem Wheatle

    I don't get it. :/


    @Kadeem Wheatle it just means that he likes it very much

    Kadeem Wheatle

    @trez32 I meant what's the meaning of the video


    @Kadeem Wheatle smoking is dangerous

  27. Liam Jackson

    Propaganda always has the best videos, it seems.

  28. aidan c

    Even though prop isn't smoking, it doesn't make him any less of a Christian

  29. Forrest Faulconer


  30. Nathan Corrona Youtube

    prop does not smoke in this video- there is different person smoking though